a) Organisms can have 3 types of relationships with each other

a) Organisms can have 3 types of relationships with each other called
__________________________. A relationship does not necessarily mean that
everyone _____________ each other. A relationship just means a close
b) The 3 types of relationships are ________________________,
__________________________, and ______________________________.
c) When 2 organisms work together to help each other, we call this interaction
____________________________; an example is when __________________
d) On the other hand, some organisms take advantage of others; one organism is helped
and the host is harmed; this type of interaction is called parasitism and an
______________________ is when leeches absorb nutrients from the host and the
host has lost more blood than it would have.
e) Lastly, we have a relationship where one organism is helped and nothing happens to the
other organism. Any animal that uses the burrow provided by gopher tortoises would be
an example of ______________________________.
f) In addition to these 3 relationships, there are 2 more interactions listed in section two:
__________________________ & _____________________________
g) During ____________________________, organisms fight for limited resources.
h) This can occur between members of the same species or members of different
i) Inter means “________________”
j) Intra means “______________”
k) Predation involves _______________________ another organism and
_____________ it. If both of these 2 criteria do not happen, then we do not have
predation. What 2 terms do you think we would have if you leave out one of the
characteristics of predators? ____________________ and
l) How are predation and parasitism similar? _______________________________
How are they different? ____________________________________________
m) Imagine that lions have made a kill. Sometimes, birds arrive and join in the feeding. Who
would be considered the predator? Lions, birds, or both? How did you arrive at your
answer? _______________________________________________________