Necklace by Pine Street Tutor Alida Cappelletta

Necklace by Pine Street Tutor Alida Cappelletta
The creative process is powerful – as
well as learning to make art, the projects
people work on at the Centre can help
them build self-confidence and a sense
of achievement.
Lord Mayor Clover Moore
Artistic development is encouraged
through all the Centre’s activities,
including a diverse and dynamic range
of art exhibitions, community projects
and events. Pine Street recognises the
importance of supporting people in
their artistic development.
People of all ages can take workshops
in ceramics, printmaking, silver jewellery,
drawing, painting, stencil art, digital art
and other mediums, run by specialist
tutors and professional artists in a
friendly studio environment.
Pine Street Creative Arts Centre is the
City of Sydney’s dedicated arts facility.
The Centre’s high-quality, innovative arts
programs and events are designed to
encourage, stimulate and promote local
arts and cultural activities.
“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
— Vincent Van Gogh
Pine Street has five dedicated
and fully-equipped studios
for workshops in:
• Ceramics
• Printmaking
• Silver Jewellery
• Drawing, painting and street art
• Digital multi-media (Mac studio)
The Gallery’s annual calendar is
programmed around exhibitions of high
quality works with a focus on community
artists and issues.
As a part of Pine Street’s charter to
support local, emerging and community
artists, we do not take a commission on
any sales.
The Gallery space is 82 square metres,
with 22 square metres of hanging track.
We provide the drop wires for hanging
works. We also have custom-made
plinths and partitions for hire.
The gallery also has it own annual
exhibition program, with an emphasis
on providing an opportunity for
community members of all ages to
exhibit their works in a professional
gallery environment.
2014 Smart ARTS Youth Festival Exhibition Opening
Join us in celebrating the creative spirit of Pine Street at our annual festivals, events and
exhibitions, all free to the public. Check out our website closer to the event dates for
more details.
smart ARTS Festival
Part of National Youth Week 2015
10 – 19 April
Launch: Friday 10 April, 6pm
smart ARTS is a youth arts and cultural event showcasing the
creative initiatives, community projects and artistic talents of
young people aged 15 – 26 years. Held during National Youth
Week each year, smart ARTS presents a range of cutting edge
arts events over a seven day festival. smart ARTS provides young
people with a unique creative opportunity to collaborate and
celebrate the vibrancy of youth. Join us for the launch party and
art exhibition, free workshops and art activities. Come along and
celebrate youth at smart ARTS – an event for young people, by
young people! For the full program of events visit
World Environment Day Children’s Art Competition and Exhibition
Part of International World Environment Day 2015
5 – 14 June
Launch: Saturday 6 June, 1:30pm
The World Environment Day exhibition showcases the works of
children aged 5 -12. This annual event encourages environmental
awareness through the arts, with the aim of encouraging children
and their families to integrate sustainable actions into their
everyday lives.
Pine Street’s Staff Exhibition
9 – 31 October
Launch: Friday 9 October, 6pm
Witness the creative skills of the artists teaching at our centre.
The exhibition features artworks across the disciplines of
ceramics, printmaking, silver jewellery, sculpture, painting, drawing,
stencil art and more.
Pine Street’s Outreach Exhibition
Featuring works produced in Pine Street’s 2015 Outreach
programs, including 2D and 3D mediums - painting, drawing,
printmaking, ceramics, mosaics, and jewellery.
Pine Street’s Students Exhibition
4 – 19 December
Launch: Friday 4 December, 6pm
Featuring artworks created in our studio workshop programs
throughout the year – ceramics, porcelain, printmaking, silver
jewellery, painting, drawing, stencil art and more. Enjoy the art, and
pick up some creative gift ideas for Christmas!
