Fantasy Skating Center 500 George St. Reading, PA 19605

Our Annual Pork and Sauerkraut Dinner will be held
on Thursday, January 1,
2015 from 12:00 noon
through 4:00 pm in the
WLUMC Community
Dinner will include Pork &
Sauerkraut with all the
trimmings plus dessert.
Adult tickets are $9 and
Children under 12 are $5.
Delivery is available for
residents of 19608, 19609,
19610 and 19611; email or
call the office at 6106 7 8 - 5 6 1 1
o r
[email protected]
Take out is also available.
This dinner supports our
Kids, parents, grandparents and anyone who wants to
Join us at Fantasy Skating Center on Sunday, January
18 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. for a West Lawn Skating party!
Enjoy a private roller skating rink for our congregation
and friends for two hours of fun, food and fellowship.
No advance reservations required. Cost is $3 per person, which includes any skate rental fees, if necessary.
Fantasy Skating Center
500 George St. Reading, PA 19605
outreaching mission efforts.
As part of this support, we
ask that all servants & attendees consider bringing a
non-perishable food item
to dinner with them. All
donations will be shared
between Wilson Area Food
Pantry and a downtown
Reading food pantry that
currently serves 80 families
per week. Together we can
make a difference in the
If you have time to volunteer to help with the meal or
preparation for the meal
please contact Jim Kuhle at
[email protected] or call
the church office at 610-678
Does unforgiveness or resentment eat away at your quality
of life? Has anyone ever offended you but you have a hard
time letting it go? Come experience the healing power of
God as our Prayer Team leads our worship time Saturday,
January, 3rd at 6:00 pm in the Community Center for a Forgiveness and Healing Prayers Beautiful News Service that
will bring peace to you, your family, and the lives of all who
seek Him.
Please join us for worship and fellowship the first Saturday of
each month in the Community Center. If you would like to
share your testimony at a future Beautiful News service,
please contact Scott Long at 610-926-8359.
West Lawn’s new, color pictorial directory is at the printer!
We look forward to distributing an updated booklet to our
congregation in just a few weeks! Look in your bulletins
and on our website for more details to be released about a
Directory Distribution event!
by Pastor Jeff Raffauf
In the waning years of his life, John Wesley said that the prospect that Methodism would cease to exist did not worry him nearly as much as the possibility that it would one day have the form of religion without the power. We were
never meant to live powerless, meaningless, impotent lives! We, who believe in and have new life in Jesus Christ,
have been promised the power of the Holy Spirit to guide us and protect us. What a promise!
I share this with you for these two reasons:
1. I believe that they are still extremely timely and true for the people known as United Methodists, and for us in
particular, here at West Lawn United Methodist Church; and
2. We, as a congregation, need to remember that God has not called us to live religious lives as we sit in worship,
but rather, to live as disciples, living out in word and deed, the teachings of Jesus. We are called to put our
faith into action. We remember how James taught that faith without works (action) is dead (James 1:xx).
Our church’s Leadership Team, even now, is wrestling with discernment of the priorities to which God may calling
us. However, this discernment is not just for our leaders. This is a pressing faith issue for all believers.
So, your pastors are excited to share with you about our vision for our year to come. Convicted that the church is at
its best when it is in action, we are planning on preaching predominantly from the Book of Acts in 2015. We will
explore “church” as a verb and consider what God may be asking of us individually and collectively, as a church. As
our friends at “RE-Think Church” (a ministry of UM Communications; check out like to ask,
What if church wasn’t a place to which you go as much as it was something that you do? We look forward
to exploring with you what God is calling us to do.
In January we plan to explore what we believe are our “core values,” which are rooted in scripture and supported by
the testimony of the Acts of the Apostles. We hope you will be with us in worship as we consider:
(January 4th) We are Bible-based.
(January 11th) We are Christ-centered.
(January 18th) We embrace “radical hospitality”
(January 25th) We believe God deserves “extravagant generosity.
(February 1st) We are Mission-Minded.
(February 8th) We are Community-Focused.
