Summer Newsletter in pdf format - Blue Ridge Center for Lifelong

May - August, 2015
Volume 13 Number 22
Expand your mind and broaden your horizons - The Blue Ridge Center for Lifelong Learning
(BRCLL) offers its members opportunities for education and enrichment. Through a
variety of classes, trips, and special events, we are committed to nurturing intellects and
Inspiring imaginations.
Annual Meeting - June 3, 2015
Blue Ridge Center
for Lifelong Learning
Annual Meeting
June 3
4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
St. Paul Mountain
Cost: $6.00
Entertainment by:
Carver & Carmody
Did you know?
St. Paul Mountain
Vineyard is locally
owned and run and is
the first commercial
vineyard in Henderson
County. All of the wine
is made from grapes
grown right here in the
mountains. This land
has been in their family
for over 9 generations.
Driving Directions:
Take Four Seasons
Blvd. past Wal-Mart
and turn right onto
Chestnut Gap Road.
Go .07 mile; Saint Paul
Mountain Vineyards
(588 Chestnut Gap)
will be on your right.
Tel: 828-685-4002
Members and Friends ,
You are invited to attend the Blue Ridge
Center for Livelong Learning Annual
Meeting and Member Appreciation Evening.
This meeting will be a celebration of the
progress we have made together this year, as
well as an informational meeting about the
organization and plans underway for the fiscal year.
If you are a member, we encourage you to bring a friend or
two who might be interested in joining or volunteering to help
support the work we are doing for our members and the
If you plan to attend, please RSVP by completing the
registration form*, calling 694-1740, or visiting our website
at There is a $6 Reservation fee which may be
applied to your choice of a full wine tasting, a glass of wine,
or non-alcoholic beverage. The Great Food for Any Mood food
truck will be on site for your dining pleasure.
Join us for our first annual membership meeting featuring
entertainment, good food and fine wine. We hope to see you
on this special occasion.
Thank You,
The Board of Blue Ridge Center for Lifelong Learning
Classes, May - August, 2015
(Genetically Modified
1 Session
May 6
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Patton Building
Room 150, BRCC
Member Fee:
Non-Member Fee: $30
*Rescheduled from
September 8, 2014.
Please re-register.
1 Session
May 12
10:00 a.m. - Noon
Patton Building
Room 150, BRCC
Member Fee:
Non-Member Fee: $30
Are they a boon to humanity or something you really want to avoid? This class
will give you two separate viewpoints, one pro and one con, regarding the use
of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). After their individual presentations,
our experts will then answer the questions you are sure to have. Learn the
facts about this hotly debated topic.
Jennifer Armen, a local plant pathologist with degrees from the University of
Vermont and North Carolina State University will speak on the benefits of
GMO's both locally and globally. Ms. Armen has been involved in the vegetable
seed business and global specialty crop agriculture for over 25 years. She is
currently a consultant in the field and has clients world-wide.
On the opposite side (con) will be John Swann. Mr. Swann has studied at the
University of Arizona and been actively involved in the natural food business
since 1974. He is currently the owner of a 106 acre farm that produces
vegetables, pork, lamb, and maple and sorghum syrup. He is also the
proprietor of Katuah Market in Asheville, a natural food grocery store.
Tired of being subjected to overly-technical explanations of the rules of
grammar? If so, you now have an alternative. Realizing that such
“micro-engineering” can cause confusion, the instructor uses simple,
straightforward language to make these rules easier to grasp.
Do you ever wonder whether “that” or “which” is needed in a sentence? Are
you confused over whether “bring” or “take” is the correct choice? Are you
wrestling with “lie” and “lay”? How about “I”, “me” and “myself”? The rules
pertaining to these words and others will be carefully explained in every-day
language. The why behind the language mechanics will be explored. The
ultimate objective will be to enable participants to apply the rules of grammar
correctly, confidently and with ease.
Ernie Mazzantenta has been teaching communication skills courses to adult
learners for many years. In 1996 he joined Montreat College and has been
teaching courses for the School of Professional and Adult Studies:
Managerial Communications and Public Speaking and Presentations.
