RMS Titanic is perhaps the most famous ship ever built. It is certainly the most
famous ship ever to sink. Built for the White Star Line by Harland and Wolff in
Belfast, it was the largest passenger steamship of its day when it set off from
Southampton on 10th April 1912. 2011 sees the 100th anniversary of the launch of
this ship and to commemorate this event Royal Crown Derby are reproducing the
china pattern originally ordered in 1911.
Titanic was built as a national showcase and was equipped with the very best of
British engineering, craftsmanship and design. Royal Crown Derby were chosen to
provide the china for the 1st class a’la carte restaurant.
The Company Archives hold a file of correspondence
relating to the Titanic order, the original pattern and a
booklet advertising the Titanic. The correspondence is
between Royal Crown Derby and the ships chandler’s
Stonier & Co of Liverpool. Stonier was a glass and china
retailer used by the White Star Line as agents to find and
purchase suitable pieces for their ships.
The earliest mention of Stonier & Co is a hand written list
of samples dated 1st November 1910. The list of 7
different patterns includes pattern number 8288, the one chosen for the Olympic
and Titanic.
On 31st January 1911 the order for Titanic was confirmed. White Star asked for the
older style OSNC (Ocean Steam Navigation Company) monogram in green within a
wreath rather than the flag that appears on much of the other tableware. The
reason appears to be simply that it ‘is more to their liking’. The order included
600 Dinner Plates
150 Soup
150 Breakfast “
100 Salad
150 Breakfast Cups & Saucers
100 Teacups & Saucers
36 Creams
25 Slop Basins
Orders were later received for replacements egg cups, Hors d’oeuvres trays and
salad bowls.
Throughout the letters there is much discussion about
advertising. The impetuous for this came from the White
Star Line. They ask the company to produce a marketing
booklet, at their own cost, advertising the sailing of the
ship. Only 1000 of them were produced so they are very
rare today.
To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the
launch of the Titanic, we are reproducing the
tableware pattern for the first time. The pattern
will be unique as the Company is still producing on
the same site in Derby, where they made the
originals 100 years ago.
The pattern is been reproduced as a tableware pattern without the monogram in the
centre and also a range of commemorative time limited items, which will feature the
original Ocean Steam Navigation Company monogram, presented in a gift box with
accompanying reproduction literature from the time of the original order including
the little marketing booklet mentioned previously.
The range is available to view at the Royal Crown Derby Visitor Centre where you
can also see the Titanic china being made on one of the popular factory
tours.(Booking essential). The range can be purchased from the Visitor Centre, via
mail order service on 01332 712833 or via the website
During 2011 to commemorate the launching of the ship, Royal Crown Derby will be
holding a number of events including an exhibition of items from the archive as well
as items from the Titianic and Olympic. If you would like further information on
events please email [email protected] or call 01332 712850.
Additional Information
Commemorative Time limited Gift Boxed Items.
Featuring Titanic Pattern and original Ocean Steam Navigation Company logo.
Supplied Gift boxed with reproduction paperwork & certificate. Available only till
the end of 2012.
For images and details please visit
TITIME00004 – Beaker
TITIME09649 - 5 Petal Tray
TITIME07443 - Coffee Cup & Saucer
TITIME09943 - Tea Cup & Saucer
TITIME00096 - Plate 8”
TITIME00100 – Plate 10”
Tableware range featuring Titanic Border pattern.
For images and details please visit
Plate 10”
Plate 8”
Plate 6”
Rim Soup
Teacup and Saucer
Covered Sugar
Cream Jug
Covered Veg Dish
Small Oval Dish
Sauce Boat & Stand
Coffee Cup & Saucer
Round Chop Dish
Open Veg Dish
Soup Tureen & cover
Soup Tureen Stand
Salad Bowl
Tableware range is also available with original Ocean
Steam Navigation Company Logo please replace code
TTANIC with TTALOG. Prices are the same.
Royal Crown Derby
Contact Information
For further information or images please contact Amanda Bushell Marketing Manager
01332 712850 or email [email protected].
Background Information
Royal Crown Derby are one of the few remaining producers of English Fine Bone China who
still exclusively manufacture in the UK.
Porcelain was first produced in Derby around 1748. The quality of these early pieces was
very high and soon gained the recognition of Royalty.
The title “Royal” came in 1890 from Queen Victoria, giving the company the unique title of
“Royal Crown Derby”.
More recently, in 1965, HM The Queen Mother commissioned the company to produce a
dinner service based on an 18th Century Derby plate she had in her own private collection.
In 1971, on visiting the factory she commissioned a new tableware shape named in her
honour. Following these commissions, Her Majesty granted the Royal Warrant in 1978.
Much of the early production dating back to the early 1750’s consisted of figurines popular
as table decorations. The range of tableware was soon to expand and many of today’s
patterns have their origins in early designs.
“Derby Japan” is the oldest tableware pattern still in production today and can be seen on
items dating from the early 19th Century.
Pattern number 1128, or “Old Imari”, was first recorded around 1882. 1128 is the original
pattern number recorded in the pattern books held in our Museum archives.
Royal Crown Derby continue to develop beautiful and highly desirable tableware patterns
including the recently introduced Fine Dining tableware Heritage and Rich Gold. For further
information on tableware visit
An interesting historical point is that Royal Crown Derby was used in the first class dining
room of the infamous liner “The Titanic”, and the original order from the ship’s company is
kept in the Museum here at Derby. In 2010 to commemorate 100 years since the order was
placed and Titanic tableware was made, Royal Crown Derby will be reproducing the
complete range for the first time ever. This will be available to purchase from October
Royal Crown Derby specialises in the manufacture bone china, which was perfected
towards the end of the 18th Century. Bone china is a special type of soft porcelain made from
bone ash instead of the glass or “frit” of continental soft porcelain. The high percentage of
calcified bone gives it it’s much admired whiteness and translucency.
A significant event for the company in 1981 was the launch of the Paperweight Collection.
A range of highly collectable, small animal sculptures which have led the company into the
collectables market. The first paperweights were filled with sand to literally weigh them
down, but this was removed due to transport costs and Health & Safety regulations.
In the year 2000, Chief Executive Hugh Gibson led a buyout from the Royal Doulton group,
from which it had been a member since the early 1970’s. Royal Crown Derby is now an
independent company with a proud heritage and an exciting future ahead.