DATES 2015
Adults Term Programs
Term 1: 27 January – 30 March
Term 2: 20 April – 22 June
Term 3: 13 July – 12 September
Term 4: 6 October – 7 December
Children’s (5 – 15 years) and Youth
(16 – 26 years) Term Programs
Term 1: 2 February – 28 March
Term 2: 27 April – 22 June
Term 3: 20 July – 12 September
Term 4: 12 October – 5 December
School Holiday Children’s Programs
(5 – 12 years)
Summer:12 – 22 January
Autumn: 7 – 16 April
Winter: 29 June – 9 July
Spring: 21 September – 1 October
School Holiday Youth Programs
(13 – 18 years)
Summer:16 and 23 January
Autumn: 10 and 17 April
Winter: 3 and 10 July
Spring: 25 September and 2 October
All of our staff and tutors have tertiary degrees, current Senior First Aid Certificates, have undergone ‘Working With Children’
training and police checks. All staff who work directly with children have completed two days of Mandatory Reporting training.
Fiona Sullivan
BA (Art Education), Diploma
of Teaching (Art Education),
BFA (Stage 4 Painting)
Senior Operations Coordinator
Phillip Relf
BA Communications
Cultural Programs Coordinator
Rowena Hall
MFA, BVA (Photomedia),
Dip (Business)
Cultural Programs Coordinator
Craig Bunker
BVA (Drawing, Painting, Digital)
Cultural Programs Coordinator
Christie Torrington
BVA (Honours)
Cultural Programs Coordinator
Nicole Eggers
MFA Arts (Printmaking),
BFA, Dip Fine Arts
Mixed Media Tutor
Rebecca Baird
BVA (Printmaking),
Dip (Ceramics)
Cultural Programs Officer
(Senior Printmaking Tutor/
Studio Technician)
Anthony Brink
BVA (Honours),
Grad Dip (Teaching)
Cultural Programs Officer
(Senior Ceramics Tutor/
Studio Technician)
Susan Baran
BVA (Printmaking)
Printmaking Tutor
Alida Cappelletta
BVA (Jewellery),
BFA (Jewellery/Painting)
Silver Jewellery Tutor
Jane Caveney
MA (Visual Arts)
Painting & Drawing Tutor
Chris Retallack
BVA (Painting), BA (Education)
Sculpture & Mixed Media Tutor
Robert Ives
BVA (Printmaking)
Printmaking Tutor
Chris Tamm
BA (Honours)
Digital Photography
& Mixed Media Tutor
Kath Ellis
BFA (Jewellery/Silver Smithing)
Jewellery & Mixed Media Tutor
Tamara Killick
MA (Painting/Drawing)
Master of Social Development
Drawing, Painting
& Time-Based Art Tutor
Jessica McGowan
BA (Design/Art Education)
Silver Jewellery Tutor
Craig Bunker
BA (Drawing, Painting, Digital)
Digital & Mixed Media Tutor
Vanessa Owens
BFA (Ceramics), Dip
(Fine Arts), Cert (Ceramics)
Ceramics & Mixed Media Tutor
Cita Daidone
Bachelor Education
(Visual Arts)
Ceramics Tutor
Adrian Baiada
BLanManHon, painting courses
at NSA and COFA
Painting Tutor
Evan Wills
BVA (Ceramics), GDVA
Ceramics Tutor
Rachel Dickson
BVA (Photography)
Digital Photography
& Mixed Media Tutor
Peter Dwyer
Dip Fine Arts, Advanced Dip
Fashion Design
Ceramics Tutor
Alex Snellgrove
BA (Visual Communication)
Drawing Tutor
Henry King
B. Design
(Visual Communications)
Digital Art Tutor
It has been wonderful to learn, be inspired and bounce ideas off other
students. It’s a great atmosphere. Highly recommended. [The tutors] are very
knowledgeable and attentive. Class is good fun and it’s a lovely experience
to make something yourself by hand! It has been a marvellous experience
for me. Great tuition, affordable prices and a wonderful atmosphere to
work in. Having a very happy experience exploring drawing in various
mediums, very liberating. I can’t imagine a more welcoming, encouraging
and friendly environment. Creativity is effortless around [our tutor] it just flows! I love doing ceramics at Pine Street. The facilities are
great and [the tutors] are brilliant and generous. I have done several
terms at Pine Street and I can’t get enough! Thanks for providing
such a fantastic studio and enthusiastic staff! Pine Street has
given me the opportunity to explore my love of clay. I am very
happy with the ceramics classes I attend, with great studio,
materials and tutors (and the low fees!) Extremely satisfying
to produce such good quality work in a caring studio. Great experience,
will definitely come back. Very friendly, supportive, small class. Awesome
teaching! Friendly, creative, peaceful, happy, nurturing, educational – I will
be back for more! What an amazing, secret other life! The classes have
been lots of fun in a friendly and relaxed environment. I enjoyed it so
much I came back for more. As a very long-term student I always love
coming here and have learnt heaps over the years. Awesome, super
friendly! I really look forward to coming to class every week. I can’t
wait for next term to start! Enjoyable and stimulating atmosphere.