Currently, he is a community mediator for the Mediation Center and delivers
talks about these activities to community groups. He writes a monthly
“Speaking of Words” column for the Hendersonville Times-News.
Mountain Elder
1 Session
May 13
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Patton Building
Room 150, BRCC
Member Fee:
Non-Member Fee: $30
The Mountain Elder Wisdom project seeks to keep alive the heritage of the
Southern Appalachians through a 12-county oral history, public programs,
school education and documentary films. Western North Carolina is the
canvas for a vibrant cultural legacy that is rapidly vanishing. Yet there is a
growing thirst among our young and old alike to connect with something real,
authentic and community-oriented such as the lives and stories of our
mountain elders. This program will tell some of the tales, play selected music
and give participants the opportunity to take joy in a culture with no equal.
David Weintraub is the executive director of the Center for Cultural
Preservation. He is an oral historian and film maker, who has produced
hundreds of spoken histories and documentaries telling the story of cultural
legacies across the Americas.
Classes, May - August, 2015
I Beg to Differ: It’s
Us (Big Oil)
1 Session
May 18
1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Patton Building
Room 150, BRCC
Member Fee:
Non-Member Fee: $30
Come and hear an insider’s view of “Big Oil”
favoring the opinion that “oil” is not the problem.
It will cover the spectrum of economics, standard
practices, technology and government policies.
Presenter Bob Davis, however believes that
“we” are the problem, and will attempt to explain
why. Participants will leave with a better understanding of the dynamics of
the world oil players and their influence on the United States.
Bob Davis is a former chief information officer with many years in
technology, business and management consulting. He has taught courses
at the UNCA College for Seniors program since 2006.
4 Sessions
Tuesdays & Thursdays
June 9, 11, 16 & 18
Patton Building
Room 150, BRCC
10:00 a.m. - Noon
Member Fee:
Non-Member Fee: $70
Note: If you have a
table of 4 you would
like to play with,
please note on your
This course is for players who already have a basic knowledge of bidding and
playing bridge. Bidding concepts will be introduced in a brief lecture followed
by opportunities to bid and play practice hands. Bridge players are sure to
enjoy this hands-on learning experience. Conventions
covered will include the Stayman Convention, the
Jacoby Transfer Convention along with additional
practices of transfer bidding and playing the hands.
Rory Novell is a retired educator and has been an
American Contract Bridge League Director since 1996.
She achieved the rank of Bronze Life Master playing in
local clubs, regional and national bridge tournaments.
Rory has been presenting bridge workshops for several
years in south Florida and Western North Carolina.
Notables in Western
North Carolina
2 Sessions
June 22 & 29
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Patton Building
Room 150, BRCC
Member Fee:
Non-Member Fee: $40
Local author, Jack Prather, will discuss some of the people in his book,
Twelve Notables in Western North Carolina which was nominated for the NC
Literary & Historical Association’s 2012 Ragan Award for Non-Fiction.
Session 1:
Session 2:
Will discuss David Holt, Justice Harry C. Martin, Reverend Dr.
Dan Matthews, Dr. Matt Hayes, Captain Ray West and
Dr. Olson Huff.
Will introduce us to Seven Notable Women of North Carolina.
These include Kathy Reichs, Kathryn Stripling-Byer, Anne
Ponder, Sharon Decker, Mandy Carter, Millie Ravenel and
Jennifer Pharr-Davis.
Jack Prather has authored seven books including Speaking Up in
Poetry and Prose, The Day of the Knights, Investigative Reporter. He is the
winner of six New Jersey Press Associations awards. His 2013 online column
on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy was one of
35 finalists from 66,000 entries in the National Pundit Contest. Recent articles
by Mr. Prather can be found in WNC Magazine, Hendersonville Times-News
and the Henderson County Chamber of Commerce magazine Leading Edge.
