Message from the President Hello Mayhaw Friends!

February 2011
Louisiana Mayhaw
Do you hear that Melody?
Mayhaw’s are playing a new tune!
Message from the President
Hello Mayhaw Friends!
First of all, I would like to thank all the
members of the Louisiana Mayhaw Association
for helping to make this past year a successful
one. This is a wonderful organization with many
opportunities to gain knowledge, share knowledge, and develop new friendships with some
amazing people and just think of all the new recipes we get to taste every year. I feel like Mayhaw jelly will be as big as the
old Hula Hoop fad one day, but will last a lot longer and we’re working towards that now (aren’t we?). With returning members, we keep the “Mayhaw”
melody playing and with new members we can even dance a new step or two
as we grow the Mayhaw industry together.
I want to personally thank the fabulous group of people from LSU Agcenter and some who are even retired but still find the time to contribute. The
vast amount of knowledge, experience, training and support that the LSU AgCenter gives to our organization is priceless!
My personal goal for 2011 is to build our membership, but this cannot
be done alone, I challenge each of you to join me in recruitment efforts. We
welcome Mayhaw growers from all states and growers with one tree or a large
orchard! Invite folks to join who enjoy Mayhaw jelly, ice cream, pies, cakes,
wine or any other mayhaw product. Please keep in mind that the board and I
are always looking for a few good members (or several, actually) that are willing to serve on our committees. Committee involvement is a great opportunity
for personal growth and development. Much time and energy has been exerted
over the last 15 years from many members who have served as board members, officers and committee members. Those efforts will not be wasted if we
can continue to look for members who are willing to serve, so come join us at
our next board meeting which has been set for this month. Please plan on joining us on February 19th at 9:30 AM at Grant Fruit Processing. This board
meeting will be on a Saturday so that everyone may attend. I hope to see you
Growers from Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Florida met for our
15 Annual Mayhaw Conference and Field Day at the Woodmen of the World
Lodge in Dry Prong, LA on Saturday, April 10, 2010. Enclosed you will find
highlights, cooking contest results and pictures from last year’s Conference.
Thanks to Shirley Lord we have lots of pictures! We plan on posting all the
pictures as we collect them on to our webpage and face book page.
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Board of Directors:
2010 – 2011
Paul McLaughlin
[email protected]
Vice President
James Eaves
[email protected]
John McLure
[email protected]
Arnold Baham
[email protected]
2010 – 2011
Board Members:
Bill Jackson
[email protected]
Johnny Smith
[email protected]
Bubba Hoggatt
[email protected]
Spec Sherrill
Charlie Hutchins
[email protected]
Don Lord
[email protected]
Newsletter Editor/Designer:
Jackie Harville
[email protected]
Louisiana Mayhaw Association
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Our board meeting was held at Grant Fruit Processing in Pollock, LA on
September 24, 2010 and you can also find the minutes of the meeting on
our website. After the meeting some of us went to visit with Elmer
Langston at his home. I was happy to find him alert and still his feisty self
that day but our good friend has gone on to greener pastures on Oct. 24 to
be with the Lord. He will be missed by so many as he was one of the pioneers of the LMA and contributed so much in its advancement. We want to
(LMA Members at the 2010 Mayhaw keep him and his family in our prayers and also Marie Iverson who had
Conference and Field Day)
surgery in Sept. and is back home in Baton Rouge under going chemo.
“Invite a friend”
We have already started planning for our 16th Annual Mayhaw
Conference, and it will be held at Dry Prong again on April 16th. I sent
April 16, 2011
Dora Hatch everyone’s address so she could get the word out about the
16th Annual Mayhaw
Market Maker LSU is sponsoring with a grant from Mississippi State, I
Conference and Field Day
hope it makes a difference with selling our berries and she has agreed
to speak this year at the conference. Also speaking this year will be
Ron Couch, editor of Rare Fruit Growers magazine and a very knowledgeable man. The board was very impressed with him.