Thanks to all the compassionate teachers. Printmaking was such
a wonderful experience, the anticipation of unveiling the print
as it came through the press, learning all the various techniques
and seeing all the amazing work produced in the class.
The printmaking beginners course was delivered in a
thorough and professional manner. My tutor has been
Silver Jewellery
Beginners: Fundamentals
Tutor: Alida Cappelletta
Gain an understanding of techniques such
as sawing, filing, soldering, riveting and
polishing. Learn how to manipulate silver
with texture and form. Projects will include
a pendant, ring band and another design if
time permits. Bring your own jewellery or
images you admire.
All Levels
Tutor: Alida Cappelletta
Suitable for beginners and those with
some experience, this course will include
techniques as offered in the Fundamentals
course, as well as more advanced
techniques such as basic stone setting,
roller printing, wax carving, granulation,
reticulation and much more. Individuals
may work on their own designs set at their
own pace incorporating various
techniques listed.
Beginners to Intermediate
Tutor: Alida Cappelletta
Suitable for beginners and those with
some experience, this course will include
techniques such as roller printing, riveting,
sweat soldering, metal inlay and forming.
Two of these techniques will be focused on.
Projects will include a ring band, pendant
or earrings. Bring your own jewellery or
images you admire.
Painting, Drawing & Street Art
Urban Streetscapes – Painting and Drawing
Tutor: Alex Snellgrove
Inner city streets and lanes are endlessly
fascinating to paint and draw. In this
course we’ll draw on location in the local
area and develop some of our drawings
into paintings in the studio. We’ll study
the fundamentals of perspective and the
effects of light and shade on the built
environment, plus a variety of drawing and
acrylic painting techniques. The work of
Jeffrey Smart, de Chirico, Van Gogh and
other artists will inspire us.
Drawing and Painting: A Taste of Colour
and Texture
Tutor: Jane Caveney
A great course for beginners or for more
experienced students to brush up on their
skills. Gain an understanding of how to
create perspective, and reflect on your
use of colours, mixing and mediums to
create works. Mediums include pencil,
ink, charcoal and paint to make and
develop drawings and paintings – still life
compositions will be provided.
A Cut Above Street Art
Tutor: Chris Tamm
Are you inspired by Street Art? If the
answer is YES, this is an awesome
introduction to making stencils like a pro.
Learn about different stencil materials,
selecting and designing images and
making art from coin size to gigantic.
Learn how to convert your photos or
images to stencil in Photoshop or by
hand. Stencil onto any surface from
t–shirts, to posters, stickers, canvas and
more. Please note: this course teaches
alternative methods of applying stencils
without aerosol. The tutor will provide a
demonstration of safe work methods using
aerosol but students will not be using spray
cans/aerosol spray during the course.
All Levels
Tutor: Vanessa Owens
A program for beginners and continuing
students, this course introduces handbuilding and throwing techniques as well
as basic surface treatments. Emphasis is
placed on fostering individual creativity
in a relaxed and friendly environment,
while instruction is provided about
materials, products, tools, equipment and
studio operating procedures. This will
provide a basis for students to develop
their knowledge and skills in continuing
workshop practice.
Tutor: Peter Dwyer
Using wheel-throwing and hand-building
techniques, students can explore hand
formed ceramics to create functional and
decorative objects. Students will learn how
to utilise the different clays for each firing
temperature, and apply slips, glazes, and
many other surface treatments. Students
are encouraged to bring ideas or visual
examples to class - the processes taught
will assist them reach their goals.