Classes, May - August, 2015
In Western North
2 Sessions
Tuesday and Thursday
June 23, 25
Free Bonus Session:
June 30
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Patton Building
Room 150, BRCC
Member Fee:
Non-Member Fee: $40
The speakers for this series of three classes were active on Martin Luther King
day in January and during Black History Month (February). They will share
their relevant stories, history, research and personal experiences on their
African-American heritage.
Session 1: will focus on the post-emancipation experiences of African
Americans in the mountains of North Carolina. Dr. Darin Waters is an
assistant professor of History at the University of North Carolina, Asheville. He
is often the keynote speaker on topics of African-American history, education
and religion.
Session 2: will focus on the "Freedom Summer March of 1964”.
Tyrone Greenlee, who was in Mississippi for the march, will
share his experiences along with other civil rights activists
Carol Hallstrom and Isaac Coleman, who were also in
Mississippi that summer.
Bonus Session: will focus on the Rosenwald Schools “Our Story, This Place".
The Rosenwald School building program is recognized as one of the most
important partnerships to
advance African-American
education in the early
20th century. Many
Rosenwald Schools,
once the pride of the
community, were
neglected, abandoned,
or demolished. In 2002,
the National Trust added
Rosenwald Schools to its
list of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.
Willa Wyatt retired in 2002 as Principle of Madison Middle School in the
Madison County Public Schools following 35 years of service. In 2009 she
joined Friends of the Mars Hill Anderson Rosenwald Planning Committee and
has served as Chair of this group for the past 5 years.
American Literature
in the 20th Century
4 Sessions
July 7, 14, 21 & 28
1:00p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Patton Building
Room 150, BRCC
Member Fee:
Non-Member Fee: $70
This course will offer insight into four of America’s best known 20th century
writers. It will examine American values, ethics, and humor as well as the
often painful, raw honesty these authors express in their work. We will also
study their styles of writing and pose the question, “Are they models for good
prose?” and what characterizes them as ‘American’?
Session 1 will examine Thomas Wolfe’s Look Homeward, Angel, session 2:
Flannery O’Connor’s Collected Works (“A Good Man is Hard to Find, etc.”),
session 3: Jane Smiley’s A Thousand Acres, and session 4 John Steinbeck’s
Grapes of Wrath.
Susanne Kimball earned an MA and Ph.D. at the University of California at
San Diego in German and Comparative Literature, respectively. She has
taught Literature on a variety of levels both in California and the University of
Texas at San Antonio. She has been published in an assortment of literary
journals. Susan relocated to Asheville in August of 2014.
Classes, May - August, 2015
Power of Art
4 Sessions
July 8, 15, 22 & 29
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Patton Building
Room 150, BRCC
Member Fee:
Non-Member Fee: $70
This course is based on the second half of art historian
Simon Schama’s book and BBC series which
emphasizes the interaction between the artists’ personal
lives, the culture in which they live, and their work.
I: Turner: Painting up a Storm
2: Van Gogh: Painting from Inside the Head
3: Picasso: Modern Art Goes Political
4: Rothko: The Music Beyond in the City of Glitter
Walter A-Akert taught advanced placement Art History at Brookfield East
High School in Wisconsin. He now lives in Leicester, NC, and has taught art
history at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, UNCA. He is currently a docent at
the Asheville Art Museum.
1 Session
July 13
10:00 a.m. - Noon
Patton Building
Room 150, BRCC
Member Fee:
Non-Member Fee: $30
This class will cover the entire spectrum of the FBI’s formation, leadership,
and how it changed, as did our country, with national and international
events. We will learn about the role the FBI played during WWII, the Cold
War, Soviet espionage and the events of 9/11. Major changes in the mission
of the FBI as we approach modern times, as well as the challenges of
terrorism, and the current Middle East will be examined. Learn also about the
ever-changing FBI’s jurisdiction as a result of new technology and the
criminal opportunities this affords.
