At Europe`s Frontier: Mobilizing Borders in the

 Borderlands Lecture At Europe’s Frontier: Mobilizing Borders in the Mediterranean By Luiza Bialasiewicz Jean Monnet Professor of EU External Relations University of Amsterdam Tuesday, 5 May, 3:00-­‐5:00 pm Badia Fiesolana Seminar Room 4 Organised by Raffaella A. Del Sarto The talk engages with contemporary border-­‐making in the Mediterranean as a creative and ‘productive’ process of geographical re-­‐
scaling and re-­‐combination of territorialities. In particular, drawing upon recent research in Tangier, it looks to the ways in which the border is mobilized by a variety of actors in Morocco as well as in Europe as a spatial ‘tool’ of both separation and production of political, economic and identitary possibilities. Looking at some of the ways in which the border is ‘mobilized’ in the Straits of Gibraltar, the presentation also raises wider questions regarding the making of a ‘EU’ropean Neighbourhood in the Mediterranean, conceived as the EU’s extended borderland or ‘frontier’. The frontier metaphor is particularly apt for it complicates simple distinctions between the visibly hardening EU external borders and the variety of ways in which the Union’s actions and actors increasingly spill beyond and across them, in a play of concurrent openness and closure, collaboration and securitization.