Flowing from each of these statements, or beliefs, is a call to action. We look forward to exploring each with you!
A church in action not only invites people to give generously, but also helps it’s people learn how to manage their
finances from a biblical perspective. So, in 2015 we will ACT – offering a course in Financial Fitness. It starts in
early January, so consider signing up now.
A church in action serves those who are in need. So, in 2015 we will ACT – sponsoring mission work/teams: locally, perhaps in New Jersey, we anticipate teams serving in Haiti, and we want to remain open to the leading of the
A church in action considers the teachings of Jesus. So, in 2015 we will ACT – feeding the hungry, sharing with the
poor, sheltering the homeless, teaching the children, and more. All of these ministries are available to us right now,
here in Berks County!
We invite you to be the Church in Action in 2015. Study with us how the Holy Spirit guided God’s disciples to great
and mighty things through the powerful name of Jesus! Serve with us, as we discover “Church as a Verb.” Join us
in this new beginning, as we reclaim life in the name of Jesus the Christ. Alleluia! Amen.
It is with great joy and anticipation that I look forward to another year of exciting ministry and growth here at West
Lawn United Methodist Church. Grace & Peace to you, now and throughout the year ahead. - Pastor Jeff
To learn more about West Lawn, our pastors
and the United Methodist faith, prior to joining our congregation, please consider attending an upcoming Inquirer’s class. These classes occur regularly at West Lawn in Room
109-111 in the Reiner Education Building at
12:30 p.m. Classes are tentatively set for:
January 11
February 8
March 8
April 19
May (exact date/time pending)
June 14
July 12
August 9
September 13
October 11
November 8
December 13
As is our custom, Christian baptism (which is a sacrament in The United Methodist Church) is offered monthly during any of our four Sunday worship services. Opportunities in early 2015 will be on January
11th (which is “Baptism of Our Lord Sunday” in the church year), February 15th and March 15th.
We are also working to find a date in another Berks church to offer
baptism by immersion. This extra opportunity is open to anyone who has
never been baptized and desires to profess their faith and commitment
themselves to God in the sacrament by immersion.
If you are interested in baptism on any of these Sunday dates, or would
like to explore baptism by immersion sometime between now and May,
NOW is the time to be in touch with one of the pastors.
Other tentative dates for baptism in 2015: April 19, May 17, June 14,
July 12, August 9, September 20, October 18, November 15 and
December 13.
Don’t miss Circle of Friends’ Movie Night on January 10, 2014 at 7:00 PM in the Community Center for “Seven Days in Utopia,” a movie about a young golfer who has a disastrous debut on the pro circuit and finds himself unexpectedly stranded in Utopia, Texas, welcomed by an eccentric rancher. Join us for a great movie, along with popcorn, soda
& ice cream. Please contact Doris & Don Westley for questions or more information at
Just when you think we’ve covered it all for Valentine’s Day programs, we’re ready to knock your socks off again – this
time with Elvis!
Consider bringing your sweetheart to West Lawn’s Community Center on Saturday, February 14 for a special holiday
dinner, followed by an Elvis Tribute performance by Jeff Krick, artist and vocalist.
Dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m., followed by the show starting at 7:30. Due to seating space constraints, tickets will
be limited. Tickets, costing $25 per couple, will go on sale in mid January at the Welcome Center and church office.
Complementary childcare will also be provided.
Krick has won many awards and contests for his unbelievable voice and authenticity of bringing Elvis to the stage. He
captures every detail of Elvis’ live performances: he has the look, stage presence, charisma, and most importantly a
voice that sounds so much like Elvis, he will make you feel like you’re watching Elvis himself on stage doing what the
King loved doing, entertaining the people! Jeff has been featured in many regional newspapers, as well as on several
local TV and radio stations in his home state of Pennsylvania.
We hope you consider attending this next fun-filled Valentine’s Day event!
Barb Piscitello
Isn’t it exciting to begin a new year? What wonders lie ahead for us? For some, we are happy to be
ending this old year. For others, we are sad to see 2014 end. But no matter what our feelings or
emotions are at this time of year, isn’t great to know that no matter what lies ahead for each and everyone of us that our Lord travels the road with us. Wishing you all a wondrous new year!
