Developmental Circuits in Aging - Events

Developmental Circuits
in Aging
The programme for this event
was reviewed and approved by the
EMBO Course Committee.
25 – 28 May 2015 | Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Anne Brunet
William M. Keyes
Nektarios Tavernarakis
Stanford University, US
Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, ES
Institute of Molecular Biology and
Judith Campisi
Brian Luke
Biotechnology-FORTH, GR
Buck Institute for Research on Aging, US
Universität Heidelberg, ZMBH, DE
Andrew Dillin
Erika L. Matunis
Univerisity of California,Berkeley, US
Johns Hopkins University, US
Björn Schumacher
Vishwa Deep Dixit
Renato Paro
CECAD Research Center, University of
Cologne, DE
Yale University, US
ETH Zurich, CH
Eric Gilson
Linda Partridge
Institute of Research on Cancer and Aging in
University College London, UK
Nice, FR
Norbert Perrimon
Harvard Medical School, US
Deadline before
19 APRIL 2015
Gerd Pfeifer
Academic .............................350 EUR
George A. Garinis
Department of Biology, University of Crete
and Institute of Molecular Biology and
Biotechnology, Foundation for Research and
Technology - Hellas, GR
Magdalena Götz
Helmholtz Zentrum München (HMGU), DE
Eiji Hara
Beckman Research Institute, City of Hope, US
Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research , JP
Thorsten Hoppe
University of Cologne, DE
Jacqueline Jacobs
Netherlands Cancer Institute, NL
Heinrich Jasper
Buck Institute for Research on Aging, US
Bruno Reversade
Liesbeth Veenhoff
European Research Institute for the Biology
of Ageing (ERIBA), NL
A.J. Marian Walhout
University of Massachusetts, US
Industry................................500 EUR
Biopolis, SG
Lenhard Rudolph
■ Attendance of the Workshop
Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI), DE
■ Course materials (abstract book in a
USB or CD, conference bag etc.)
Manuel Serrano
Spanish Cancer Research Center, ES
■ Coffee breaks, lunch breaks, meals
and social event at the hotel