Age of Disruption Lunches - Dr. Bill Thomas` Age of Disruption Tour

In the realms of persuasion and social change there is no substitute for going to where
people live and being with them. Genuine listening requires proximity, and traveling
far to sit down and break bread together signals respect. Listening and respect are the
cornerstones of our effort to create a new and vastly more rewarding vision of aging in
America. !
--Dr. Bill Thomas!
You are invited
Dr. Bill Thomas' Age of Disruption
2015 Tour comes to your city to ask
"What if"? What if we all lived in a
world that saw aging not as a process
of decline but as a vivid and
enlivening process that presents us
with extraordinary risks, and rewards?
Dr. Bill Thomas invites a select group
of attendees to join him for lunch and
a facilitated discussion that explores
new ideas, practices, and models that
can help local communities transform
the experience of aging. The goal is to
connect community leaders to each
other and to new ideas and
approaches that can "disrupt aging"
and yield lasting change.
12pm to 1:30 pm!
April 20, 2015!
Hotel Northampton!
36 King St !
Northampton, MA 01060