Allen Ezell retired from the FBI after a 31 year career. He is returning to
BRCC to give a unique perspective of “the Bureau”. His family has been in the
FBI since 1935; his eldest daughter joined the FBI a month before Allen
retired. His family has had 8 members in the FBI, both at FBI headquarters
and in field offices. Allen has particular knowledge in the area of academic
fraud, has written or co-authored four books, numerous articles, and testified
before a Congressional hearing in Washington, DC.
Write The Stories of
Your Life
3 Sessions
August 3, 10 & 17
10:00 a.m. - Noon
Patton Building
Room 150, BRCC
Member Fee:
Non-Member Fee: $60
If you’ve ever thought, “If I were a writer, I could write a book about my life!”
Well, now is your time to explore the positive affects of writing your life story.
No writing experience necessary! Discover the legacy life you are living; one
worthy of recording for posterity - or just for fun. Through creative exercises,
you’ll discover how to tease out long-forgotten, but newly treasured
memories; how to use your senses to describe your stories; how the objects
around your house can help tell stories for you; and even how to handle those
pesky family skeletons in the closet. Enjoy this dynamic workshop filled with
tips and tricks to overcome writer’s block. Walk away with vignettes to begin
building your own memoir.
Sam Uhl is a personal historian, Certified Autobiographical Instructor by the
Birren Institute, and Certified Legacy Advisor with Legacy Stories. She is a
published author, experienced public speaker and served as vice president of
the International Association of Personal Historians in 2013. As founder of The
Cheerful Word LLC, a life story business in Hendersonville, Sam’s mission is to
honor, encourage, and inspire individuals and families, connecting us across
the generations.
Classes, May - August, 2015
Human Spaceflight
For Geeks
2 Sessions
August 11 & 18
10:-00 a.m. - Noon
Patton Building
Room 150, BRCC
Member Fee:
Non-Member Fee: $40
America’s space program got off to a rocky start
under the different branches of the military. This
course will cover its beginnings along with the
space race with the Soviets, the formation of NASA
and its early failures and successes. Mr. Silverman
will give a brief summary of the Mercury, Gemini
and Apollo programs and a deeper look into the
space Shuttle program. He will cover his
experiences working as part of the larger mission
control team, how mission control is organized and
how the Spaceflight Meteorology Group (SMG) (the
space shuttle’s weather office) fit into the overall picture.
A video taken by NASA of SMG operations during a mission will be shown.
Karl Silverman has a BS in Meteorology from Iowa State University and was
the Preparedness Meteorologist for the National Weather Service Forecast
Office in Bismarck, North Dakota. He taught severe weather spotting and
reporting procedures to law enforcement officers, volunteer fire departments
and the public. For the past thirteen years, Mr.Silverman worked in Mission
Control at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas as a lead forecaster
for the Space Shuttle Program working 50 missions, ten as a
mission lead.
Firestorm: Henderson
County in 1990’s
2 Sessions
August 12 & 19
10:00 a.m. - Noon
Patton Building
Room 150, BRCC
Member Fee:
Non-Member Fee: $40
The 1990’s in Henderson County were perhaps the most volatile yet
interesting years in the county’s history. Come with us as we revisit that
decade. The class will cover the contentious land use controversies, the water
wars, acrimony over schools, property rights versus zoning, runaway
development, the new towns, politics, the newsmakers and the winds of
Matt Matteson has a background in local government serving as the City
Manager of three towns in North Carolina. He served as Henderson County’s
Planning Director from 1989 to 1999. Subsequently, he was Director of
Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness at Blue Ridge Community
College, retiring in 2010. Matt holds a BS degree from East Carolina University
and an MPA from Golden Gate University.
Classes, May - August, 2015
How to Have More
with Less by
1 Session
August 24
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Patton Building
Room 150, BRCC
Member Fee:
Non-Member Fee: $30
Overwhelmed with the clutter in your house? Do you want to “make it go
away”? Join us as we discuss the importance of simplifying. This course will
cover what to ask yourself when you are struggling to “let go” of things. You
will learn the five steps in downsizing, what you can do now to relieve the
burden on loved ones and options to donate or sell common household items.
