Palo Alto Networks® and Plenary Networks Partner to Deliver a

PALO ALTO NETWORKS: Technology Partner Solution Brief
Palo Alto Networks® and Plenary Networks Partner
to Deliver a Unique User-ID™-focused Product
Technology Segment: Authentication and Access Control
The Palo Alto Networks Technology
Partner Program includes a select
group of partners that deliver solutions
or products that interoperate with the
next-generation firewall.
•Unique two-tiered real-time approach to username
and IP address correlation.
•Operates across all authentication platforms and
DHCP platforms.
•Supports multi-forest AD deployments.
•Functions seamlessly in wired and wireless 802.1x
•Operates in BYOD environments with all NAC solutions.
Plenary Networks has partnered with Palo Alto Networks
to deliver a unique User-ID-focused product. Their solution
correlates and supplies real-time username and IP address
information to Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls.
This powerful solution extracts username and IP address
mappings across any environment and supplies the information
to Palo Alto Networks firewalls for User-ID-based reporting
and policy enforcement.
Palo Alto Networks User-ID enables organizations to enforce security policy
based on usernames and directory groups instead of IP addresses. The Palo
Alto Networks User-ID feature is comprised of two steps: the initial username
to IP address mapping, and the subsequent enumeration of username to group
membership. Security policy is then enforced on usernames to secure applications.
The Plenary Networks Broker series of software appliances is a vendor-agnostic
platform capable of associating usernames to IP addresses in real-time, in any
network environment using Palo Alto Networks firewalls. Information from
authentication sources are obtained as they happen, as are IP address events. Our
two-tiered real-time approach to sourcing usernames and IP addresses is unique. It
ensures your Palo Alto Networks security perimeter is always up to date with the
latest username and IP address information, bolstering your approach to security
Username and IP Address correlation
PALO ALTO NETWORKS: Technology Partner Solution Brief
The Broker series is capable of the following:
• Operating across all authentication and DHCP platforms.
• Supporting multi-forest, multi-domain active directory
• Off-loading your PAN firewall of intensive management
plane processing.
• Functioning seamlessly in 802.1x environments.
• Operating in BYOD environments with all NAC solutions.
The Broker series employs a raft of intelligent features for
availability including data banking, health checking, and stateless
operation for integration across load balancer topologies. Broker
installation is driven through a graphical user wizard and once
operational, reporting mechanisms enable you to identify the total
device count and the device types on your network, specific to
individual usernames.
About Palo Alto Networks
Palo Alto Networks is the leading next-generation network security
company. Its innovative platform allows enterprises, service
providers, and government entities to secure their networks by
safely enabling the increasingly complex and rapidly growing
number of applications running on their networks and by providing
prevention against cyberthreats. The core of Palo Alto Networks is
its enterprise security platform which delivers application, user, and
content visibility and control integrated within the firewall through
its proprietary hardware and software architecture. Palo Alto
Networks products and services can address a broad range of
network security requirements, from the datacenter to the network
perimeter, as well as the distributed enterprise, which includes
branch offices and a growing number of mobile devices. Palo Alto
Networks products are used by more than 19,000 customers in
over 120 countries.
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About Plenary Networks
Founded in 2012, Plenary Networks are a new generation
of network and security engineers that specialize in network
programming, API integration and software networking. The
company’s unique ability in the programming arena allows them
to provide bespoke, supportable solutions and services, which
complement the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall series.
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