Rose Ranch Organics handcrafted this ... certified organic/biodynamic tomatoes - allowed to vine ripen in the...

Rose Ranch Organics handcrafted this Pico de Gallo salsa from their
certified organic/biodynamic tomatoes - allowed to vine ripen in the warm
Sonoma Valley sun. Hand-cut with mixed with Rose Ranch jalapeños,
yellow onions, garlic, cilantro, Cuban black peppers, and a touch of
Kosher salt & a few squeezes of organic lemon.
Remember, we grow your organic food so you don't have to!
Pescado Enpapelado (Local Halibut) Recipe
2 x 7-8 ounce filets of local Halibut
3 teaspoons of organic local butter (I use Spring Hill)
1 organic lemon split in half
2 cups of your favorite Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc
1 teaspoon of extra virgin organic olive oil (Sonoma County)
4 cloves organic garlic peeled & sliced thinly (the finer you process the garlic, the stronger it
becomes. I slice it for this recipe to make it milder)
1/2 pint of Pico de Gallo salsa (Refer to the top of page)
Local sea salt
1 medium sauté pan with fitted lid
Parchment paper
Pepper Grinder
Allow the Pico de Gallo to come to room temp. Lightly salt your Halibut on one side. Spread out enough
parchment paper to envelope the filets. Set the filets on center of the paper. Crack pepper over the
filets to your liking. Place the garlic slices on top of the fish & wrap the filets completely in the paper
creating one package. (No tape or ribbon please!)
Place the package of filets in the sauté pan. Add one cup of the Sav Blanc to the pan. Squeeze the two
lemon halves through your fingers to catch the seeds into the pan. Add the olive oil & butter to the pan.
Cover the pan. Place over medium heat to come to a simmer and then turn it to low for another two
minutes while drinking the remainder of the Sav Blanc.
Remove from heat & allow the fish to rest for a few minutes. Reduce the liquids in the pan for a quick
sauce. Open the package cutting an "X" on top and peeling back the paper. Spoon the Pico over the fish
with some of the pan reduction sauce & serve!
“Buen Provecho” means Good Eating and thanks for supporting our local fishermen!
Chef Esteban
The Vineyards Inn Spanish Bar & Grill
Check out his YouTube Page, "The Organic Rose" for more culinary videos!