Tanya Fletcher is the owner of Modern Aging, LLC, a downsizing, liquidation
and move management firm in Western North Carolina. Using her first hand
experience and industry training, Tanya has become an expert in the field. She
offers solutions for moving or cleaning clutter from homes by connecting
“de-clutterers” with local resources specific to their needs.
Who Are The
1 Session
August 26
10:00 a.m. - Noon
Patton Building
Room 150, BRCC
Member Fee:
Non-Member Fee: $30
Looking for more
personal enrichment
classes? Then be
sure to check out the
wide variety of
Learning for Leisure
offerings from Blue
Ridge Community
and enter “community
enrichment” in the
search box to access
the latest course
The Mennonites are denomination founded by Menno Simens in the 16th
century in Europe. Modern Mennonites number almost 1 million worldwide
with churches in North and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. There are
Mennonite churches throughout North Carolina and in and around Henderson
County. Mennonites are known for their emphasis on values such as peace,
justice, simplicity, community, service and mutual aid. This class will address
their history, their beliefs, their way of life and our local Mennonites.
John Mullett was raised Mennonite in Ohio. Upon moving to Etowah, N.C.,
he founded the United Covenant Mennonite Church and the Father’s Hand
Fellowship Church. For this class, Mr. Mullett will be joined by other Mennonite
Some Previews of Fall 2015 Classes
Fall is shaping up to be a semester of unique and exciting classes. Topics
scheduled to date include How to Fight Colds and Flu and Stress
Management. Jorge Canceliero will return to speak about important
advances in science as will Mark Whipple about Astronomy.
New classes include Quilting History by Georgia Bonesteel, Hot Springs,
Jewish Life in WNC, Photography, the Peace Corp and History Through
Pictures. Wayne Wheeler will continue his series on the History of
Lighthouses which was cut short in the spring due to the weather.
A special series will be presented by Lyndon Harris who, on Sept. 11, 2001
was the Priest at St. Paul's Episcopal Chapel in New York City across the
street from the World Trade Center. Join us on September 11 as Lyndon
shares not only his experiences there, but also his uplifting viewpoint about
how we must move "Beyond 9/12"
EdVentures, May - August, 2015
Asheville Art Museum:
A Docent-Led Tour
Friday, May 15th
Cost: $15
This is a self-drive tour.
Meet inside the atrium
of the museum at 9:50
a.m. The tour will last
approximately 1-1/2
hours including the
introduction which will
take place in the
Celebrate Spring at
Biltmore Estate
“Dressing Downton”
an Extraordinary
Downton Abbey
Costume Exhibit
Thursday, May 21
Depart: 8:30 a.m.
Return: 5:30 p.m.
Lower Patton Parking
lot, BRCC
Cost: $125
Activity Level:
Moderate Plus – a
good deal of walking,
places to sit in the
house are limited
Deadline: April 27
All Inclusive:
Admission to Biltmore
House, Self-guided
Tour including Audio
Guide, Buffet Lunch at
Deerpark Restaurant,
Admission to Antler
Hill Village, Winery
Tour and Tasting,
Drivers Gratuity and
When did you last visit the Asheville Art Museum? Do you know that the
Museum acquired the premises of Health Adventure and has expanded it’s
gallery space? Do you know that the Museum is planning for future expansion
designed by the renowned architectural firm of Ennead Architects, LLC?
Come and join us for a docent-led tour of the museum! Starting with an
introduction by a member of the administrative staff, we will see works from
the museum’s permanent collection, which follows the evolution of American
art from the late 19th century to the early 21st century, and also several
visiting exhibitions. These include the work of photographer Hugh Mangum
(1877-1922), featuring a selection of images of early 20th century Southern
Society, and paintings by Jack Tworkov, who taught at Black Mountain
College during the era of John Cage, Merce Cunningham and Robert
Rauschenberg, to name a few.
The Museum has folding stools which can be carried from gallery to gallery.
