National Bible Bee Registration Now Open!

National Bible Bee Registration Now Open!
Register your 7 to 18- year-olds by May 15th to receive your contestant box by June 1st.
Each family contestant box contains a T-shirt, parent guidebook, and age-appropriate
Sword Study that will give your child the tools they need to inductively study a short book
of the Bible. Optional summer activities and a Local Bee (to be held @ Calvary Chapel
Fortuna on August 8th) round out the 10-week nation-wide summer program. The top 120
contestants in each of three age divisions are invited to participate at the National Bee and
are eligible to audition as contestants for the National Bible Bee Game Show.
Registration costs have been lowered to just $20 for the first participant and $10 for each
additional family participant (plus shipping). Visit for additional
information or contact the Renfer family, local Bible Bee hosts, @ 786-4077.
Here’s what participants have to say about the Bible Bee.
I am now a Bible Bee alumni, meaning that last year I aged out of the competition. However,
as a participant since its inception, I’ve seen God use the Bible Bee as a tool in my life to
draw me closer to Himself. I’ve learned over the past six years, that God longs for a personal
relationship with us. What a concept! The Creator of the universe desires to have an
intimate relationship with His creation! But close relationships are two-sided; they require
two participants to both want the same thing. In the same way, we also have to desire to
know God in order for a meaningful relationship to develop. And the Lord promises us in
Jeremiah and in James, that those who seek Him will find Him when they seek Him with all
their heart and that by drawing near to God, He will draw near to you. And that is definitely
what this Christ-centered competition motivates young people to do. So sign up now and let
God draw you closer to Himself through the inductive study and memorization of His Word
in the 2015 National Bible Bee Competition! ~Kristin (age 19)
More than any other single thing, the Bible Bee has nurtured in me a love for God's word.
Over the course of my Bible Bee "career" I've memorized thousands of verses and studied in
depth almost a dozen books of the Bible. And what I figured out is that you can't keep
adding God's word to your heart and mind without being changed by it—without learning to
love it. You just can't; if you don't learn to love it you'll eventually stop memorizing it
because you will be convicted by it. So, I love the Bible Bee because it gave me a priceless
treasure—a love for God's word, and a store of it in my heart for teaching, for reproof, for
correction, and for training in righteousness. ~Elissa (age 18)
The Bible Bee motivates me to study and memorize God's Word. I like how we are not only
encouraged to memorize Scripture, but to think deeply about it and really understand it. I
really like the Sword Studies as they are very thorough, well-written, engaging, challenging,
and they give the basic principles of studying a book of the Bible so I know how to go about
studying any part of the Bible! My favorite part about the SS is the cross-references; it’s
really cool to see how all of God's Word fits together, and relates and contrasts with other
parts. ~Everett (age 14)
I love the Bible Bee because when I memorize God's word I learn lots of amazing things
about God and how much He loves me. ~ Meredith (age 10)