2010 March Letter

CLASS OF 2010 -­‐ 5TH REUNION: June 11-­‐14, 2015 CLASS LEADERSHIP Lisa Chu President Joanna Hoffman Vice President Catalina Vielma Secretary Michael Marchinetti Treasurer Katherine DuPre March 16, 2015 Allison Gardner Emily Heaslip Hi Friends! Michael Marchinetti Head Agents It’s almost here! You’ve survived five years in the real world and, in a few short months, REUNION COMMITTEE you can return to Camp Williams for REUNION! From June 11-­‐14, we’re going to take a Lisa Chu few days to celebrate our class! Michael Marchinetti Reunion Chairs Registration is officially open: alumni.williams.edu/reunions Kayla Agar Lindsay Clark To get you excited for reunion weekend, here is a (tentative) snapshot of our weekend: Lisa Cucolo Whitney Thayer Friday: Welcome dinner under the tent @ 7 p.m. Dance Party @ 9 p.m. Late Night @ midnight Saturday: Alumni Parade and general campus programs: alumni.williams.edu/reunionschedule Dinner under the tent @ 7 p.m. Dance Party @ 9 p.m. Late Night with ‘05s @ midnight Sunday: Brunch @ 9 a.m. The official, all-­‐class reunion schedule can also be found here: alumni.williams.edu/reunions Now, here are more details on our weekend: Hopefully you can sneak away and arrive Friday afternoon. When you arrive, you’ll want to check in, get your room assignment, room key, and class gift. Greylock quad will be our home base for the weekend (Bryant! Mark Hopkins! Gladden! Carter!), so move in and get comfortable. Feel free to DYOT (do-­‐your-­‐own-­‐thing) like run Gale, hike Pine Cobble, freak out over how cool the new library is, jump in the Green River, hug everyone you missed seeing, and/or do anything you’ve been dreaming about doing for the past few years. Our first “official” event will be Friday dinner at 7. We’ll kick off the weekend with an outdoor BBQ dinner, followed with some sweet tunes to get us all dancing and warmed up for the weekend. Saturday will be filled with lots of activities arranged by the college: the Reunion parade, meeting of the Society of Alumni, museum tours, a picnic lunch on the lawn, golf at Taconic, yoga, bird watching, hikes, and of course, whatever activities (or non-­‐activities) you want. We’ll have dinner and live music for Saturday night, and when the clock strikes midnight, we will head to Goodrich for a classic late night dance party with the ‘05s! On Sunday, there will be a catered brunch and then we will all start crying as it will be time to leave the best place in the world. However, we hope you’ll leave with new purple and gold memories of Williams and having had the best time ever! Reunion Costs: We tried our best to make this time together awesome, but affordable: • $200 for alumni or guests for the full weekend • $150 for one night only. Kids stay, eat, and play for free. The full-­‐weekend fee includes all meals, drinks, and entertainment from Friday evening through Sunday morning, plus a reunion gift, supplies, and taxes and gratuities. Dorm housing is NOT included. The one-­‐night fee includes Friday after dinner through Sunday, or Friday before dinner through Saturday before dinner. **If you would love to attend reunion but have financial concerns, PLEASE do not let that stop you; contact Ashley Weeks Cart '05, Associate Director of Alumni Relations ([email protected]), and we will do whatever we can to make sure it is affordable so that you can attend and enjoy yourself.** Housing: The five-­‐year reunion headquarters will be the Greylock Quad. There will be one single bed per room, so if you want more room to sleep, we suggest that you bring a full size air mattress. The fee for on-­‐campus housing is $80/bed for the entire weekend. The College cannot accept room requests. Instead, register early and at the same time as the people you want to be near (set a time, it’s a great reason to reconnect!) and the system should place you in the same general vicinity. (There is a chance that rooms in Greylock will fill up, so make sure that you connect with friends ahead of time to get synced on requests). Golf: If you would like to hit the links at Taconic this weekend, please contact Kait O’Brien ([email protected]) and she will arrange a tee time for you. Note that green fees are not included in the cost for Reunion. Travel: Expect lots of traffic into Albany for Reunion weekend, with every class ending in 5s and 0s coming into town for Reunion. Flights will fill up quickly, so consider making arrangements sooner rather than later. For those looking to coordinate rides from home or airports, visit the new Williams switchboard at williams.switchboardhq.com. This is like a Williams’ Craigslist and can help you find rides, housing & babysitters. 2
Class Officer Succession: Lisa, Joanna, Cat, and Mike have tried to serve you well for the past five years; now it is time to hand over the reins. If you are interested in taking on one of the positions, or would like to recommend a classmate, please send nominations to [email protected] If you have any questions or would like to see descriptions of the positions you can also email [email protected] Self-­‐nominations are welcomed and encouraged. Attendance: It has been said once -­‐ if not a million times by now -­‐ but WE WANT YOU TO COME. So much has happened over the last five years and this is our time to get together and celebrate making it this far. Let’s have a record-­‐breaking attendance this year and the best time ever! Email, phone, text, poke, and stalk your BFFs to get them all to come. Remind them of that real fear of missing out. Also, on behalf of our class agents, we would like to thank all of you for your continued support and donations to the Alumni Fund. As it’s our Reunion year, we’re hoping to get as many classmates to donate as possible. If you haven’t already given, you can donate at give2.williams.edu. Lastly, planning isn’t over, so we’d love to incorporate ideas from the whole class to ensure the weekend is a big success and fun for everyone. Please let us know if you want to get involved, have ideas for a fun event on Saturday (the more, the merrier!) or if you have any thoughts about how we can make the weekend even better. Stay tuned via the class listserv and our 2010 reunion Facebook event! Counting down the days until we see your lovely faces! Huge hugs and kisses, Your Class Officers P.S. We still need some fun reunion hashtags! How else will we instagram the entire weekend?! 3