ATHENS ENERGY FORUM 2015 Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Energy Security & Cooperation
Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens, Greece
Wednesday & Thursday, March 11-12, 2015
Conference Agenda - as of March 6
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Participants Arrival – Registration
Welcome Remarks: Achilles Tsaltas, Vice President, International Conferences, International New York Times
Keynote Address: Panagiotis Lafazanis, Minister of Reconstruction of Production, Environment & Energy
Introductory Plenum: The Environmental & Security Parameters of the EU’s Energy Strategy
How well is the EU coping with its own climate change targets to 2020? How feasible is a new global climate
change agreement that would replace Kyoto in Paris-2015 and what role can the EU play in this regard?
What are the main priorities and challenges for EU’s Energy Security Policy?
Regional Geopolitics and Alignments: How are developments in the Near East, Ukraine and the Eastern
Mediterranean affecting EU energy security?
Robin Dunnigan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Diplomacy, Bureau of Energy Resources, State Department
Makis Papageorgiou, former Deputy Minister of Environment, Energy & Climate Change
Dr. Michael Attalides, Chairman, Geostrategic Council of the Republic of Cyprus
Sergiy Oleksiyenko, Chief Advisor to Chairman of the Board, Naftogaz, Ukraine
Moderator: Liz Alderman, Chief Business Correspondent, Europe, International New York Times
Break – Coffee/Tea
Panel 1: The Upstream Oil & Gas Sector:
The resurgence of the Hellenic Upstream Sector
The renewed emphasis on the Adriatic Sea: Recent Developments in Montenegro & Croatia
The rising importance of the Eastern Mediterranean: Development in Cyprus, Israel and Egypt
Prof. Yannis Maniatis, former Minister of Environment, Energy & Climate Change
Panagiotis Mihalos, former Secretary General for Int’l Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Klodian Gradeci, Director of Hydrocarbons, National Agency for Natural Resources, Albania
Mahmood Khaghani, Petroleum Devel. Strategy Advisor & Member of Iranian Ass. for Energy Economics
Roudi Baroudi, CEO, Energy & Environment Holding, Qatar
Moderator: Gary Lakes, Director, Energy Program, European Rim Policy and Investment Council, Cyprus
Break – Light Lunch
Panel 2: The Mid-Stream and Downstream Oil & Gas Sector
The challenge of the Southern Corridor
Matthew Bryza, Ambassador, Director, International Centre for Defence Studies
Emily Olson, VP Communications & External Affairs for the Southern Corridor, BP
Michael Hoffmann, External Affairs Director, TAP
Elio Ruggeri, Senior Vice President Edison S.p.A. & Chief Executive Officer IGI Poseidon S.A
The Greek Perspective & Contribution to EU's Gas Strategy
Panayotis Kanellopoulos, CEO, M&M Gas S.A.
Ahmet Evin, Professor, Sabanci University, Istanbul
Dr. Theodoros Tsakiris, Assistant Professor Geopolitics & Hydrocarbons, University of Nicosia, Director of
ELIAMEP's Energy Programme, Scientific Advisor of the Athens Energy Forum
Moderator: John Roberts, Energy Security Specialist & Senior Partner, Methinks Ltd, UK
Panel 3: Investing in Energy
The role of the European Investment Bank-EIB
The role of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development-EBRD
Private Energy Finance
Are EU member-states able to continue to subsidize the development of RES?
Chris Cook, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Security & Resilience Studies, University College London
Sanjoy Rajan, Head of Network & Conventional Power Division, EIB
Loukas Pilitsis, Venture Capital investor
Moderator: Christos Folias, former Minister of Development
End of first day’s sessions
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Arrival of Delegates – Coffee/Tea
Panel 1: Regional Security Challenges and their Energy Impact in S.E. Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean
Niki Tzavela, former Member of the European Parliament - “A Framework Strategy for an Energy Union”
Dr. Harold Elletson, Chairman of the New Security Foundation & public affairs consultant
Thanos Dokos, General Director, ELIAMEP
Dr. Constantinos Filis, IIR Director for Research Programs
Dr. Andreas Liaropoulos, Assistant Professor, Dep. of Int’l & European Studies, University of Piraeus
Moderator: Dr. Theodoros Tsakiris, Assist. Professor Geopolitics & Hydrocarbons, University of Nicosia,
Director of ELIAMEP's Energy Programme, Scientific Advisor of the Athens Energy Forum
Panel 2: The Electricity Sector: Status and perspectives
What is the future fuel mix for the EU’s electricity generation
How is European interconnectivity advancing?
Mediterranean Potential: What are the major potential electricity interconnection projects between the EU and its
Mediterranean partners?
What are the major investment opportunities in the Greek electricity market?
The Greek View
Dinos Benroubi, Deputy CEO, Protergia S.A.
Michel Piguet, CEO, Elpedison
Antonis Kontoleon, Energy Consultant, Coordinator of SEV Energy team, Member of board of UNICEN
The Regional View
Dragan Šagovnović, Director General, Economics Institute, Belgrade
Kimon Palinginis, Principal, The Boston Consulting Group, Athens
Ioannis Kabouris, Convener of Regional Group Central South-East, ENTSO-E
Moderator: Constantine Bogdanos, Journalist, SKAI
Break – Coffee/Tea
Panel 3: Renewable Energy Sources: How feasible is a low-carbon based economy?
Does the EU Carbon Trading System work?
What are the prospects of Clean Coal and CO2 capture and storage applications in the EU electricity market?
Is there a biofuel alternative to oil’s domination as a transportation fuel?
What are the major investment opportunities in the Greek RES market?
The Greek View
Dr. Ioannis Tsipouridis, President, Greek Scientific Union for Wind Energy/ELETAEN
Dr. Sotiris Kapellos, Chairman, Hellenic Ass. of PV Companies & Director Business Dev., ELPE Renewables
Sotiris Folias, President, Hellenic Biofuels & Biomass Association/SBIBE & Managing Director, GF Energy
The Regional View
John Chadjivassiliadis, Chairman, IENE
Clemens Triebel, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Younicos
Marios Valiantis, Assistant Professor of Energy & Environmental Studies, University of Nicosia & Member,
Energy Council of the Republic of Cyprus
End of Forum
*Invited Speaker