screen free week flyer 2015 final

You are invited to join us in National Screen Free Week, the annual event when families, schools, and communities across the
country turn off entertainment screen media. We challenge you to turn off televisions, ipads, ipods, computers and all other
electronic devices (unless required for school) for an entire week and turn on life! This is an opportunity to prove that life without
TVs or computers is possible, productive and even fun! Join us in PTA sponsored events all week, or plan your own screen free fun!
Thank you Sonic, Pinot’s Palette, Soft Stuff and Yogi Castle for your partnership and contributions!
Monday, May 4
Tuesday, May 5
Wednesday, May 6
Thursday, May 7
Friday, May 8
Sonic Night – 5:00-7:00
Mention Manor Woods and our school will receive 20% percent of the night’s proceeds.
Paint Night at Pinot’s Palette – 5:30-7:30
Register here to sign up for Manor Woods Paint Night at Pinot’s Palette in the Turf Valley
Shopping Center:
Cost is $15 per child for a 10” x 10” canvas. Students can complete the chosen picture
(One Fish Too Fish) or create their own. Registration is limited to the first 46 students.
You can bring your dinner to eat while you paint.
Manor Woods Chorus Concert at Marriott’s Ridge High School – 7:00
Enjoy listening to music from the Manor Woods Chorus!
BINGO Night at Manor Woods – 6:30-8:00
Join your friends for BINGO and win a book, Target gift card or Soft Stuff certificate!
Centennial Park Night – drop by any time or meet at 5:00 at the West Entrance for a
group walk around the lake
Walk, run, bike or ride your scooter around the lake or play on the playground with your
Yogi Castle Night – 3:30-9:30
Mention Manor Woods and our school will receive a percentage of the night’s proceeds.
Everyone in the class with the most purchases this night will receive a coupon for a free
cup of yogurt!
Choose Your Own Family Adventure Night
Play board games, go to the park, ride bikes, complete the scavenger hunt on the back of
this paper or choose another fun screen free activity to do with your friends or family!
If your child successfully completes the challenge, please complete and return this form to Manor Woods by
Wednesday, May 13th. Students who complete the challenge and return the form will receive personalized
citations from the Maryland General Assembly and will be invited to an award celebration and ice cream social
sponsored by Senator Gail Bates, Delegate Bob Flanagan, Delegate Trent Kittleman and Delegate Warren
Miller (Wednesday, June 3rd at 7pm at MWES). Email pictures of students enjoying screen free time to
[email protected] to be included in a slide show at the ice cream social. Students who complete the
challenge will also be entered into drawings for Target gift cards on Friday, May 15th at Manor Woods.
I accepted and conquered the challenge to give up television, computers and other electronic devices for 7 days during Screen
Free Week from May 4 -10 , 2015.
Name of Student: ___________________________________________ Teacher: ______________________
I certify that my child has completed the Screen-Free Week Challenge:
________________________________________________________________ (parent signature)