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May 2015
The lovely weather put a spring in my step and the W.I. is
having a jumble sale and so I decided to have a de-clutter.
I began with the wardrobes. Pulled out three old jumpers
from the back of a cupboard and it was like seeing old friends
after a long break. Must keep those! I decided to explore the
eaves and emerged after about two hours having found our
old photo albums. Kitchen cupboards and drawers full of very
important things. Of course I need 9 saucepans and 6 wooden
Being a tenacious soul I was determined to down-size
somewhere and then the light suddenly dawned. I managed
to convince Paul to have a sort out in his sheds!
Easter Camelfordian April 2014 article on
Camelford Resident Sam Pollard of China
While researching my grandfather on the internet I came across the article
by John Pearce. He mentions my Grandma Emma Hainge who lived with
us for the first 17 years or so of my life. She was, of course, most proud of
He refers to Grandpa Sam as becoming "an expert in tooth extraction". Mr
Pearce might be interested to learn that in my tool shed I have two old
pairs of pliers, one of which, so my parents told me, belonged to my
father's father and was the very one he used to pull the teeth. The point of
the story as told to me was that despite having had no anaesthetic his
"patients" were always profuse in their thanks!
Is the stone with the rather fulsome dedication to Sam Pollard still in place
over the door to the erstwhile minister's house in Camelford? When the
building became a guest-house / B & B they made a feature on the
missionary connection, but the last time I looked at their web-site all
mention of him had disappeared.
It is good to know that my Grandfather is still remembered.
As may well be known locally, Sam attended Shebbear College over your
border with Devon. One of the school's houses is named after him. I am
currently in contact with them.
John Pollard
Kenilworth Warwickshire
Page No. 2
For more information contact the clerk
Camelford Future Planning
Meeting at Camelford Hall on Thursday March 19th 2015.
Pictured perusing plan of Camelford before and after the large scale building in the Town are:
Andy Shaw (Town Mayor), Jonathon Holt, Ruth Holt and Rob Rotchell (Deputy Mayor).
Photo David Flower
Page No. 3
Hedge Cutting/Pruning
Strimming and lawn mowing
All aspects of garden and house
No job too small or big
Fully insured
Covering North Cornwall
01840 706113
On the A395 • Davidstow • Camelford • PL32 9XR
01840 261131
[email protected]
Restaurant and Function Room
Evening Meals ~ Birthday parties
Christenings ~ Anniversaries
Christmas and New Year Parties
Themed Evenings
Available for Pre-Booked Evening Meals and Special Events
24/7 call out
availability Free quotes
Qualified Domestic Installer
All electrical work/faults undertaken, from a single socket change
to a full re-wire on new or old builds
Local, friendly and reliable.
Please call Ken on 07411242439 /
Email: [email protected]
Page No. 4
Roofing in Camelford (part 1)
Much if not most of what follows is extracted from the Camelford Heritage Guidance
notes produced a little while ago by North Cornwall District Council and is used with
While most of the buildings here are individually modest, their collective value is
significantly higher than the sum of their parts. Of particular interest are the forms of
the buildings, the quality of the materials used, and the workmanship expressed in the
construction. And the roofscape is a key element of the special character of Camelford.
The slate of North Cornwall, especially
that of Delabole, has been used for
centuries. Slate was used in prehistoric
times for, usually, hearth slabs and has
been used ever since. Documentary
sources show that slate was exported
from North Cornwall as early as the
fourteenth century and is renowned for
Simple vernacular roofs are characteristic and take a variety of forms
It remains the
dominant roofing material in Camelford today. Slate from elsewhere may be cheaper
but it remains unproven in terms of durability and how well it will age in terms of
The form, shape, and pitch of a roof may indicate
the period of construction as the technical skills
of the builder dictated the length of spans that
could be achieved.
The so-called Simple
Vernacular roof (plain pitched with a steep angle)
would usually allow for a building of only one
room deep and there are few buildings like that
A classic example of a ‘sleigh’ roof
In Camelford today because of much re-building
from the seventeenth century onwards. The
desire to get more space under cover led to the Sleigh Roof – effectively a sloping
lean-to as a continuation of the main roof – which provided for 2 rooms deep on the
ground floor. A further development was the Double Pile – two Simple Vernacular
roofs joined back to back with a lead valley between, doubling the spaciousness of the
More complex roof structures were in use by the wealthy from medieval times and
advances in joinery techniques (such as using king-posts and tie beams) meant that the
less well-off could also afford deeper plans without the need for costly and troublesome
valleys. Improvements in the production of slate and the methods of laying and fixing
led to shallower pitches. As a general rule, the steeper the pitch, the older the building.
Page No. 5
Roofing in Camelford (part 2)
Good slate is not cheap and for reasons of economy a number of houses in Camelford still have
‘rag slate’ roofs as in order to minimise waste all shapes and sizes of slate (often quite large)
were used. The largest were usually nailed directly to the rafters and placed especially at the
eaves and verges.
Due to the tendency for slippage or individual slate loss, some roofs have been ‘turnerised’ –
covered with a bitumen soaked hessian cloth. The main problem with the bitumen is that it
makes the re-use of any slate it
covers quite difficult.