Hand building Objects with Porcelain
Tutor: Vanessa Owens
This workshop will focus on hand building
and surface treatment of clay bodies.
Building techniques will include pinch pots,
slab building, moulds and small sculptures.
Porcelain being the main body we will work
with, an understanding of the material
will be explored and developed. Surface
treatment will cover inlay, under glaze
decoration and carving. This class is open
to all levels of ceramic enthusiasts with an
interest in small intimate vessels, jewellery
and decorative wall pieces.
Tutor: Cita Daidone
Using wheel-throwing and hand-building
techniques, students can explore and create
both functional and decorative objects.
They will learn how to choose and apply
appropriate slips, glazes and other surface
treatments to achieve the best results.
Wheel Work, All Levels
Tutor: Evan Wills
Learn all aspects of working on the potter’s wheel with an
emphasis on technique. Beginning students will be given a solid
foundation in making, turning, decorating and glazing cups and
b‑owls on the wheel. Returning students will hone their skills
through individual projects developed in consultation with Evan.
Students will learn through observation, practice and positive
constructive feedback on technique, function and aesthetics.
Intermediate and Advanced
Tutor: Rebecca Baird
Further develop your printmaking skills via the techniques of relief
and intaglio printmaking. Etch and engrave your own metal plates
and experience the benefits of non-toxic processes. This class
is designed for students who regard the printmaking process as
a supportive element to the creative process. Prior printmaking
experience is essential.
Intermediate and Advanced
Tutor: Ant Brink
This course aims to build on prior ceramics skills and knowledge,
and is a great opportunity to refine and develop your own skills and
style. Advanced throwing and turning techniques are taught with
an increased emphasis placed on good design and personal style.
Hand builders are welcome. Important: some wheel experience is
All Levels
Tutor: Robert Ives
Using printmaking techniques, relief, intaglio and photopolymer
plates, discover alternate ways of making expressive new work.
Each student will be encouraged to choose a starting point using
their unique choice of materials, (photos, drawings, found objects
or an assemblage of things, to develop their own prints. Join us in
our well-equipped print room, using non-toxic processes.
Short Course: Porcelain
Tutor: Vanessa Owens
This all day Saturday workshop will focus on hand building and
surface treatment of porcelain clay bodies. Building techniques
will include pinch pots, slab building, moulds and small sculptures.
Surface treatment will cover inlay, under glaze decoration and
carving. This class is open to all levels of ceramic enthusiasts with
an interest in small intimate vessels and jewellery. Works will be
glazed and fired by the tutor following the workshop.
Beginners to Intermediate
Tutor: Rebecca Baird
An opportunity for both novice and more experienced printmakers
to develop their skills and professional practice. Novices will
progress quickly through traditional practices initially, exploring
contemporary mediums including photopolymer plate making.
More experienced printmakers will be supported in the
development of their individual print portfolios.
Tutor: Susan Baran
This course covers the fundamentals of printmaking for beginners.
Explore the techniques of drypoint, etching, solarplate, lino
and collagraph, with emphasis on safer nontoxic printmaking
processes. You will learn to use a range of printmaking tools and
machinery in a fully equipped printmaking studio.
Tutor: Rebecca Baird
For students who want to take their printmaking skills to a more
advanced stage, this course will extend the foundation skills and
include techniques such as etching, relief block print, collagraph,
drypoint and photopolymer. Safer printmaking practices will be
taught for making intaglio and relief work. Some printmaking
experience is required.
All Levels
Tutor: Robert Ives
This 4 week, all day Saturday class is an opportunity to
submerge yourself in your artwork and develop individual,
alternate ways of expressing yourself through printmaking.
Through techniques involving photos, drawing, found
objects and your ideas as inspiration, you will learn to
create relief, intaglio and photopolymer plates to make
unique prints in our well-equipped non-toxic print room.
