A few facts about Canadian Feed The Children

A few facts about
Canadian Feed The Children
• We are a wholly Canadian, independent
• We work in direct partnership with community
groups, building local skills, opportunities and
• We have over 20 years of experience in
international development and respectful,
inclusive and effective program delivery
• We are compact, flexible and responsive to
changing community needs
• We address children’s short-term and long-term
needs, making community sustainability a priority
• We work directly with Aboriginal communities in
Canada to nourish and advocate on behalf of
• We are a values-driven organization that supports
all children regardless of race, gender, culture,
religion or family background.
• We are highly transparent and accountable to the
children we serve and the donors who support
our work
• We help children thrive in Bolivia I Canada I
Ethiopia I Ghana I Haiti I Sierra Leone I Uganda
As a Canadian, independent charity, we are proud to
partner with people who are hungry for change and
committed to making childhood a healthy place to
grow stronger every day. We invite you to join us
in this important goal.
How you can help
Make a donation today - by phone, mail or
online, every little bit counts!
Sign up as a child sponsor - $20 a month makes
a big difference in a child’s life and his/her community
Sign up as a monthly donor - Everyday Heroes
give monthly to help children daily - in all of the
communities we support
Make a Legacy Gift - include us in your will or
consider tax-friendly gifts now
Give the Best Gift Ever - make the thought truly
count with our online gift catalogue at
Since 1986, we have taken a measured, holistic approach to
helping children thrive. Together with community partners, we
lay the foundation for what is often missing in children’s lives:
good food, clean water, health care, education and a source
of family income. In doing so, local skills and opportunities
improve, families strengthen and communities progress.
Thank you for your kind support.
Take action - organize a community fundraiser,
make an employee gift, become a corporate partner,
get your school involved - lots of creative ways to help!
However you choose to share our goals for
children, we are honoured to have your
valuable support.
174 Bartley Drive, Toronto, Ontario M4A 1E1
Tel: 416-757-1220 Fax: 416-757-3318
Toll-free 1-800-387-1221
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.canadianfeedthechildren.ca
Charitable Registration No. 11883 0983 RR0001
Whether it’s providing a good meal to a hungry child or
livestock and tools to a farming family or medicine to
save a young life, Canadian Feed The Children’s support
to families and communities results in the best possible
outcomes for children.
What a wonderful feeling it is to
be a Canadian Feed The Children
supporter. My monthly contribution
may not be a lot, but I know how
much difference it makes to children.
A lifetime of learning
With community participation, we build schools, provide
school supplies and furniture, and fund teachers’ salaries
so that students have a safe, effective environment in
which to study, learn and grow. The children provide
their own enthusiasm as they work toward new skills
and the chance to reach their full potential.
D. H., Long-time donor
Our programs uphold strong, vital principles, which have
been adapted from the United Nations Convention on
the Rights of the Child:
gender equality
environmental responsibility
community ownership
ethical allocation of resources
Precious health
A child’s health is far too often compromised by poverty.
To help, we provide clinics with medicines and supplies to
treat illness and disease. We provide much-needed support
to children and families affected by HIV/AIDS, and we
offer disease prevention and health protection strategies
through community and family education programs.
Vital nourishment
Hunger and malnourishment should not be an issue in this
world, but it is. Having access to health-giving food is a
child’s right that we fight to protect. Along with our
long-term projects to improve a family’s ability to feed
their children well and regularly, we provide immediate
nutrition to overcome serious malnourishment, both in
Canada and around the world.
Family support
Never does so little mean so much to children as when
struggling parents are given a head start to generate
income. Our programs give families a head start to
generate income and find the means to safeguard their
children’s health. For abandoned or orphaned children,
we help provide solace, and all the support required to
make a youngster feel safe, protected and valued.
Please call us or visit www.canadianfeedthechildren.ca to
learn more about our many programs for children.