Feel free to linger longer after the tour is over, if you wish. Directions,
parking information, and a list of restaurants in the vicinity of Pack Square will
be sent to you nearer the time of the tour.
Biltmore Estate is always dressed to impress but adds another layer of
amazement with the addition of the “Downton Abbey” Costume Exhibit. As
you stroll through the elegant French renaissance chateau, your audio guide
will help capture the feeling of being guided through the grand rooms by their
curators and hosts. You’ll learn about the Vanderbilts, their guests, and their
servants, in addition to the surrounding architecture, design and artwork. The
“Dressing Downton” exhibition features more than forty costumes from the
popular PBS Masterpiece series “Downton Abbey.” The costumes are
showcased in rooms throughout Biltmore House in groupings inspired by the
fictional show and real life at Biltmore. The Vanderbilt's home bears striking
visual resemblance to the show’s setting making it easy for you to blur
storylines and experience for yourself a bit of life a hundred yeas ago.
Enjoy a delicious Buffet Luncheon at the Deerpark Restaurant which is housed
in a historic barn original to the estate. This charming restaurant has walls of
windows overlooking a pastoral area and a lush garden courtyard in the
center. Deerpark is the perfect setting for a springtime lunch.
A casual and relaxing way to extend the Biltmore experience includes a visit to
Antler Hill Village & Winery which connects the estate’s past and present. This
year the winery is proudly celebrating its 30th Anniversary. Tour the bottling
and production rooms of the historic winery building, originally the Biltmore
Dairy Barn, making a stop in the Tasting Room where you will be treated to a
complimentary tasting of their award-winning wines.
Enjoy a stroll through the centerpiece of Antler Hill Village, the Village Green
perfect for people-watching or relaxing. You will have free-time to explore the
varied shops or take an intimate look at Biltmore House and the family who
created it, in the exhibition “The Vanderbilts at Home and Abroad”. The
exhibition highlights family time as the centerpiece offering a close look at
rarely seen items collected during their lives. See articles such as an
extraordinary collection of Samurai armor and weapons, an intricate Cartier
vanity and lipstick case, and a vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Ample
seating is available throughout the Village Green.
EdVentures, May - August, 2015
Special Industry
Sierra Nevada
Brewing Company
This is a self-drive tour
Wednesday, June 24th
3:00 p.m.
Participants MUST
arrive at the Visitors
Center by 2:45 to
allow time for
processing of paperwork
Cost: $12.00
A Great Day in
Thursday, July 9th
Depart: 10:30 a.m.
Return: 11:30 p.m.
Lower Patton Parking
Activity Level:
Moderate - Extended
Periods of walking over
even and uneven
surfaces and some
incline. There will be
steps and extended
periods of standing.
Cost: $139
Deadline: Thursday,
June 18th
Includes: Admission to
Museum of the
Cherokee, Guided Tour
of Oconoluftee Indian
Village, Reserved seats
at “Unto These Hills”
outdoor drama, Picnic
Lunch, Dinner,
Transportation, Driver
Gratuity, Insurance
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, headquartered in
Chino, CA, opted to open an East Coast location and
chose Mills River in WNC. They were charmed by the
people and the environment in Asheville. They loved
the sense of outdoors and connection to the land and
the amazing brewing scene that has sprung up in the area.
Sierra Nevada has a longstanding focus on sustainability and a history of
supporting river preservation and community giving programs. The brewery is
currently up and running in Mills River. The Taproom Restaurant has now
opened. Soon to follow will be a music venue which is scheduled for a
Summer debut. You can venture inside the brewery and trace their history as
a craft beer pioneer and see first hand their efforts to make flavorful beer the
status quo. Once the tour is complete, you will be able to sample the various
Sierra Nevada beers. If you are so inclined, you could then visit the Taproom
Restaurant and enjoy an early dinner at the brewery. (Not included in the
price of the tour).
This tour is self-drive and will be limited to 30 participants. It is a 90 minute
tour and is mostly a walking. Participants must wear closed toe shoes.