Short Course: Solar Plate
Tutor: Susan Baran
This all day Saturday workshop will explore the technique
of Solar Plate - a versatile and safe way to make prints
using sunlight or UV lamp. You will be looking at the
various ways of exposing the plate and exploring a range
of printing techniques in a fully equipped professional print
studio. You will be printing on fine art paper with artist
quality etching inks. Please bring a hand drawn, computer
generated, or photographic image to work from. If you are
not sure what type of image to bring with you, that’s OK!
Your tutor will help you to create something in class to
make a fabulous print. Suitable for beginners or the more
experienced printmakers wanting to learn more about
this technique.
Pine Street Creative Arts Centre prides itself in its pursuit
of ‘work safe’ practices and its presentation of user and
environmentally friendly alternatives of mediums, without
compromising quality and relevance.
It is a Health and Safety requirement that students attending
courses at Pine Street must wear closed-toed shoes at all
times. Students arriving with open-toed shoes will not be
allowed entry to the studios.
Students will be inducted at start of term on student code of
conduct, studio safety, and emergency evacuation. Students
will be asked to sign an agreement stating they have been
inducted. This is a compulsory procedure.
Only students who have booked and fully paid for their
course are allowed into the studios. Students do not have
access to the studios outside class time. Do not arrive early
as tutors use this time to prepare for class. Do not stay after
class as tutors use this time for packing up and cleaning.
Access to practice in visual arts is limited for
people with disabilities or from communities
that find it difficult to access other classes.
Pine Street’s Outreach art programs go some
way to addressing this. The centre’s programs
have been developed in consultation with
relevant community organisations to meet
specific needs within the community.
Building on its wide experience with a range
of clients, Pine Street has developed and
delivers quality visual art programs for other
community organisations. These programs act
as seeding programs, partner organisations
are expected to seek funding through other
avenues to continue independently.
The centre’s outreach tutors are experienced
in working with special needs groups and
individuals and teach some of the most
marginalised people in our city: people
from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
backgrounds, over 55s, people living with
HIV/Aids, people with mental and physical
disabilities, people from non-English speaking
backgrounds, and people who are homeless,
recovering from addiction, or leaving
rehabilitation and correctional centres.
Pine Street’s current partner organisations
include: Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School,
Eastern Respite Centre, Bobby Goldsmith
Foundation, Surry Hills Neighbourhood
Centre, Buckingham House, Northcott Estate
and the Department of Housing, Glebe House,
Heart of Glebe, Connections (St. Vincent’s
Hospital), the Ella Centre.
One Hit Wonders Term Programs
For 15 – 26 year olds
One Hit Wonders are a range of one
off creative arts programs for young
people. Each session focuses on a
different medium and is designed to
give you an introduction to the art form.
Most courses are for beginners but we
also offer intermediate and advanced
programs. One Hit Wonders vary from
term to term, and cover a wide range
of art forms including stencil and street
art, screen printing, fashion illustration,
digital animation, sustainable
bookbinding and more!
Check the youth courses webpage for
upcoming One Hit Wonders programs.
School Holiday Programs
For 13 – 18 year olds
Join us each holiday break for Pine
Street’s Youth School Holiday Program.
These feature a range of full day
creative arts programs designed for
creative young people aged 13 to
18 years.
Please note: parents/carers cannot stay in the studio once workshops have started. This annual listing is a guide only –
some of the courses may not be available every term. Please refer to term programs on our website for more specific details.
Get Animated! (9 – 15 yrs)
Tutor: Craig Bunker
Use Photoshop to create funny animated sequences and i-movie
to add great sound effects. Be part of the multimedia Pop Art
movement and learn to use a range of software in our Mac studio.
Students will be using the latest Adobe software and Computers.
Class size: 10
Discovery of Clay (5 - 10 yrs)
Tutor: Cita Daidone
Join us in our calm, specialised studio and discover the magical
art of ceramics. With gentle instruction from a qualified tutor,
you will complete small studies and a larger-scale major work.