Confirmation Class Schedule for January
Jan 4th– “Renounce, Reject, Repent” Teacher: Bill Frear
Jan 9th thru 11th – Youth Rally in Ocean City, MD
Jan 11th – Confirmands not going to the Youth Rally will assist in different Sunday
School classes
Jan 18th - “Live Your Commitment – Accept” Teacher: Lindsay Rada
Jan 25th – “Live Your Commitment – Confess” Teacher:
Isaac Mahler
Our Ablaze youth group were busy little elves in December helping to prepare
all of the candles for the 5 Christmas Eve services and Christmas morning service. All we kept hearing was “We need more candles”! They worked so very
hard and then enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies. This is one service project
that they look forward to every year!
Thank You to Our Special Sunday School Servants
As we start a new year I want to express my gratitude to all of our Sunday School Servants: Teachers and Assistants. We are certainly blessed here at West Lawn UMC to have a group of people dedicated to teaching
our children, youth and adults every Sunday throughout the year. We all grow in our knowledge and love of
the Lord through their special ministry. Please take a moment to thank your Sunday School teacher or your
child’s teacher and assistant. Let them know how much we appreciate all that they do.
(Little Known Facts from the Bible)
Did you know that Noah was 600 years old during the flood?
Did you know that Abraham’s wife, Sarah, was his half sister? They had the same father, but different mothers (Genesis 20:12)
The name of God (Yahweh) was often incorporated into personal names – Elijah means “my God is Yahweh”.
Source: The New Manners and Customs of Bible Times (Ralph Gower)
The drive to JFK went smoothly and the flight arrived almost on time. All six team members (we missed Deb) were
well and slept soundly that first night. Daniel Jean and a small crew met us at the airport and transported us and all the
luggage (it all arrived in one piece) to Divine Ministries where the children were excitedly awaiting our arrival.
Because of current political unrest and rioting/protesting in the streets, we limited those traveling to our Les Cayes location to just the three men on our team, accompanied by Daniel Jean, Engineer Remon, and two other men from Divine Ministries' staff. We left Port-Au-Prince at O'dark thirty and arrived without incident at our Les Cayes compound
at 9:00 am. We took photos and video clips of the progress on the orphanage building now under construction and
the recently installed solar-powered water treatment system. We met with Madam Delmas, the woman who generously
provided the land to Divine Ministries and discussed the completion of the necessary paperwork to legally transfer the
property to Divine Ministries.
On our return trip to Port-Au-Prince , we were intercepted by someone (an angel?) who warned us of trouble ahead in
Petit Guave. Protestors had blocked the streets and were causing havoc. This man waved to us and indicated that we
should follow his motorcycle through the back streets of the city. As we turned our vehicles around we were passed by
police and UN personnel in riot gear headed toward the protestors. He led us safely through the city, though we passed
another site where the protestors had earlier turned over a delivery truck. The police were on site and men were working on transferring the freight onto another truck. We emerged safely on the main road past the danger zone. I gave the
man a good tip and asked him if he could read (only 23% of Haitians are literate). He said "yes'" so I gave him a Gideon
New Testament in Kreyol. The remainder of the trip was uneventful.
The three ladies on our team, who stayed in Port-Au-Prince that day, worked on decorating the seven cakes that were
baked the day before in preparation for the two (small) Christmas parties planned to hold later in the week.: one on
Thursday, for the Divine Ministry kids, and one on Friday, for the children who attend the Church On Fire. We knew
they would be well behaved and we had sufficient gifts, candy, food, etc. to really celebrate the birth of our Savior. We
did not invite children from other orphanages, as we have for the past four years, so we could concentrate on more
pressing financial needs/opportunities.