Experience the beauty, history and natural diversity of
a culture, a people, and a place. Our first stop will be
the Cherokee Welcome Center, followed by lunch at
the Oconaluftee Island Park Picnic Area where we
can relax and enjoy our “Mountain Deli” lunch. Next we
will go to the Oconaluftee Indian Village as we step
back in time. A knowledgeable Guide will lead us on
sawdust trails, as we visit the authentic working Village with dwellings,
residents, and artisans seemingly right out of the 1760’s. We will then watch
either a Dance Performance or Live Reenactments.
Our next stop is The Museum of the Cherokee Indian, one of the top ten
native sites east of the Mississippi. This state-of-the-art facility traces the
story of the Cherokee from the earliest inhabitants of the area 11,000 years
ago to the present. An extensive exhibit of artifacts and photos is enhanced
with computer generated holograms and other imagery. Next door to the
museum, is the highly rated Qualla Arts and Crafts Co-op that sells quality
crafts, hand-made by Cherokee people. Here we will find meticulously made
items. In addition to the sales area, an exhibit room provides information on
craft traditions with examples of work, and the processes of creation. The
co-op has helped Cherokee traditions survive. Granny's Kitchen is where we
will enjoy up-to-date Southern family-style cooking served buffet style. Dinner
and dessert are included in the cost of our trip.
We now go to the last stop of our day, “The Mountainside Theater”. Eastern
Cherokee history, culture, and crafts are portrayed in the historical outdoor
drama Unto These Hills. Music and dance traditions are woven into the play,
as are the rich stories of Cherokee legends. A large cast recreates the
pageantry of traditional festivals, a Cherokee wedding, and the world-famous
Eagle Dance.
Our picnic will include sandwich selection, a bag of chips, a bottle of water and
a cookie. Please choose sandwich on the reservation form.
Brown Bags, May - August,
Toy Design: The
Business of Child’s
Monday, May 11
11:30 a.m. - 12:30
Technology Education
and Development
Center - Cortland Room
Catching a Dream:
A Career with
America’s Best
Idea, Our National
Thursday, August 13
11:30 a.m. - 12:30
Technology Education
and Development
Center - Cortland
While most adults have put away their childhood toys for good, there are
some people who keep them out and call them "reference materials." Rhett
Pennell is an Industrial Designer/Illustrator for Fisher-Price and other
companies and can walk down numerous aisles at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us
stores and point out toys he has helped create. Come and learn the various
stages of a toy's development and hear one man's story of how he partnered
up with his inner child to make a living. Find out if any of "his" toys are in
your house!
Rhett Pennell has spent most of his working life entertaining your kids in
one form or another. He ran off to New York to be an actor and wound up
spending years touring the USA in various musical theater shows for children.
He has illustrated five published children's picture books (and is working on
his sixth), and spent five years as a full-time toy designer for Shelcore Toys.
Afterwards, he went on to be a much-used freelance artist/designer for Fisher
-Price. You can see him around town working with his wife's theater group,
"The Mother Goose Troop," for which he is the script-writer, lyricist, puppet
maker, composer, set painter, and occasional actor.
With the approaching centennial celebration of the
National Park Service in 2016, it is the perfect time
to explore America's best idea, our national
parks. Flat Rock resident Connie Backlund proudly
wore the National Park Service uniform and the
traditional ranger hat throughout her 38 year
career. Her park assignments crisscrossed the nation
from Everglades National Park to Mount Rainier NP,
up the Blue Ridge Mountains to Shenandoah NP and
from the Carolina coast at Cape Hatteras National
Seashore to the mountains where she served as the
Park Superintendent at Carl Sandburg Home National
Historic Site. Since her retirement in 2012 she has
volunteered at Yellowstone NP.
Connie will discuss the National Park Service and the
evolving stewardship of these public lands, share her
own career story and personal plans to celebrate the
upcoming centennial and offer helpful tips and
suggestions on making the most out of your National
Park vacation.
A question and answer and discussion session will follow.