Older students have the opportunity to progress to our advanced
ceramics program for young teens. Class size: 10
Advanced Ceramics (Strictly 10 – 15 yrs)
Tutor: Anthony Brink
This class is designed for students who wish to further their skills
in hand building and on the pottery wheel. You will explore various
construction techniques and surface treatments in a dedicated
ceramics studio with professional instruction. Beginners are
welcome as activities can be adjusted according to individual skills
level. Class size: 10
Saturday Morning Art Club (5 – 12 yrs)
Tutors: Various
With instruction from professional tutors, students will experiment
with a variety of art mediums – painting and drawing, sculpture,
ceramics and printmaking.
Painting and Drawing (5 – 10 yrs)
Tutor Jane Caveney
Focus your creative talents and explore different 2D media
such as charcoal, ink, pencil and acrylic paint. You will gain an
understanding of formal concepts such as composition, colour
theory and visual perspective. Older students have the opportunity
to progress to our advanced painting and drawing program for
young teens. Class size: 10
Painting and Drawing Technical (11 – 15 yrs)
Tutor: Jane Caveney
A great course for beginners, but also a fantastic opportunity for
more experienced students to enhance their skills. Take a creative
journey through a range of processes including pencil, ink, charcoal
and acrylic paint. Older students have the opportunity to advance to
our Youth Program for 16 – 26 year olds. Class size: 10
Saturday Morning Digital Art Club (9 – 15 yrs)
Tutor: Henry King
Join us in our Mac studio, and use the latest Adobe Creative
Suite software, drawing tablets, webcams and much more! With
instruction from a professional tutor you will gain the skills and
confidence to express yourself using digital media.
On July 1 2015 some fees will increase. Current prices are listed below. Prices include materials unless
otherwise stated.
Adult 9-Week courses: $285 or $210 concession
Adult 4-week Saturday courses: $350
or $260 concession
Youth One Hit Wonders: $40 per session
Youth Part Day Holiday courses: $45
Children’s 8-week courses: $210 or $165 concession,
family rate (2+ siblings): $250 + $35 materials per child
Children’s 8-week Saturday courses: $245
or $180 concession, family rate (2+ siblings):
$350 + $35 materials per child
Children’s Holiday courses: $60
Concessions Proof of current benefit card must be
provided to Pine Street after confirmation of your booking.
Gallery hire Pine Street’s Gallery is available for hire to
individual artists, groups and organisations. Two week
hire costs $400 (individual artists) or $800 (groups or
organisations). If the hirer wishes the gallery to be open
on a Saturday, there is a staffing cost of $60 per hour,
for a minimum of three hours, maximum of five hours.
All hirers must have public liability insurance, which is
available through the City of Sydney at a very
reasonable cost.
Bookings and payments Book online via the Pine Street
website (go to adults, youth or children’s program
pages). Payment is online via Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.
We cannot accept payment at the Pine Street offices.
Student cancellations Cancellations made up to
two weeks before a course starts will incur a 25%
administration fee. Those made within two weeks of a
course starting will not be refunded. Once classes have
started, missed classes are not eligible for a refund or
make-up class.
Centre cancellations If a course fails to meet minimum
student numbers, it will be cancelled. Full refunds will be
provided to the people that enrolled.
Pine Street Creative Arts Centre
64 Pine Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008
Phone 02 9245 1503 / 02 Fax 9245 1500
Email [email protected]
Office and Gallery Hours
Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm.
Saturday gallery opening hours vary.
Please call the office during the week to check.
Sundays and Public Holidays: closed
Get here:
By Bicycle There are bike racks in the basketball court
next to our building.
By Bus Catch any bus that travels from the city centre along
Broadway and alight at Buckland Street. Pine Street is a five
minute walk away. For buses that travel along City Road via
Newtown, alight at Victoria Park and walk two blocks down
Cleveland Street.
By Train 10 minutes walk from Central or Redfern stations.
Car Parking is very limited. Parking tickets may be issued
if you stay in the same spot longer than the designated time.
There is also paid parking at the Seymour Centre, five minutes
walk away.
Program 2015
Pine Street Creative Arts Centre
64 Pine Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008
Phone 02 9245 1503 / 02 Fax 9245 1500
Email [email protected]
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