God wasn't finished blessing us even then. We were pursuing the rental of a property for our boys' house across town,
but God brought to light a property directly across the street from our main Port-Au-Prince property that we didn't
think was available. The owner was delighted that we would consider renting the upstairs and part of the downstairs
from her. Additionally, the compound includes a large undeveloped area (approximately 55 feet by 120+ feet that is
available as a play area and site for special events.
We later sat down with the owner to discuss the amount of rent we would pay, which will be less than the $4,500 we
were prepared to pay for the property across town currently under consideration. It's proximity and usable space make
it extremely attractive. It would also solve another problem: the local authorities have been troubling Daniel
about the lack of recreational
space at our current site. This new
site would give us sufficient space
for both the boys and girls to play
and exercise. God is moving on
our behalf in response to all of
your prayers! Joyeux Noel!
Christmas Party at Church on Fire.
Mark Gillette, Team One:27
& the Missions Team
from West Lawn UMC
We went to a local factory and bought 120 enameled
bowls for only $140 USD. Incredible! They should
serve meals to the kids here for many years.
West Lawn UMC will hopefully be participating in an adult basketball league again this winter. The league consists of
teams representing various Berks County churches. Games will be played on Saturday mornings at the Body Zone
starting on January 10. There will be a brief meeting on December 28 at 10:35 AM in Rm 110 of the Education Bldg.
for anyone interested in playing this year. If you are interested in playing but can’t attend the meeting please call Bill
Frear at (610) 781-5860 for more information.
Safe Haven Lighthouse has had a busy December so far. We decorated and filled 36 buckets filled with personal care
products to be handed out to our shut-ins in their homes and nursing care facilities. This service project is a combined
one with the help of the United Methodist Women, who help us fund it, and the Caring Community members, who
help to deliver the buckets.
Bonnie and I were very happy to have Andrew Kochel and Nick Gould help us to deliver 4 buckets to our church
members who live in our church neighborhood. They also helped us transfer the extra gingerbread houses to the Café
so our children could decorate them. These two young men are a great asset to our church family.
We also want to thank Alice Moyer from the Angel Tree project. She donated the leftover gingerbread houses so that our kids could decorate and take
them home.
We had our Christmas party on the 10th of December and then went Christmas caroling on December 17th at Phoebe Berks.
We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a very Bless New Year filled
with Joy and Peace.
In Christ’s service, Lori Madara and Bonnie Rissmiller
Dear Pastor Camacho & WLUMC,
We would like to express our sincere thanks for
the backpacks full of items for our residents
dropped off for Thanksgiving. It was very
thoughtful and generous of you. When the bags
were distributed, the men immediately began to
explore the contents. With the number of
“Oooooooo’s” and “Ahhhhhhh’s” and the “Oh,
I needed this!” comments, you would have
thought it was Christmas morning. For several
of them, the financial situation is tight, and for
the church to be this generous, especially at this
time of year, is truly appreciated. The smiles
were a gift in themselves.
Thank you again for your generosity. May God
truly bless you!
Randy Cassel, House Manager
To all of our friends at West Lawn UMC,
Thank you all so, so much for the framed artwork, and for your very generous gift. The
“friends” sign is proudly displayed in our living
room, and whenever we see it, we feel truly
thankful for everything you all have done for us.
Warmest regards, Jonathan & Caitlin Moore
Each year we look in awe at how
our church family has embraced
the Angel Tree ministry which
serves children of incarcerated
parents and those families still
working with Berks Connection/
Pretrial Services (BCPS). This
year gifts were provided for 350
children from 133 families. Pastor Terry’s church, Christ UMC
of Birdsboro, joined with us
again in caring for several of the
Did you know that in addition to
each person who purchased a gift
for a child, or helped to purchase
bibles for each family, there were
12 volunteers helping to sort the
gifts, 7 volunteers wrapping the
bibles, 20 volunteers building
gingerbread houses while another
10 decorated the Community
Center? More than 20 bakers provided Christmas cookies and the day of the party there were more than 60 volunteers
in addition to our entertainment and our special guests, Santa and Mrs. Clause. This is God’s love pouring out through
each one who served. We were also joined by four members of the RACC Psychology Honors Club in addition to
those affiliated with BCPS.
