This Afternoon s Start This Week 4:00

Vol. 27, No.7
February 15, 2015
This Afternoon
s Start This Week
4:00-5:30 in Fellowship Hall
Please Pray For—Members at Maryville
Genevieve deGrasse, (Green CG), is at the home of her
daughter, Jean Lowry, and is now under Hospice care.
Betty Trater (Purple CG), mother of Gary Cox, has transferred to
Morning View Transitional, room 112.
Tom Hazelwood (Lt. Orange CG) will begin chemo again for a
reccurrance of cancer.
Joyce Campbell (Aqua CG) was treated for a kidney stone this
past week.
Kirstie and Victoria Maner, daughters of Craig and Gina (Br.
Orange CG), will leave on February 16th for Brussels, Belgium,
with a group from Freed-Hardeman University; they will be gone
for three months.
Please continue to pray for: Laura Hawkins (Blue CG)
Morning View Village, room 207, Laurie Holmes (Red CG),
Teresa Walt (Lt. Orange CG), and Donna Dunbar (Red CG)
Remember to pray for our shut-ins: Ruth Price (Green CG), Mae
Bell Ivens (Purple CG), Jean Coleman (Lt. Orange CG), Ron Reilly
(Lt. Pink CG), Mary Miller (Aqua CG), Fran Jennings (Lt. Pink CG),
Donna Epps (Blue CG), Betty Pierce (Blue CG), Mary Katherine
Davis (Red CG), Betty Draper (Aqua CG)
Those who are being treated for cancer or recovering from
cancer treatments:
Tom Hazelwood, Tom Horis, Mike Healy, Chris Houser, Pat
England, Mac McDonald, Larry Stephens (brother of Dick
Stephens), Patti Asbill, Jim Hafer
Our Missionaries: Kent and Rachel O’Donnell, Albert and Lavinia
Cook, Bledi and Valbona Valca, Ben and Jazmin Baker, Ellen
Walker, Albert and Jona Cepi, Matt and Francesca Almquist
Maryville Friends and Family
Larry Hall is under Hospice care at his home; he has been
worshipping with us for some time.
Leona Weime, sister-in-law of Diane White, is being treated for
meningitis in ICU at the University of Arizona Medical Center in
Tucson, Arizona.
Gwen Lollar, mother of Mitch, has pneumonia and is not doing well;
she lives in Alabama.
Clayton McDonald, brother of Mac, is in MICU at BMH with heart
Nevrus Dervishe, father of Rumira Xhaferaj, has been diagnosed
with cancer; he has recently returned to Albania after visiting for
several months.
Other prayer requests that have been listed in the bulletin previously
are now on the bulletin board and in the foyer. There are lists
available for you to take home. Please help the church office keep our
prayer list current by notifying us of all updates.
Diana Brewer, sister-in-law of Pat Ford and Bunnee Bogle, passed
away February 10th. Diana was the widow of Rusty Brewer; she had
suffered from Alzheimer’s’ and had not been able to worship with us
for some time. Services are tonight, Thursday, February 12, at 8:00
p.m. The family will receive friends from 6:00 until 8 at McCammonAmmons-Click Funeral Home.
Two or three elders will be available in the hallway outside the
office during the invitation song for anyone who would like to
meet with them for personal prayer.
Do You Have Prayer Requests?
The leaders of this congregation believe in the power of prayer. If you
have a request you would like us to pray about, please notify the office
or place a note in the prayer request box in the foyer. The elders meet
every Sunday evening for prayer, and the ministers and staff have
prayer for members in a weekly staff meeting.
Bible Question of the Week
Last week's question: Who was the only queen to ever be sole ruler
over God's people? (This evil woman was the daughter of a king of the
northern kingdom of Israel and the wife and/or mother of two kings of
the southern kingdom of Judah. And, no, the answer isn't Jezebel.)
Answer: Athaliah. Read in II Chronicles 22-23 about her evil six year
reign which began with her killing all of the royal family except for the
infant Joash, who was hidden from her in the Temple.