Connie and “Barney”, the
Brown Bag and Annual Meeting Registrations , 2015
Brown Bag Registration
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Rhett Pernell, Toy Designer
Monday, May 11th
$5.00 per person
Connie Backlund, National Parks
Thursday, August 13th
$5.00 per person
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Annual Meeting Registration - June 3rd
Registration for Annual Meeting & Member Appreciation Evening
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Cost: $6.00 per person which will be applied toward choice of a glass of wine or limited selection of soft
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which includes a free glass).
Welcome to our newest members
Scott Hertel
Shirley Hastings
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Cheryl Igou
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May - August, 2015 BRCLL Class Registration
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Literature in 20th
7/7, 14, 21 & 28
Power of Art
7/8, 15, 22 & 29
Mtn. Elder Wisdom
Big Oil
6/9, 11, 16 & 18
Notables in WNC
6/22 & 29
African-Americans in
6/23,25 & 30
Writing Autobiography
8/3, 10 & 17
Space Flight
8/11 & 18
8/12 & 19
How to More with Less
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class begins. No refunds will be issued after a class begins. Pursuant to College Procedure 8.1.1 Blue Ridge Community College
reserves the right to use photographs, motion pictures and electronic images of students who are age 18 or older for marketing and
promotional purposes. Objection to the use of an individual's photograph in such a manner may be made in writing to the BRCC
Director of Public Relations.
EdVentures Registrations, May - August, 2015
Total Cost
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Asheville Art Museum (self-drive) $15 per person
Friday, May 15
Biltmore/Downton Abbey Exhibit
Thursday, May 21
$125 per person
Sierra Nevada (self-drive)
Wednesday, June 24
$12 per person
Thursday, July 9
$139 per person
_____Roast Turkey Breast & Maple
Pepper Bacon, Mayo & Mixed Green
_____Smoked Pit Ham & Sharp White
Cheddar w/Honey Mustard
_____Rare Roast Beef w/Dijon
Horseradish Sauce, Red Onions &
Mixed Greens
_____Veggie: Hummus, Carrots,
Cucumbers, Mixed Greens and
Tomatoes with Red Wine Vinegar &
Olive Oil
_____Kaiser Roll
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Blue Ridge Center for Lifelong Learning
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Emergency Contact:
(*Please list someone who is NOT on the trip with you.)
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Pursuant to College Procedure 8.1.1, Blue Ridge Community College reserves the right to use photographs, motion pictures, and electronic images of
students who are age 18 or older for marketing and promotional purposes. Objection to the use of an individual's photograph in such a manner may
be made in writing to the BRCC Director of Public Relations.
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If you want to meet adults from diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in learning, then
become a member of BRCLL. Our programs are content-rich and reflect shared interests and life
experiences of our members. These educational programs are purely for enjoyment – no tests, grades, or
need for prior experience - just the chance to join your peers in the joy of learning and the many benefits
it brings.
Older adults having an interest in the mission and activities of this organization can become a lifetime
member for a one-time fee of $70.
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Campus Map
Make a Note
Terri Wallace is the BRCLL coordinator. Office hours depend on many things, including class
schedules. In general, the office is open from 9am to 2pm on Mondays through Thursday. Terri can be
reached at 694-1740 and e-mail ([email protected]). Messages can be received at
anytime. Phone messages are updated daily and calls returned as soon as possible.
If the College is closed for weather-related issues, all Lifelong Learning programs scheduled for that day
are cancelled. If BRCC is on a delayed schedule, afternoon Lifelong Learning classes will meet. Closing
information is broadcast on local radio and television stations. You can also call the College at
For members needing special assistance with Parking:
Handicapped Parking is available on the circle in front of the Patton Building;
drive past the building and turn into the road on the right that will circle around to
the front of the building. There is also handicapped parking along side College Drive
by the Continuing Education Building.
Also, please bring a sweater to class if you tend to get cold as the temperatures in the rooms vary.
Blue Ridge Center for
Lifelong Learning
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