Sample Orton-Gillingham Lesson

Sample Orton-Gillingham Lesson
Date: 1/29/09
Student: Bryan
Objective: Review long e, ai/ay, ang/ank, dr
Tutor: Susan Blake
New: oa
ASSOCIATION I (Symbol to Sound)
I A.- Phonogram Drill: The student identifies the letter(s), says the key word, and says the sound
the letter(s) makes in the word.
B. - Blending Drill: With the phonogram cards in three piles, the student touches the top card in each
pile, says the sound that the phonogram makes, and blends the sounds to make a word. This procedure
is repeated until each card has been used.
II Review
A. - Review Words for Reading: Steve sketchy screech squeak key she chimney dream
rung shrink esteem slang blank honk railway gray
B. - Level II Learned Words ( non-phonetic words): come does
C. - Sentences for Reading
1. Eve and Ashley gave a speech on sunny Bombay.
2. Kathleen drank tea and ate a heap of pancakes.
3. At Disney Lesley and Hank clung to the seats on the bumpy ride.
III. New Feature: oa The tutor says four words ( i.e. oak, soak, load, soap), and asks the student to pull
down a magnet for each sound he hears in the words. The tutor introduces the vowel team (diphthong)
oa, and writes the four words on a magnetic board.
A. - New Words for Reading: oak road loaf roam coal loan boast oat oath coach
moan coat toad moat groan throat hoax croak cloak gloat
B. - Sentences for Reading
1. Joan will load the toast with jam.
2. The soap did foam and float in the tub.
3. Coax the foal to the gate.
IV Syllable Division Pattern Drill: slingshot, pumpkin
V ASSOCIATION II (Sound to Sound) What Says? o, e, ong, dr, sh, ung, a, i, ch, qu
VI ASSOCIATION III (Sound to Symbol) S.O.S.: 1.moat 2.jitney 3.throng
5.sheath 6.hungry 8. milkweed 9.stretchy 10. quickly
VII Sentence Dictation
1. The boat did float by the coast.
2. Did Mom poach or roast the meatloaf?
VIII Oral Reading - Three Cheers for Chet by Matt Sims (a sound out chapter book)