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ABOUT THE DERBY The discipline of show hunters is deeply rooted in tradition and the Derby programs were created to bring the tradition and art of horsemanship back to the show ring. Both the National and International Derbies will feature obstacles that are reminiscent of the hunt field, such as natural post and rail, stone wall, white board fence or gate, coop, aiken, hedge, oxer, brush, logs and natural foliage. Each Derby will have two rounds of competition, a Classic Hunter Round and a Handy Hunter Round. The first round will be judged on performance, hunter pace, jumping style, quality and substance, and movement of the horse. The score from this round will rank the top 12 riders, and they will come back to compete in the second round. The second round scores reflect brilliance of pace and handiness. In each round, one point will be added to the base score for any high-­‐option fences jumped without major fault, for a maximum of four additional points. First round scores will be added to the second round scores and determine the final placings of the class. The primary difference between the International and National Derbies are the height of the fences. The National Derby fences are set at 3', with four high-­‐option fences set at 3'5". The International Derby fences will be set 3’6 to 4’0” in height, with higher option fences set up to 4’3”. Chicago Equestrians for a Cause
Chicago Hunter Derby
Sponsorship Opportunities
The International Hunter Derby Program was created to bring show hunters to the international level, to increase spectator interest, media and sponsorship interest, and to bring tradition and basic riding principles back to the sport of showing hunters. For more information on the Chicago Hunter Derby please visit: or call Michelle Durpetti Events at 312.988.9900 September 7-­‐8, 2013
Annali Farm Antioch, IL SPONSORSHIP OPTIONS Below are the details of the various sponsorship options. All sponsorships can be customized to your unique needs. Custom D erby Jump $2,000.00 Jump built specifically to convey your m essage or corporate logo. Banner* $1,000.00 Banners w ill be hung in highly visible locations Tack R oom B anner* $500.00 Banner w ill be displayed at tent entrance Ads $500.00 $250.00 All ads are priced and printed for color Full page, 5”x8” -­‐ $500 Half Page, 5”x4” -­‐ $250 * N ote that banners are to be provided by the sponsor. Please complete the Sponsorship Contract and return no later than August 19, 2013. Chicago Hunter Derby – September 7-­8, 2013 ABOUT THIS EVENT Held over September 7 and 8, the Chicago Hunter Derby is the premiere fundraising event hosted by Chicago Equestrians for a Cause. The mission of this group is to showcase high-­‐level equestrian competition with the express purpose of raising funds for selected charitable institutions in the Chicago area. Over the past four years, Chicago Equestrians for a Cause have been proud to contribute significantly to various local and national charities. The Chicago Hunter Derby is a chance for philanthropic individuals and companies to witness some of the finest hunter competition in the nation, while enjoying a spectacular day in the country. Top ranked riders flock to the beautifully landscaped infield of Annali Farm in Antioch, Illinois to compete flawlessly for the top prizes. The Derby attracts over 300 guests each year who enjoy a champagne brunch, shopping, exciting Calcutta, a kids’ horseless horse show, petting zoo and more! The Derby is the perfect opportunity for sponsors to support important charitable causes, while granting themselves access to some of the most influential Chicagoans. Equine enthusiasts are four times more likely to have $100,000+ incomes than non-­‐horse enthusiasts. The attendees of the Derby are either equine enthusiasts or philanthropists who are certainly part of an important target audience. Please make check payable to USHJAF and send to: Nicole Seidlitz Chicago Equestrians for a Cause 5841 S. Maryland Room H212, MC 1140 Chicago, Illinois 60637 Please include a high resolution (min 300 dpi) electronic file to [email protected] in jpeg, gif or pdf format which we will use when creating your program ad. Deadline for receipt of copy and payment is August 19, 2013. OUR CAUSES Children’s Memorial Hospital is one of Chicago’s most precious civic assets. As Illinois’ only freestanding hospital exclusively for children, Children’s Memorial currently cares for more than 126,000 young people annually. The hospital is consistently recognized as one of the top pediatric institutions in North America, and many of its physicians and researchers are among the world’s top experts in their areas of specialty. In today’s challenging health care environment, the hospital relies on philanthropic support to help ensure that all children have access to the highest quality care. The USHJA Foundation was created to provide a non-­‐profit fundraising vehicle that will provide support to the programs of USHJA, the Foundation and the industry as a whole. The Foundation’s current focus is on developing educational scholarships, providing funding for research and creating a Horseman’s Assistance Program that will benefit horses, individuals and organizations in need. The University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation raises money to support basic, clinical, and population research programs related to the causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer at The University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center. Donations to the Foundation, both large and small support innovative research that brings us closer to making cancer a manageable disease; expand the scope of cancer control and prevention efforts to save lives and diminish the harmful effects of cancer; and train young scientists who will make discoveries that benefit our generation as well as generations to come.