This week's question: Where in the New Testament do we read
about book burning?
Food Pantry Needs
New items needed! The following items are needed for our
benevolence food pantry: powdered milk, flour and oatmeal. Store
brands of any of these products are fine. Monetary donations to help
buy supplies for our food pantry are also welcome. Please give them
to the office and mark your checks for the food pantry.
Stepping Stones Registration
Stepping Stones Preschool is now accepting applications for the 20152016 school year for children of our church family. You may call the
Preschool office at 984-2940 for more information.
Area Meetings of Interest
▪Tazewell Church of Christ will have a breakfast meeting on
Thursday, February 19th at 9:00 a.m.; the speaker will be Dathan
Hickman, minister of the Rogersville Church of Christ.
▪West End Church of Christ will host a “Making Marriage More
Meaningful” seminar on February 20-21. Speakers are Eddy and
Jeanny Gilpin. There is no charge but please register online or call the
church office at 693-0801.
▪Asheville Highway Church of Christ in Greeneville, Tennessee will
host a 4th Sunday Area-Wide Singing on February 22nd at 2:30 p.m.
See the bulletin board for contact information for these events.
Can You Help?
Does anyone have a car to give away?? There is a young lady in the
deaf congregation who needs a car to get to interviews and/or to work.
She is currently looking for work in Maryville area. Please contact the
church office if you can help with his need.
The elders welcome new members! If you would like to be
identified with the Maryville Church of Christ, the elders would
like to meet with you. Please call the church office (983-0370) to
arrange an appointment.
Cards, Queries, and Connection
In the article entitled “Were You Here?” that ran in last week’s
bulletin, we looked at some good reasons that this congregation
needs accurate attendance accounting. It is not entirely about the
numbers; it is primarily about the care and health of our cherished
family members. We have a few improvements in mind that will do a
better job of both attendance collection and the follow-up.
The things we share here are just a conscientious starting point.
There is so much more that can and will be done as we progress in
technology, ministry, and faith. For now, we will address simple
improvements that we believe will not cost nor expect too much.
Firstly, we need to put an increased emphasis on filling out an
attendance card when present for a Sunday morning worship
assembly. Currently, well over half of people who attend Sunday AM
worship do not fill out an attendance card. That means it is a hit or
miss process in determining whether someone was there or not. In
an effort to supplement, the staff reviews the weekly absentee list to
identify the family members who they had personally seen at
assembly, thus providing some additional feedback. However, the
problem remains; there are many who go unaccounted for who may
or may not be connected to the body through corporate worship. We
need your help. Please fill out an attendance card each and every
Sunday morning.
To streamline the process of turning in an attendance card,
beginning on February 22 (next week) we will be asking you to
complete your attendance card as soon as possible and place it in
the collection plate as it comes around. By taking a few moments
to make this practice a habit, you will save the servant leaders of
this church time and energy, not to mention keeping all of us from
misdirecting our attention and resources.
The secretarial staff will begin contributing more effort to the
creation of tools that will accurately identify those who may need our
attention due to absence. The end goal is the production of weekly
lists of family members having missed one, three, and seven
consecutive Sunday morning worship assemblies. Initially, staff and
elders will have access to this information. Eventually, it may be
deemed helpful for other ministry leaders to have access; perhaps
even all fellow family members by way of a secure member’s area
on our church website.
As was mentioned before, the reason for this approach is to
better identify those who may need our love and care. Unfortunately
there have been situations in the recent past where folks have
experienced neglect or felt unloved as a result of little attention
being given to their absence. The leadership of this church believes
that this approach will provide some necessary tools to address this
concern. Together we can both better identify those who would
benefit from greater connection and then actually do something
about it.
Upcoming Events
– Congregational meeting in FH, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.
♦Tuesday, March 10th – Ramblers’ trip to Cumberland County
Playhouse; leave at 11:30 a.m.
