Siliguri Best Paper 1. Endoscopic FHL transfer for a chronic

Siliguri Best Paper
1. Endoscopic FHL transfer for a chronic tendoachilles tear- rationale, indications &
technique. Dr.Kushal Nag ,Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata 9836404945
1. Piriform fossa entry vs trochanteric entry interlocking nails in the treatment of femoral diaphyseal
fractures: A comparative study. : Dr. Joydeep Das. Burdwan Medical College
2. Does lateral screw insertion serve as an independent good prognostic factor following in-situ
fixation of slipped capital femoral epiphysis Dr. Srikanta Tagore Sarkar BSMC & H.
3. Comparison of conventional and Dorgan’s lateral cross-wiring of supracondylar humerus fractures
in children Dr.Saikat sau IPGMER
4. Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis for distal third fracture both bone leg – Is fixation of
fibula necessary ? Dr. Chaitanya Krishna . MCH
5. Is surgical exposure of scapula through direct lateral approach preferable ? Dr. Dibakar Roy
6. Transpedicular Decompression / Debridement (Tpd) And Posterior Spinal Fusion With
Instrumentation (Psf-I) For Thoracic Spinal Tuberculosis (Tb) With Myelopathy- Is Anterior
Column Reconstruction Necessary? : Dr.Tarun Suri, Park Clinic,
7. Revisional Instrumentation In Cervical Spine- Lessons Learnt From Failures. Dr Abdul Naim
8. Acetabular Sizing In Tha – How To Do It Correctly ?-Anatomical Study. Dr. Abhik Ray.Rgkar
9. Arthroscopic Ankle Arthrodesis Dr Gaurav Gupta
10. Newer Solution Of Tibial Spine Avultion Treatment By Pull-Through Technique Using NonAbsorbable Suture Dr.Niloy Samanta
11. Safe Surgical Dislocation Of The Hip – An Effective Approach To Correct Hip Disorders
Dr.Dipmalya Chakraborty
12. Adult idiopathic severe hallux varus correction using mini tight rope Dr. Parag Garg
13. Clinical Experience of close reduction and internal fixation of displaced intra-articular fractures
of calcaneum. Dr Debasis Mukherjee
14. Ilio-Inguinal Approach – Is It Required For Fixation Of Anterior Column Acetabular Fracture Dr
Samiran Purkait
15. Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery In Management Of Spinal Metastasis With Neurological
Deficits- Prospective Study- Dr.Sanjoy Biswas Apollo
16. Delayed surgery in Lumbar spine fractures: Do severe cauda equina lesions recover?
Dr Susmit Naskar,
17. Clinical Outcomes of Vertebrectomy in Primary and Metastatic Spinal Tumors
Dr Susmit Naskar
18. Management of distal humerus comminuted fracture with minimal internal fixation
and external fixation in the form of JESS :Dr. Sagnik Ray
19. Cerclage wiring for the surgical treatmentof displaced patella fractures
:Long term Results and analysis Dr. Gopal Ghosh.
20. Management ofcomminuteddistal humerusfracture with minimal internal fixationand external
fixation in theform of JESS :Dr.SagnikRay
21. Management of large segmental defeft in tibia with bone graft over nail-Dr.Dhananjoy
Bera.(Siliguri paper)
22. Result & Analysis Of Arthroscopic Repair Of Bankart’s Lesion Using Suture Anchors In Recurrent
Shoulder Dislocation. Dr.Santosh Kumar Sahu
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