We also want to thank Weis Markets, Giants, Amelia’s, Berks Packing, Maier’s Bakery, Dynamic Physical Therapy and
Clover Farms. We would not have been able to provide all of the refreshments for our 300 guests without their support.
Here’s a glimpse of how you have impacted the hearts of these families. A family was attempting to leave the party and
get their bag of gifts into the car before the children were aware. One item was a bicycle for their son. The boy took
one look at that bike and looked in disbelief. When he realized it was for him, he grabbed and hugged his parents and
kept saying “Thank you” over and over.
Santa had a hard time speaking because of the tears in his eyes. A parent grabbed his hand to thank him for what was
provided for his children. You see, many of these children would not have a Christmas morning if it were not for the
gifts you have provided. They would not have the experience of the simple joy of Christmas crafts and building a gingerbread house or speaking with Santa and having a picture taken with him.
Thank you for all you have done to touch the hearts of these families. They have truly experienced the love of God.
Merry Christmas ~Bob and Alice Moyer
In-state college tuition today can easily exceed $20,000 annually and college costs continue to rise, yet having a college degree
is more important than ever. Studies have shown that those with college degrees will out earn high school graduates by almost 75% and have higher job satisfaction and lower unemployment.
Charley Fisher*, an independent financial advisor since 1995 and a member of our church, will be hosting a College Savings
Seminar on Wednesday, January 7 at 7:00 pm in the Community Center. Learn the different types of savings plans, see how
your college dollars can grow free from Federal taxes, and find out how you can qualify for a State tax deduction here in
Pennsylvania. Please contact Kathy at the church office (610-678-5611) to sign up.
*Charley Fisher is a Registered Representative and securities through ProEquities, a registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA and SIPC
AGE 810
As a new year approaches, why not resolve to join
one or more of West Lawn UMC's choirs? We
need YOU, and we promise you a warm welcome
as you join with us in anthems of all genres during
the liturgical year. Both your singing and your instrumental playing can be a blessing to you, to the
God. Speak with anyone
currently participating, and
get the facts! Please join us
in 2015 ... make it one of
your top resolutions!
The United Methodist Women will meet on Tuesday, January 20
at 7:00PM in the HeBrews Café. The theme for the meeting is
“dating violence.” Karen Nein, from Berks Women in Crisis will
make a presentation on this timely subject. We are sending a special invitation to the female members of our youth group to attend, along with their mothers. There has been so much press
about “date rape” on the college campus as well as assaults on
women that we are eager to hear from this group that works with
women in crisis situations. If you need transportation, or have
questions, call Harriett Ziegenfuss (610-678-3017) or Anna Bickhart (610-670-1671). We provide opportunities to grow spiritually, become deeply rooted in Christ and put our faith into action.
On Sunday, February 8, Circle of Friends will attend "Tales of the Mayan Skies" at 2:00 pm in the
Reading Planetarium. Afterwards, we will come
back to church for refreshments. Tickets are $8Adults (18-64); $6- Seniors (65+/Children/
Students with ID); Children 3 and under and members of the museum
free. Contact Mike and
Nancy Poole (610-6785537) by January 25 to
make your reservation.
This month the Women’s book Club will be reading “The
Christmas Shoes” by Donna Van Liere. Read the story that was
written in 2001 after Christian artists’ NewSong had the hit song
of the same name in 2000. The book then became the basis of
the 2002 movie starring Rob Lowe and Kimberly Williams. See
how the plot lines evolve from a song about a young boy trying
to purchase Christmas shoes for his terminally ill mother. This
book was the first in what has become known as the Christmas
Hope series by the Donna Van Liere and has had many of the
books become movies including the just-released Hallmark
movie, “The Christmas Secret.”
