NYSDOH Issues Updated List of JC Facilities

Listed below are the Adult Care Facilities that have been identified as under the conjoined jurisdiction of
the New York State Department of Health and The Justice Center for the Protection of People with
Special Needs, as of January 7, 2015.
Arcadia Residence 710-F-063
Belle Harbor Manor 590-E-293
Brooklyn Adult Care Center 331-F-278
E.R.I.E. EHP #1 Toomey Abbott Tower 520-S-118
Fawn Ridge Senior Living 600-F-248
Garden of Eden Home 331-F-280
Harbor Terrace Adult Home and Assisted Living 610-F-064
Hedgewood Home for Adults 230-F-082
Heritage Manor of Ransomville 500-F-099
Kelly’s Home for Adults 710-F-064
Kings Adult Care Center 331-F-281
Lakeside Manor Home for Adults, Inc. 610-F-037
Leroy Manor 290-F-005
Mohegan Park 800-F-974
New Brookhaven Town House for Adults 700-F-287
New Haven Manor 590-F-172
New Monsey Park Home 620-F-052
New Rochelle Home for Adults 800-F-132
Oceanview Manor Home for Adults 331-F-270
Palisade Gardens 800-F-971
Park Inn Home 590-F-104
Parkview Home for Adults 020-F-131
Queens Adult Care Center 590-F-309
Riverdale Manor Home for Adults 020-F-133
Sanford Home 590-F-142
Seaview Manor, LLC 590-F-313
Surf Manor Home for Adults 331-F-057
Surfside Manor Home for Adults, LLC 590-F-314
The Eliot at Erie Station ALP 540-F-028
Wavecrest Home for Adults 590-F-301
West Seventy-Fourth Street Home 420-E-254
West Side Federation for Sr. and Supportive Housing 420-E-377