Fall Semester 2014 Comp

Assurance of Learning Assessment Examination
BGSU Acct 2220 - Fall Semester 2014
Comp-XM Exam Overview
• Each student becomes the CEO of their own “Andrews” Company.
• Each student will make all decisions for their Andrews Company.
• Each student will individually compete against three computer teams.
Comp-XM Exam Scenario:
As CEO of your company, the Andrews Corporation, you will make four rounds of
decisions and answer five rounds of “Board Queries”. Your competition (Baldwin,
Chester & Digby) are run by computer teams.
All participants compete against a standard set of competitors, but each scenario is
structured differently. As with the current simulation, the quality of your decisions
directly affects the position of your company. Your individual simulation decisionmaking performance is evaluated using the Balanced Scorecard.
• The Comp-XM® examination is an integrated assessment tool.
• An extension of the Foundation® simulation that will allow students to individually
demonstrate their business skills and business acumen.
• There are two parts to the Comp-XM® Examination (See Online Exam Guide)
1) A business simulation (similar to the current simulation)
2) A series of questions, presented by the board, called “Board Queries.”
There are four unique Market Segments:
Note: “Thrift” and “Core” (similar to Low-Tech).
Thrift Segment
Buying Criteria
Core Segment
Buying Criteria
“Nano” and “Elite” (similar to High-Tech).
Nano Segment
Buying Criteria
Elite Segment
Buying Criteria
• The competitive landscape is not even:
• Each company begins from a different starting point.
• Each company has four existing products. You may choose to add new products.
• Students compete against 3 computer-managed companies.
• Note: You should develop a Sales Forecasting tool (Update the posted Excel file?)
How is it graded?
There are 2 grading components.
#1: Balanced Scorecard (50%)
The Balanced Scorecard
examines how well your
company is managed.
4 Perspectives:
•Internal Business Process
•Learning and Growth
#2: Board Queries (50%)
• Exam
questions (Queries) from the Board of Directors.
• 5 question sets: Generally, 8-10 questions for each round.
• All questions are unique to your particular environment.
Specific “Board Queries” may cover:
Strategic Analysis
Quality Initiatives
Situation Analysis
Sample Question #1 of 3:
Key: Analyze the “Inquirer” to answer.
Sample #2 of 3: How to answer this?
Sample #3 of 3: How to answer this?
• Question Value: 15 Pts
Your Competitive Intelligence team reports that a wave of product liability lawsuits
is likely to cause Digby to pull the product Daft entirely off the market this year.
Assume Digby scraps all capacity and inventory this round, completely writing off
those assets and escrowing the proceeds to a settlement fund. Assume these
lawsuits will have no effect on any other products of Digby or other companies.
Question: Without Digby's product Daft, how much can the industry currently
produce in the Core segment? Consider only products primarily in the Core segment
last year. Ignore current inventories. Figures are in thousands (000).
Step 1: Per the “Inquirer” Production Report, find the products that exist in the
“Core” Segment and the production capacity available for each of these products.
Step 2: Combine all potential production capacity for the Core segment.
Note: Be sure to consider that existing capacity can be used to produce *double*
the amount of product (due to the second shift potential).
Prep Work
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Half an Hour
1.5 Hours
1.5 Hours
1.5 Hours
1.5 Hours
1 Hour
• Decision rounds take about
• There are 5 rounds of
30-75 minutes per round.
“Board Queries”.
•In essence, there is a
“wrap-up” set of Board
Queries after the four
decision-making rounds.
• There are 4 decision rounds.
• Online Exam Materials (only) will be available for review upon registration.
• For Round 1, we will meet Thurs, December 4th, from 7:30-9:30 PM in Lab TBA.
• After round one, proceed at your own pace through the remainder of the exam.
• This is an individual exam. No consultation with fellow students is allowed.
• Any procedural questions can be addressed during office hours/via email.
• The exam due date is Monday, Dec 15th at 1:00 PM (EST). No exceptions.
• Exam results will be shared Dec 17th at our “Capsim Summit” finals-week event.