In November, the pastors asked us to prayerfully consider the ways in which we can serve God by our giving through
our Time, our Talent and our Treasure. If you have returned your form, we want to say thank you! We are blessed to
have so many ways to serve the Lord, our church and our community through the multiple ministries at West Lawn
UMC. If you have not filled out your Time-Talent- Treasure form and would like to become connected to a
ministry area, it is not too late! Please consider looking through the yellow WLUMC Ministry Guide booklet that
you should have received in the mail along with the TTT sheet. You can use the newly aligned table of contents page
to help you find the ministry that best fits your gifts. The ministry booklet also provides a reference for the many ways
our church can serve you or your family members in a time of need. We still have extra booklets and Time-TalentTreasure forms at the welcome centers, just in case you do not have one. Please consider taking a few minutes
to look at the booklet, to choose an area to serve, and return the form to the office. If you have specific questions
about one of the ministries, call Carolann Schneiderhan in the office or speak to the ministry leader listed in the book.
What better way to show our gratitude to our Lord for the many ways he has blessed us than to share our talents and
time in service?
If you are currently looking for an area to serve in a welcoming ministry, we are in need of servants in the Hebrews
Café on a Sunday morning during our fellowship hour. One of our faithful servants, John Gaenzle, who has been one
of the Fellowship Time leaders for the past fifteen years, is retiring from this ministry. Thank you, John for your many
years of dedication in this area. We are thankful for those who take a turn serving coffee, tea and goodies on Sunday
mornings. We need people to join this welcoming team. We all look forward to that occasional cup of coffee or
treat on Sunday morning. To join the team, sign up on the “Fellowship Hour Easel” in the Hebrews Cafe on a
Sunday morning or call the church office. What a wonderful service it is to welcome new guests and greet our
friends and longtime members in this fellowship time! In Romans 15:7, Paul says “welcome one another therefore, as
Christ has welcomed you for the Glory of God.” We hope that you prayerfully consider your many gifts as we embark
upon a new year of serving our Lord Jesus Christ at West Lawn UMC.
Youth Group – Sundays 6-8PM in the Community Center
Small Groups – Wednesday 7-8:15P In the youth room (Dinner at 6:30)
Sunday School – Sundays at 9:30AM in the youth room
Upcoming Dates to Remember:
January 4th: Break’s Over Bash 6PM to 8PM @ the CC (We will be kicking off
the new Sunday Night Program with a bang!)
January 9th –11th: Youth Rally Ocean City Maryland!!!
January 15th WINTERJAM!!! 10 bands for 10 bucks at the Santander Center.
February 1st Souper Bowl of Caring
February 20-22nd Confirmation Retreat
Thoughts For This Month: Perspective Matters!
As a kid I loved brain teasers and optical illusions. One of
the classic examples is to the right. Do you see a vase or do
you see two faces? It’s funny how two people can look at the
exact same image, and yet each see something entirely
different. It is fun and entertaining to laugh about how we
see things differently and to try to force our brain to see the
other image that we first missed. To me it always makes for
good conversations.
Unfortunately this also happens far to often when we are looking at the world around us. We
might see an event, a situation or a person from our perspective and someone else might see
something entirely different. This can lead to problems in a variety of ways and often isn't
nearly as fun as when it happens while looking at an optical illusion.
That is why I think it is so important to try and see the world from God’s perspective. Do we
see what he wants us to see or are we stuck only seeing what we want to see? And if we saw the
world the way the Lord calls us to, would that change how we live? This is the theme the youth
group will be using for the next few weeks as we wrestle with our own perspective about how
to live, verses how the Lord has called us to live. I can’t wait to watch the students expand their
vision and to wrestle with seeing life in a whole new way!
Interested in learning more about a specific event or getting involved?
Please Contact Isaac Mahler @ 610-678-5611
Or Email [email protected]
P AGE 10
Daniella Chrisandra Coyle
daughter of
Diandra Alvarez & Christofer Coyle
Natalie Ann Fry
daughter of
Jennifer Fry
Savannah Rose Levering
daughter of
Jason & Joanne Levering
John P. Thomas
November 1, 1921—
November 30, 2014
Tammy Keener (8:00 Service)
Tammy came to West Lawn in need of soul-searching, letting go of her past, and finding God; and Harriett Ziegenfuss has helped and
mentored her. She is married to Scott Keener, and they have a blended family with step-daughter, Rachel, and her daughter, Laural,
along with Sidney, a Maltipoo puppy and rescued cat, Garfield. She enjoys reading, doing crafts, and making design mirrors.
