Evangelical Covenant Church of Venice Isle

Evangelical Covenant Church of Venice Isle
101 Via Veneto, Venice, FL 34285
Rev. Elizabeth M. Jensen
November 2, 2014
Bev Barlow
Please sign and pass the attendance book. Thank you!
Please turn off or mute your cell phone. Thank you!
* Those that are able please stand
Welcome and Church Notices 9:20AM
* Introit # 80
I Stand in Awe
* Call to Worship Psalm 107:1-7
Pastor: Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures
People: Let the redeemed of the Lord say this.
Pastor: Some wandered in desert wastelands. They were
hungry and thirsty; their lives ebbed away.
People: Then they cried out to the Lord and he delivered
them from their distress.
Pastor: He led them by a straight way to a city where they could
People: Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love
endures forever.
* Invocation and the Lord’s Prayer (sins & sin)
Hymn # 501
Now I Belong to Jesus
Scripture Lessons read by Gary Durbin
Joshua 3:7-17 (Page 224)
Matthew 23:1-12 (Page 1034)
Glory Be to the Father” (# 812)
Prayers of the People
* Doxology (# 815)
* Prayer of Dedication
Hymn # 548 As the Deer
“Crossing Guards”
Service of Holy Communion
Bread in small cups is gluten, dairy, soy, and nut free
* Closing Hymn # 682
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
* Benediction and “Three-fold Amen”
* Postlude
Prayer Requests
Don Keys
Carol Beck
Brenda Barlow O'Connell
Jerry Angers
Billie Trego (Jan Keckler’s Sister)
Jon Erickson
Nick Nickel (Bernice Starkey’s brother)
Jim Colwell
Cheryl Whelan (Edith Sadler’s daughter)
Joe Leavy
Marguerite Knowlton (Leah Birdsall’s sister)
Faye Taylor
Patti Weber (Gayle Laursen’s daughter)
Larry Munnell Alice Kloos (Carol & Tom Gilmore’s daughter)
Mary Jo Dick
Kimberly Hall (Bernice Starkey’s granddaughter)
Dan Gasse (Marge Robertson’s grandson)
Chris Ansen (Faith & Phil Van Zanten’s grandson)
Alberta Beardsley (Jane Renner’s daughter-in-law)
Alexandra Gilmer (Dick & Gretchen Davis’ granddaughter)
Family and friends mourning the death of Ruth Berthold
SEC Churches in FL esp. ECCVI
Men and Women serving in the military and their families
Those in Assisted Living: George Chandler, Helen Donkin,
Earl Gaugler, Barbara Johnson, Freda May, Edith Sadler
If you or someone you know is ill or in the hospital, call the Church
Secretary. We won’t know if you don’t tell us!
Greeter: Donna Clements
Ushers: Gary and Joyce Durbin, Ken and Lee Clark
Altar Flowers:
Julia Immegart in memory of her daughter, Charlotte Agliata
Marna Corbus to honor her children’s birthdays
Don and Roberta Keys to thank God for all our good friends
Pastor Liz Jensen – (Home) 493-1420 (Cell) 525-4892
Email: [email protected]
Church Secretary is Joyce Durbin (Cell) 813-841-4863
Church email address is: [email protected]
Church Council Members:
Bernice Starkey – Chair Fred Resler – Vice Chair
Jim Keckler – Treasurer Jan Lawrence – Secretary
Mary Bailey – Financial Secretary
Jerry Angers, Gretchen Davis, Roberta Keys, Jim Thorpe
This week at ECCVI
Thurs. 2-3PM Closer Walk Bible Study: An Expedition through
Exodus at Clubhouse 2 – Venetian Room
 Thurs. 4:30PM CH1 Memorial Service for Ruth Berthold
 Mon. Nov.3 Church Night at the Venice DQ 4-7pm
 Sun. KICY 100% Sunday; see insert for details
Looking ahead
 Tues. Nov. 11 Church Council Mtg. 9AM Venetian Rm CH 2
 Sun. Nov. 30 First Sunday in Advent: Decorate Church for
Christmas and Pot Luck Lunch
Church Notices
 Thank you for your donations to the South County Food Pantry
 Church Council meeting minutes for September are on the
web site; copies are available on the Welcome Table
 Calling all Greeters & Ushers: We want our folks to know we
value them and are glad they are here. We invite you to be part
of this vital ministry. Greeters welcome everyone who comes in
and hand them a bulletin. Ushers welcome people, but also
hand out Bibles & hymnals, help folks find seating, collect the
offering, and serve Communion. If you are interested in serving
please sign-up; sign-up sheets are on the Welcome Table.
 Meals Ministry provides a few meals on a short term basis for
parishioners who are ill and in need of this ministry. We won’t
know, however, if no one tells us! Until a coordinator is named,
please call Bernice Starkey.
 Coffee (real) is available before worship
 Our Daily Bread Devotionals for Sept – Nov are available on
the Welcome Table
 Information about our church is on the Welcome Table
 Attendance October 26 was 71
 Thank you for your continued financial support
Oct. Budget:
$3,606 YTD Budget:
Oct. Offering:
$3,267 YTD Offering: $44,450
What the Covenant does:
Start and Strengthen Churches Make and Deepen Disciples
Love Mercy, Do Justice
Develop Leaders
Serve Globally
Four Themes of the Southeast Conference
 Reach the Lost
 Nurture the Faithful
 Transform Lives
 Reflect the Kingdom