Mark your calendar, invite a friend or two and make your plans to attend our 16th Annual Mayhaw Conference and Field Day in April. I
look forward to seeing you there.
Paul McLaughlin
(pictured above) The Mayhaw Grower
Panel, L-R Bubba Hoggatt, Bill Jackson,
Billy Craft and Elmer Langston is called
to order by moderator Dr. John Pyzner
and answered a lot of tough questions
from the audience who claimed they really
learned a lot last year from the discussion
and wanted to do it again.
Don Lord-center holding awards– and Paul McLaughlin
-right- present past presidents awards to Charlie Hutchins-left-and Spec Sherrill center.
We thought that some of you may enjoy a
current update for Marie Iverson. She is
on Chemo treatment number 7 with the
normal side affects. No. 6 was fairly uneventful. She has neuropathy in legs and
hands, dry mouth and TIREDNESS. Her
latest Lab work on Jan. 31st was normal,
so that is a plus. Please keep her in your
prayers. Hang in there Marie!!
Past President Award
IN ATTENDANCE: Paul McLaughlin, Don Lord, Charles Hutchins, Bubba Hoggatt, and Arnold Baham
1. The meeting was opened and called to order by President, Paul McLaughlin, at 10:35 am. Prayer was
offered by Don Lord.
2. Paul McLaughlin welcomed the following guests to the meeting: Ron Couch, Editor of “California
Rare Fruit Growers, Inc., Nelda Hutchins, CFO of Grant Fruit Processing, and Rhonda Rudder, Botanist and Environmentalist from El Dorado, Arkansas.
3. The group was asked to remember in prayer two long term friends of the Louisiana Mayhaw Association, Mrs. Marie Iverson, who recently underwent surgery and is awaiting lab results, and Mr. Elmer
Langston, who is now receiving around the clock nursing care.
4. Mrs. Nelda Hutchins reported to the Board that a State agency is financing an interview at Grant
Fruit Processing next week which shall be published soon in a Louisiana magazine to counteract
negative publicity about the oil spill. There will also be a segment filmed at Grant Fruit Processing
in the near future and aired on the Louisiana Farm Bureau Saturday program statewide.
5. Mr. Charlie Hutchins stated that he expected increased sales of mayhaw juice to Southern Jelly producers. A quart of mayhaw concentrate will be donated to a Hot Springs, Arkansas ice cream shop
called “Scoops” for a trail run. Mr. Hutchins will provide the concentrate. He discussed the use of
mayhaw pulp.
6. Mr. Ron Couch reported a resurgence of interest by the American public in gardening, fruit production, and home canning, due in part to the declining economy. He recommended two books from the
Chicago area: “Jam Lady Cookbook” and “Pickles to Relish.”
Mr. Couch expressed an interest in creating a detailed article about mayhaws and the mayhaw industry by next spring. Board Members offered to provide the resources he may need, including unaltered
digital photo graphics.
7. Mr. Paul McLaughlin asked for Volunteers to accompany him to Camp Grant Walker in the afternoon
to view the new facility there.
8. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Arnold Baham distributed copies of the accounts report. He stated the
money earned at the last annual conference had created a larger balance to work with towards the
next conference.
9. There being no other business, motion was made, seconded, passed and the meeting was adjourned at
12:35 p.m.
Respectfully submitted……… John McLure, Secretary
In Memory of Elmer Carl Langston
October 21, 1927— October 24, 2010
Elmer was a member of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Pollock, where
he was an Adult Men's Sunday school teacher and a R.A. leader for
many years. He was a Master Mason of Forest Hill Lodge #254. He
served in the U.S. Navy. He also served as Vice President of the
Louisiana Mayhaw Association for several years and founded the
Springhill Development Company and was a former co-owner of the
Springhill Jelly Company. He owned and operated Little Eden Vineyard in Pollock, a
pulp wood hauler for many years and a retired sheet Metal Worker Local #361.