Christian Kline & Marci Kline (8:00 Service)
Marci & Christian were looking for a church that was active, friendly and filled with the Holy Spirit. Marci works full-time in a
Berks County healthcare center, and part-time as a market researcher. She has a beautiful son, Christian (19), and enjoys family,
Bible studies and movies.
Christian is a sophomore at Temple University majoring in Psychology. He enjoys tap dancing, writing, and is starting his own apparel company.
Pat Ross (8:00 Service)
Pat saw coming to West Lawn as an opportunity for a new start. She grew up in a UCC church in Reading and spent her married
life attending and serving in UMCs as her family moved to various communities in Pennsylvania. She is looking for opportunities to
serve and grow in her faith, in a warm, welcoming church. Pat is retired from Reading School District where she worked with pregnant
and parenting teens in drop-out prevention. She enjoys being outdoors – walking, gardening, hiking and playing with two young, energetic grandsons. She is attempting to run a 5k in spring, and also likes to travel, read, and do crafts. She is interested in new challenges and sharing her faith journey with new friends at WLUMC.
Peter Sellgren (8:00 Service)
The Holy Spirit, and the Music Ministry brought Peter to West Lawn. He is married to Susan, and has a daughter, JD/Rory. His
hobbies are aviation history, model aircrafts, and railroads. He enjoys playing golf and tennis, and would love to serve in Tanzania
Karin & Mike Althouse (9:30 Service)
Mike & Karin were looking for a more active church, and additional opportunities for their kids. Karin grew up in her hometown
UMC in Burlington, NJ, and loved it there. Her friends, Cindy & Josie recommended WLUMC, and she is very excited about the
outreach, children’s programs and uplifting services. Karin loves to snow ski with family, spend time at the pool, go running, and coach
MTAA field hockey. She is an assistant coach with Muhlenberg Age Group Swimming, and helps at her kids’ classrooms. She also
enjoys traveling with family and baking. Mike likes skiing, reading, running, sports, and cooking on the grill. He also enjoys movie
nights and spending time with family, and they are looking forward to adding a dog to the household in the next few months.
Mary Hahn (9:30 Service)
Mary used to attend New Journey, came to a service at West Lawn after the merger, and really enjoyed it. She loves to cook, read and
listen to music. She calls herself a “baby Christian,” and loves to help others. She is a great fan of reality TV shows, and has three
sons, ages 21, 19 and 17.
P AGE 11
Corey & Kim Hunter (9:30 Service)
After moving from Williamsport last Sept. and leaving their lifelong church, Faith UMC, Kim & Corey knew they wanted to find a
church that offered a passionate, yet scriptually-based contemporary service, as well as a thriving youth ministry for their girls to grow up
in. Corey is a chemistry teacher at Gov. Mifflin, and Kim is an OB Nurse at St. Joe’s Hospital. They have two girls, Lydia, age 4
and Rachel, age 2. They recently bought a house in Wilson School District, and are glad to call Berks County home. Kim enjoys
scrapbooking, and recently, teaching Sunday School in the 3-4 year old room. Corey is an avid Penn State fan.
