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Performance Evaluation of Commercial Broilers Fed Algamune™ 50Zn
Product Overview
Algamune™ 50Zn is a nutritional source of zinc that also contains beta-1,3-glucan, essential omega-3 fatty
acids, and highly digestible protein derived from a non-GMO microalgae (Euglena gracilis). The product is
produced by growing Euglena in a sterile fermentation system so that it contains about 50 wt.% beta-1,3glucan and then complexing this biomass with zinc (from zinc sulfate) under controlled conditions.
Algamune 50Zn is approved for use in animal feeds (AAFCO Definition 57.29; IFN 8-09-899).
Study Objectives
Assess the effects of Algamune 50Zn at 125, 250, and 500 g/MT as a prebiotic in poultry to support body
weight gain and feed conversion ratio while reducing mortality over the course of a typical production cycle
in a commercial setting (OK Farms, Arkansas).
The lowest dose of Algamune 50Zn (125 g/MT) administered continuously throughout the
growth cycle resulted in the greatest improvement in growth rate (+ 3.4%) and feed
conversion ratio (-4.1% when standardized to 7.5 lb weight).
Using Algamune 50Zn can provide over a 6X return on investment (ROI) to poultry
producers through a reduction in feed costs assuming $325/MT feed cost and Algamune
50Zn costs of $2.50/MT feed dosed (actual Algamune 50Zn™ prices may vary and depend
on the quantity ordered).
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