Sunday Bulletin - Immanuel Lutheran

The school received a check for $1079.58 for Box Tops. Please keep on clipping! A container
is located in the Narthex or you can drop them off at the school.
Lutheran Witness Subscriptions -- Now would be a good time to subscribe to the Lutheran
Witness if you are not a current subscriber. The cost is $15.96 per year. You can use the
envelope in the front of your box of Contribution envelopes or a plain envelope. Just make sure
you write your name on the envelope and that it is for Lutheran Witness. Drop in the offering
plate on Sunday morning and you are on your way to some very interesting articles and
information about the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Call Merv Mueller, 420-1522 if you
have any questions.
If you have not picked up your contribution envelopes for 2015, please do so. If you have any
questions or you can’t find your box, contact Larry Koldewey or Merv Mueller.
Graceful Dining \’grās-fəl ‘din-ing\ n An opportunity to get to know others amidst fine food and fellowship.
Some of you will remember this program from years past when it was called Suppers 8. It’s back with a
new name…Graceful Dining. It works like this: Adults (couples and singles) who would like to
participate will sign up at the table in the Narthex today, January 11. Couples will be placed into groups
of three couples. You will be notified of the names of the other people in your group by January
25. Each couple will host one meal during the months of February, March or April. Your group will
decide on the specific dates. The host couple will provide the main course and the other two couples will
bring something to round out the meal. The host couple has the privilege of inviting a fourth couple who
is not part of the group. If you are a single who would like to participate and you would like to be paired
with another single, please note the other person’s name on the sign-up sheet. If you have any special
dietary needs, please note them on the sign-up sheet, too. Take advantage of this opportunity to get to
know fellow members of Immanuel Lutheran Church as well as the fourth mystery couple! If you have
any questions, please call Kristin Brunick at (208-421-0827) or Emilie Carlson at (360-801-5285).
8:30 a.m.
9:45 a.m.
10:45 a.m.
Sundays at Immanuel
Contemporary worship
Radio Ministry on KART – AM 1400
Education Hour
9:00 a.m. “Immanuel-God with Us!”
Traditional / Liturgical worship
9:30 a.m. “The Lutheran Hour”
CSN - Channel 89.9 FM
8:00 a.m. “The Lutheran Hour”
- Lord’s Supper on the 1 and 3 Sundays of the month in both services - Single, combined worship at 9:30 a.m. on any fifth Sunday of the month -
Look What’s Happening This Week at Immanuel !
Sunday - 1/11
Monday - 1/12
8:30am-1st & 2nd Grades
6pm Board
Wednesday - 1/14
Tuesday - 1/13
1pm Book Study (FR)
12:50pm ILS Chapel
2pm Wednesday Women’s
Bible Study (FR)
9:45am Sunday School with 6pm Wolf Scouts
Pastor Vedder- a closer look (PH)
at a classical Epiphany text,
7pm Boy Scouts
Matthew 2:1-18.
6:30pm Jr Youth
Pastor Sedlmayr on Vacation through 1/13
Thursday - 1/15
Friday - 1/16
Saturday - 1/17
Sunday - 1/18
10am “A Closer Look at the
Lessons” (FR)
7:30am Men’s Bible Study Installation of Board Members
@ The Snug
8:30am & 10:45am Services
5:30pm Girl Scouts
Brownies & Daisies (LR)
9am Quilting
6:30pm Sr Youth
Check the online calendar often for updates @
Dallas Ulrich & Steve Thaete
Mike & Roxie Mumm
Kent & Becky Muder (CA)*
Gary & Michelle Marquardt
Bill & Sharon Block
Chris & Becky Barth (CA)*
Health Concerns
Bob Kopp (brother / Janet Mink)
Carole Collins
Carolyn Lewis
Charlene Aycock
Clayton Brenna (brother / Eleanor Washburn)
Colette Clark (sister-in-law / Mel Krieger)
Dennis Albers-moved to Boise for rehabilitation
Eric Mason (grandson / Bonita Hepworth)
Gary Brandt (son-in-law / Verna Sherrets)
Halley Kaes
Holly Grimsman - (daughter-in-law Thom and
Sue Grimsman)
Jamie Grant (cousin / Roxie Mumm)
Jasmine James (neighbor of Angeline Douda)
Jerry Sherrets
Joan Nightengale (sister / Ruth McKay)
Julie Nightengale (niece / Ruth McKay)
Katy (Lutz) Sievert (aunt / Ruth Harder)
Ken Freeborn
Kristin Quale (granddaughter / Mel & Helen Quale)
Morgan Biggs (friend Jason Quale)
Paul Bamesberger (nephew / Irvin Ehlers)
Patton Douglas (child of Sedlmayr's friends in North
Roger Schroeder (brother / Harold Schroeder)
Ronald Lee (father / Mike Lee)
Shirley Lutz (mother / Bruce Lutz & Yvonne
Tammy Rehwalt (sister / Bruce Lutz & Yvonne
Terry Mullinix
Those Preparing for Church Work
Darbie Dean
Imprisoned for the Faith
American Pastor Saeed Abedini
Missionary Work
Clint Lutz
Roger James
Glenn & Linda Meyer
All missionaries and Christians
worldwide who are being
persecuted, imprisoned or
killed for their faith.
Please let the church office know of any updates,
additions or changes to the prayer card. Thank
*Thank you for all the prayers & best wishes
for Wendy Draghici. Thank God for her good
Thrivent Financial is a special not for profit corporation that does not pay federal taxes. Because
of this they have to give back what they would have to pay in taxes. Choice Dollars is one way
this happens. If you are a member and pay premiums for their products you most likely have
Choice Dollars to direct.
During January 2015, Immanuel Lutheran Church has received $122 directed by two Thrivent
members, Immanuel Lutheran School has received $817 directed by five Thrivent members and
Immanuel CDC has received $161 by one Thrivent member.
If you are a Thrivent member and pay premiums for Thrivent products call 1-800-847-4836 and
say “Thrivent Choice” when prompted and they will help you find out if you have Choice
Dollars and then help you direct the Choice Dollars.