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A fresh take on building your business.
A fresh take on building your business.
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Kraft Foodservice (KFS), a division of Kraft Foods Group, Inc., reserves the right to audit all requests for certificate payments, and failure to fully cooperate will result in forfeiture of all monies.
Further, KFS reserves the right to refuse payment based on incomplete or nonqualified submissions. KFS reserves the right to add or delete eligible products and to change or terminate this
offer at any time. By signing below, Operator certifies that the eligible products were purchased in accordance with the terms described in this offer.
Consuming Account Signature_________________________________________________________ Date________________________________________
Get 50% off a single invoice of PHILADELPHIA products, up to $150
Offer valid May 1 through August 31, 2014
Invoice Amount
Product Name
# of Cases
PHILADELPHIA Delights: Add indulgence to virtually any sweet treat
21000 04772
PHILADELPHIA Delights Cinnamon
6/ 2-lb. pouches
21000 04776
PHILADELPHIA Delights Caramel
6/ 2-lb. pouches
21000 04606
PHILADELPHIA Delights Dark Chocolate
6/ 2-lb. pouches
PHILADELPHIA Cheesecake Batter: Bring perfect cheesecake flavor to signature sweets
21000 04529
3 lbs. Original Cheesecake Batter
4/3-lb. pouches
21000 61600
3 lbs. Cream Cheese
6/ 3-lb. loaves
21000 61698
3 lbs. Cream Cheese
6/ 3-lb. loaves
21000 61640
3 lbs. Neufchatel Cheese (1/3 less fat)
6/ 3-lb. loaves
21000 72670
3 lbs. Reduced Fat Cream Cheese
6/ 3-lb. tubs
21000 61406
3 lbs. Soft Cream Cheese
6/ 3-lb. tubs
21000 61407
3 lbs. Whipped Cream Cheese
6/ 3-lb. tubs
21000 72668
3 lbs. Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese
6/ 3-lb. tubs
21000 61481
3 lbs. Strawberry Cream Cheese
6/ 3-lb. tubs
21000 61638
30 lbs. Cream Cheese
1/ 30-lb. carton
21000 61299
30 lbs. Cream Cheese
1/ 30-lb. carton
21000 61641
30 lbs. Neufchatel Cheese (1/3 less fat)
1/ 30-lb. carton
21000 61642
50 lbs. Cream Cheese
1/ 50-lb. carton
$_____________x 0.50 = $_____________
Invoice Total
• Volume applied to this rebate cannot be used in
conjunction with any other Kraft Foodservice rebate
offer or promotional program unless expressly
permitted by KFS, excluding the Kraft Operator
• K raft Foodservice reserves the right to add or delete
products from the list, revise or terminate this offer at
any time.
• This offer does not apply to bid or contract accounts.
ffer valid for consuming accounts only. Chains and
affiliated groups must participate on an individual unit
basis. If an operator claims multiple locations, must
include list of each individual unit’s Street Address, City,
State and Zip. Proof of purchase must be provided by
individual unit.
• Limit one rebate redemption per consuming account.
• All completed rebate claims, together with proof
of purchase, must be postmarked no later than
September 30, 2014, and received no later than
October 10, 2014.
• Please allow 6–8 weeks for processing.
• Mail this form to:
Kraft Foods Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 764268
Dallas, TX 75376-4268
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How to Redeem Rebate
• $100 minimum purchase required.
• Fill out rebate form completely.
• This offer is valid only in the USA.
ttach copy of distributor invoice (or electronically
generated proof of purchase) dated during the offer
period specified, with eligible product purchases
highlighted. Invoice must be from a valid foodservice
distributor (club stores or warehouse accounts do not
istributor invoice/proof of purchase must detail:
Invoice Number and Date of Purchase. Establishment
Name, Street Address, City, State and Zip. Kraft Product
Number and Description. Case Price and Quantity