February Security Schedule
– a.m. Jeff Savage, Darwin Potts; p.m. Mike Farmer,
Jody Rush
February 22nd – a.m. Mike Parker, Terry Rush; p.m. small groups
The sign-up sheet is on the board for the trip to Crossville on March
10th to see the play “Southern Fried Funeral”. Cost is $21 and your
money is due March 3rd. Make the checks out to Larry Samuels and
give them to him or the church office. The bus will leave at 11:30 a.m.
and you will eat after the play at State Park Restaurant (Note the
change in location for dinner).
Youth News
We are not mailing monthly youth calendars this year. If you would like
one, they are on the youth board and available in all of our teen
►Wednesday, February 18th: WATCH Class: Community
►Friday- Sunday, February 20-22: Winterfest: If you have not
paid, please make your payment of $65 to the office TODAY. We have
a packing list and schedule on the youth board if you would like more
►Friday- Saturday, March 6-7: One Night Area Wide Lock In: $25:
We will be going to Cool Sports Knoxville, Farragut church of Christ
and Laurel for an All-Night Lock in with the Knoxville area youth
groups. Look for more info next Sunday.
►Friday-Sunday, March 27-29: Spring Fuel: “The Pursuit of
Happiness”: We will be going to Pigeon Forge; Andrew Jenkins from
Woodson Chapel in Nashville will be coming to speak to us. Cost is
$40, due by March 17th.
Grace and peace,
Andy 803-2327
Bible Bowl
Tonight at 6:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall the Bible Bowl exam will be
given to all students participating in Bible Bowl. This exam is a
requirement to attend the competition. If you have any questions, see
Angie Langley.
Eastern European Mission Brunch
Hardin Valley Church of Christ will host the Knoxville area EEM
Brunch on Saturday, March 14th; the time is 9:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.
You will see the exclusive premiere of their new documetary film about
the exciting things happening in Romania. Dirk Smith will also be
sharing the latest encouraging news regarding the continued efforts to
place Bibles in the hands of those unable to purchase God’s Word for
themselves. There is no charge for the meal, but you will be given an
opportunity to contribute to the work in Eastern Europe at the end of
the event. Please sign the list on the bulletin board if you plan to
Deaf Congregation Schedule
Sunday— Worship at 10:00 a.m. with Fred Orr, minister
Bible class at 11:15 a.m.
Devotional 1:00
Thursday—mid-week Bible class will not meet until further notice
Today’s Sermon:
The Heart of a Shepherd
Sunday Morning: February 15, 2015
John 10:1-15
Steve Dunbar
Opening Prayer
Mitch Lollar
Presiding: Kevin Sentell
Noah Damato, Matthew Sentell, Darwin Potts, Glen Knable, Ralph
Wilkerson, Andy Wallace, Ben Hazel, Cleo Dockery
Jonathan Jones II
Juanita Swartzel and Mary Beth Wilson
Children’s Worship (ages 3-6)
Lisa Simpson and Kristi Martin
Volunteers TNT (2 years old)
Angi Bryan
Mary Kinser
Visitor’s Table
Danny and Emily Nunn
Summary: In John 10, Jesus contrasts ineffective spiritual
leadership with the concept of being a “good shepherd.”
Good shepherds have the heart of David and are willing to
lay down their lives for the sheep. They live among the
sheep and go before the sheep rather than driving them.
Good spiritual leaders win the trust of those they lead so
that people trust their voice and willingly follow.
Sunday Evening:
Opening Prayer
Genesis 37:12-24
“Lessons from the Pit”
Part 1: “The Pit Test”
Closing Prayer
Scripture Reading: John 10:1-15
Verse of the Week: John 10:11
“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his
life for the sheep.”
Tonight: NEW SERIES! “Lessons from the Pit” (Part 1)
Bible Class
Sunday Small Groups
Weekly Budget Need
Budget surplus to date
Jim Taylor
Jerry Hines
Jonathan Jones II
Morgan Gray
For February 8, 2015
Return Service Requested
+ $21,337.92