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“View From My Window”
by Pastor Everhart
I made a call to set up an appointment with a tax guy (it’s like making a dentist appointment for your money – even if it goes well you come out numb
for a while & it’s never painless). The receptionist told me I have to talk directly to the preparer but he’s with another client: “He’ll call you back in a
few minutes,” she says. I have another call I want to make but do I wait for
the taxologist to call me first (he can’t make an appointment with my
voicemail)? It’s twenty minutes later & I could have made my other call
twice. Forty minutes later I get the call for which I’ve been waiting. While
I’m on the phone scheduling the appointment my phone is buzzing with an
incoming call. The tax guy is telling me he’s booked solid for the next two
weeks but has a few openings the following week that he expects to be
snatched up quickly (he specializes in clergy taxes: the IRS has special rules for
ministers that require special preparers). Talking to this guy is like talking to a
doctor or lawyer so I dare not put him on hold to get the next call. Luckily
the incoming caller leaves a message. I get off the phone, listen to my
voicemail, call the person back to answer their question and of course…I get
their voicemail. He texts me back that he got the message I left in response
to his message. I grew up in a home with a party line (if under 40 Google
“party line telephones”). Back then we couldn’t have a private conversation;
today we can’t have a real one.
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Note: Pink Day is being rescheduled due to weather concerns
A donation box is in the foyer for donations of school supplies
for students in the Harrisburg School District. Items to be donated: pencils, pens, glue sticks, erasers, scissors, pocket folders, pencil cases, packaged lined paper, lined notebooks, rulers,
colored pencils & markers.
Healing Service: Sunday evening March 8 at 6 p.m.
The Annual Business Meeting will be held Sunday Evening,
March 15th at 6 p.m. All able members should attend.
LADIES TEA: Saturday March 21st at 1 pm. Cost is $12/lady;
Sunday, February 22, 2015
9:00 am: Sunday School
10:00 am: Morning Worship Service
Sermon: “Nehemiah Please Step Forward” Neh 2
Children’s Church: Please bring your child back to
sign them in and out for safety reasons.
4:00 pm: TBQ Practice
6:00 pm: Evening Service, Youth & Kid’s Club
friends will be in the foyer to help you register.
Family Worship Sun morn March 29th: Kids in sanctuary.
Upcoming Events:
Tomorrow 6:30: Open Gym Volley Ball, everyone welcome!
Wednesday: 7 pm Bible Study, Girl’s Club & Royal Rangers
Thursday: Open Gym Field Hockey
Fri-Sun: Kid’s Break Away, Carlisle, PA.
Coming Soon:
Crown Financial Class: Learn how to manage ur money Biblically. It will help u organize ur priorities, pay off ur debts and get
on a path to a healthier budget & a more secure future. See
Bob or Angie Kline if you are interested in joining such a class:
292-5706 or [email protected] Scheduling is flexible.
Milk or dark chocolate covered peanut butter eggs are available at a cost
of $1/egg. Proceeds benefit a mission trip to Alaska. See Deb Flickinger
or Carrie Batts for information; orders must be placed by March 15.