Spring 2015 schedule - Aging Research Center

Tuesdays at 11.00-12.00
Gävlegatan 16, 8th floor, ARC, www.ki-su-arc.se
Hosts: Alexandra Pantzar, Debora Rizzuto and Lena Dahlberg (@ki.se)
Jan 27
Nicola Orsini, Associate Professor
Institute of Environmental Medicine, KI
Spline modeling for quantitative predictors
Feb 3
Marie Ernsth Bravell, PhD
Hälsohögskolan, Högskolan I Jönköping
Factors associated with care and service among
elderly people in Sweden
Feb 10
Alexandra Pantzar, PhD student
Aging Research Center, KI/SU
Differential effects of psychiatric inpatient history
on cognitive performance in acute and remitted
states of old-age depression
Feb 24
March 3
Mats Lekander, Professor
Clinical Neuroscience, KI
The feeling, look and smell of health
March 10
Johan Fastbom, Professor
Aging Research Center, KI/SU
Side effects of drugs
March 17
Alessandra Marengoni, MD, PhD
University of Brescia, Italy
Graziano Onder, MD, PhD
University Cattolica Sacro Cuore, Roma, Italy
Strategies to reduce the risk of iatrogenic illness in
multimorbid older adults
March 26
Kimberly Kane, Scientific Editor
Aging Research Center, KI/SU
How do deal with difficult reviewer comments:
a panel discussion
March 31
Rui Wang, PhD Student
Aging Research Center, KI/SU
Vascular risk factors, structural brain changes, and
cognitive consequences in older adults
April 7
Gunnar Malmberg, Professor
April 15
Department of Geography and Economic History,
Umeå University
April 21
Lucas Morin, Research Assistant
Aging Research Center, KI/SU
To be announced
End-of-life care for institutionalized older people:
results from a nationwide study via the Sentinel
Network of Nursing Home Physicians in France
Miia Kivipelto, Professor
April 29
Wednesday Aging Research Center and Center for Alzheimer
Research, KI
Preventing cognitive decline with lifestyle
May 5
Angelika Thelin, PhD
Linnaeus University
Elderly poverty: economic hardship in young
pensioners’ everyday lives
May 12
Ingmar Skoog, Professor
EpiLife and AGECAP, University of Gothenburg
To be announced
May 20
Jonna Nilsson, Post doc
Wednesday Aging Research Center, KI/SU
Acute effects of transcranial direct current
stimulation on attention and working memory
May 26
International Forum
Alan Gow, Assistant Professor
June 2
10.00-12.00 School of Life Sciences, Heriot-Watt University,
Lifestyle factors and the ageing brain