Deb & Jack Kutz (9:30 Service)
Deb & Jack were looking for an evening service, and started attending the Wed. night Prayer & Praise Service in January 2012, then
later, the 9:30 Praise Service. They loved the friendliness of everyone at WLUMC. Jack is self-employed – EM Kutz & Green Hills
Self Storage – and Deb is a Regional RN for an assisted living company. They have one son, one daughter, and two grandsons. They
enjoy spending time in the mountains, biking, everything related to railroads, and Philadelphia sports – the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Cullin McGrath & Meredith Mensinger (9:30 Service)
Meredith and Cullin were looking for a church home to start their family and new life in West Lawn. After their first visit, they both
realized that WLUMC was a good match for them. They left feeling enlightened, empowered, and with a positive spirit, and this was the
kind of church community they wanted to surround themselves with. Meredith is originally from Luzerne County, and moved to West
Lawn several years ago. She is the Corporate Dietitian at Redner’s Markets, and enjoys traveling, shopping, working out and any community outreach involving animals. She is also one of the biggest New York Giants fans in Pennsylvania. Meredith met Cullin on a
blind date set up through his mom. Cullin recently moved to West Lawn, and works as a Financial Analyst at Santander Bank. He is
an avid sports fan and prides himself on his fantasy baseball and football championships. Cullin & Meredith are engaged and will be
married on July 11, 2015 at West Lawn UMC. They have a Rottweiler and two cats that are also NY Giants fans.
Linda Miller (9:30 Service)
Linda came to West Lawn through friend, Deb Kutz, who invited her to a Wed. evening service in 2012. She and her husband, Glenn,
started coming to WLW dinners as well. Linda retired from the Reading Hospital after 42 years in 2013, and her husband, Glenn,
retired from Met-Ed in 2001. Their son, Edwin, is 36 years old and works in Life Insurance. They have a dog, Bristol, and two cats,
Lumira & Lionel. Linda loves reading, especially history and mysteries, knitting, crocheting, gardening & the History Channel.
Elyse Elliott (11:00 Service)
Elyse was looking for a church that provided opportunities to volunteer and mission opportunities as well. She recently retired from a
full-time job, and is looking forward to serving in this way. Elyse lives by herself, but is fortunate to have many friends in this area.
She really enjoys gardening, hiking, reading and loves to walk outside everyday. She is legal guardian for her older brother who is blind
and has intellectual disabilities. He lives in a group home near her and has been an inspiration to her since they were kids. Elyse still
enjoys working part-time as a speech therapist with very young children.
Maria & Steven Grill, and Aaron, Joshua & Zach (11:00 Service)
Maria & Steven heard a lot of positive things from friends at their previous church about West Lawn, and started to attend here.
They also have relatives that attend the earlier service, and felt like it was a very active and growing congregation. Maria has worked
for 18 years at Penske Truck Leasing, and enjoys reading and gardening when she can find the time. She also enjoys attending football and lacrosse games for their youngest son, as well as volunteering at United Way. Maria was also given the awesome privilege of
being an LCS for Penske for three years. Having two special needs children has allowed her to raise funds and awareness through
Goodwill Industries.
Joanne Grill (11:00 Service)
Joanne began attending WL at the recommendation of Judy & Joe Marsden. There were a lot of changes at her former church and she
was finding it difficult to assimilate. She enjoys the services at WL, the pastors drawing you in, and how friendly everyone is. Joanne’s
grandsons are #1 on her list, as well as her son and daughter-in-law. She loves to cook, entertain, do needlework and decorate her
home. She also enjoys lunching with old friends and neighbors. She is an active member of P.E.O (for 35 years) and is a new member
of RSO. She is a people-person, and has been retired from Reading Hospital for 20 years.
Kim Brock (11:10 Service)
Kim lived a few blocks from the church, and was drawn to the 11:10 contemporary service. She grew up in Northampton, PA, and
came to Berks County to attend college at Albright, where she earned a degree in Education. She is currently a Special Education
Teacher at Conrad Weiser Middle School, and lives in Sinking Spring with her husband and step-son. Kim enjoys running, working
out, hiking, baking and reading. She loves sports and watching college and high school basketball.
15 Woodside Avenue
West Lawn, PA 19609-1664
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THANK YOU! “Thank you” seems so trite when the heartfelt
emotion is so great, when the appreciation is so deep, when the
gratitude fills us to overflowing. Still, it is all we can say to express
our sincere appreciation for the many expressions of support,
encouragement and love extended to us and our families this Advent
& Christmas seasons and throughout the year. Thank you for your
love, your prayers, and for your partnership in the Gospel, which we
seek to share in all we say and do, all year long… together with
you. Thank you.
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