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Highlights from LMA’s 2010 Conference and Field Day
Presented to……..
Dr. John Pyzner
Jane Jones
Jam and Butters
1st Place
Marilyn Lyles
Any Other Dessert
1st Place Marilyn Lyle
Mayhaw Pie
1st Place
Marilyn Lyles
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place
Mayhaw Jelly Division
Linda Hoggatt
Susan Wilson
Johnny Sanders
Marilyn Lyles
(without pectin)
Linda Hoggatt
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Any Other Mayhaw Product
1st Place
Johnny Sanders
Mayhaw Wine Jelly
2nd Place Marilyn Lyles
Mayhaw Dip
Punch &
Other Beverages
1st Place
Johnny Sanders
Mayhaw Wine
Marilyn Lyles
Mayhaw Nectar
Johnny Sanders Mayhaw Cajun Cake
Irene Jackson
Mayhaw Coconut Supreme
1st Place
2nd Place
Other Baked Product
Johnny Sanders Pecan Tarts
Marilyn Lyles
Bread Pudding
w/ Mayhaw Butter
a t
ea w
G ha
Ma nch
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Louisiana Mayhaw Association Newsletter
Page 6
Woodmen of the World
3232 Dyson Creek Road, Dry Prong, LA 71423
April 16, 2011
Registration 8:15-9:00 AM
To promote and expand the use of mayhaws.
The Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service (LCES), LSU Agricultural Center and the Louisiana Mayhaw
Association, Inc.
All interested persons are invited to participate. If you have a disability which requires special assistance,
please contact Quincy Cheek at (318) 767-3966, or [email protected] at least two days prior to the
1. Cakes
2. Other Baking Products
3. Punch and Beverages
4. Jelly
Jams and Butters
Any Other Mayhaw Product
Any Other Mayhaw Dessert
Food Safety
Perishable foods, such as meat dishes or dishes containing cream must be prepared and chilled to refrigerator temperature and transported on ice in an ice chest to the contest. Perishable foods not transported in this
manner will be disqualified by contest officials.
General Requirements
1. No commercial products will be allowed.
2. Every product must contain a minimum of 1 cup of Mayhaw juice, pulp or syrup.
3. Bring two copies of the recipe, one with your name and one without your name, to the contest.
Recipes may be used in publicity and printed in publication by the Louisiana Mayhaw Association
and the LCES, LSU Agricultural Center.
4. Products must be entered before 9:00 AM on April 10 at the Louisiana Mayhaw Conference center
5. The product will be judged on both taste and appearance.
The first place winner in each division will receive a blue ribbon and a gift card. An overall “Best of Show”
plaque will be presented to an outstanding dish chosen by the judges.
For more information contact Quincy Cheek at (318) 767-3966 or [email protected]
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Louisiana Mayhaw Association
16th Annual Mayhaw Conference and Field Day
Saturday, April 16, 2011
Woodmen of the World Lodge
3232 Dyson Creek Road
Dry Prong, LA 71423
Registration Fee including Lunch:
A. Members - $25.00 ($15.00 Membership Dues for 2011 and $10.00 Lunch)
B. Member's Spouse - $10.00
C. Non-Member - $15.00
P.O. BOX 382
Return check and registration form by March 30, 2011
--------------------------------------------cut here and return bottom portion----------------------------------------
Guest or Spouse
Address:_____________________________ _____________________________
City/State/Zip:________________________ _____________________________
Business Name:_______________________ _____________________________
Email Address:________________________
Amount Enclosed:_____________________
Please check one:
_____Attending Only
_____Will Donate_____Door Prizes
If you have a disability which requires special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the Association Website Facilitator at 225-921-5775 or send email to [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Visit us at:
Louisiana Mayhaw Association, Inc
P.O. Box 382
Jackson, LA 70748
"We Welcome Mayhaw Growers from all States"