Regularly sized slates started to be
produced during the nineteenth
century. While these meant more
wastage (and some might say less
charm) the saving in labour time
outweighed any disadvantage.
Further, less skill was needed by the
roofer or labourer. Also during the
nineteenth century a range of ridge
Three rag slate roofs in Camelford with the one on
decorations became available – tiles
the right being turnerised
and shapes made of clay and often
red or glazed blue/black.
Partly because lead was expensive, roofers developed the skill of cutting and creatively using
slate to achieve weathertight edges. Mitred hips, as found on the roof under the town clock on
the old town hall, have a visual flow and accentuate the quality and beauty of the slate.
Chimneys add a great deal to the distinctive roofscape of Camelford. Simply look up when next
in town to see the variety from substantial stone stacks to slender brick ones. And, even if not
used with fires, an open chimney does provide valuable ventilation and help to keep damp and
condensation under control.
Many thanks to Cornwall Council for permission to use information on which this article is based.
Friday 15�� May 2015
7.30 pm
Wadebridge Town Hall
The River Camel - Source to the Sea
with Adrian Langdon
We all know and appreciate the beauty of the River Camel
which runs through our part of this lovely county.
Come along to hear Andrew Langdon, well-known local
photographer, give an illustrated talk that tracks the wildlife
and landscape of this river from Bodmin Moor to the Atlantic
at Padstow. Tickets £5 for members, £6 for guests.
Page No. 6
Camelford Town Council
Spring Fair
Saturday 23 May 2015
Enfield Park
12 noon ~
4 pm
Page No. 7
Camelford and District Old Cornwall Society
Our April meeting was the last of the indoor winter programme. Members listened to
the moving story of Mrs. Metters and Sons, well known as chimney sweeps in North
Cornwall starting from humble beginnings in 1954.
All seven children and both parents have worked in the business at some time or
another and were all able to pull their weight and much more. The Austin 7 was
made to keep them going to chimneys in the smallest of streets that are paths in our
villages today. The business name, Mrs Metters and Sons, goes on today in the
modern way with Ryan and Jeffrey being the two sweeps.
Our Summer programme begins on Monday 11th May meeting at the Wadebridge
Museum near Cross Street at 7 p.m.•All Welcome.
Details from Margaret Mabson (01840 212549)
YEAR 10 student at Sir James Smith’s Community
School, Holly Kalicki, made a medal-winning
martial arts appearance at the recently-held Tae
Kwon Do championships in Plymouth.
Holly, a member of the Callington-based ‘New
Wave Martial Arts’ club took both a gold and a
bronze medal in the Southern Championships.
She emerged as the Female Junior Middleweight
British Sparring champion and took the bronze in
the ‘Junior Patterns’.
Thursday 7 May 2015
ALLMAN John William - Let every child have both parents
JEFFERIES Jeremy Alan - Mebyon Kernow - The Party For Cornwall
LINGARD Julie Christine - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
MANN Scott Leslie - The Conservative Party Candidate
PENNINGTON Amanda Alice - Green Party
ROGERSON Dan - Liberal Democrats
WHITBY John - Labour Party
Page No. 8
8 Hillhead Gardens, Camelford, Cornwall PL32 9TD
[email protected]
07980 841 867 / 01840 211 767
Covering all Aspects of the building trade.
NICEIC registered electricians, Gas Safe and OFTEC
plumbers, and heating engineers.
All of our work is 100% guaranteed
We have £10 million Public Liability.
Free no obligation quotation
We have provided building and maintenance services
to everyone from homeowners, local authorities and
housing associations to insurance companies and
contractors for over 27 years
Charity No: 1035065
Rear of Camelford Hall, Clease Road, Camelford, Cornwall PL32 9PL
Providing education & childcare for children aged 2-5years
Ofsted registered – “Good” with “Outstanding” areas for report
For more details contact Kerry on 01840 212114
Open term times, and some holiday dates
Stay n Play Group
Operates in Clease Hall on Thursday mornings from 9.30 a.m to 11.30 a.m.
for 0-3’s, only £1.50 per family, refreshments included.
A warm & friendly welcome is assured!!!
Page No. 9
All plumbing works undertaken
Installation, servicing and repair of central heating systems
( oil, LPG and natural gas )
Landlord Safety Certification
For a free estimate, contact us :
01840 250853 or 07773 132221
[email protected]
Page No. 10
On Saturday the club's new season commenced with it's annual
Opening Day, specifically for the members to enjoy a session of
bowling together. On a super bright afternoon
but with a very keen wind, about twenty members were in
attendance and were welcomed by President Colin Parsons.
Chairman Peter Buck also gave a few words and to the delight
and astonishment of all those present gave the news that one of the club's beloved and long
time members, Harry Hall, who passed away last year, had left the club a substantial monetary
legacy. This had come at a very opportune time, as there were a number of projects that
required reasonably urgent attention, including new windows in the main hall and a ramp to
accommodate disabled visitors to the club. Tea, as usual, supplied by the attending members,
was enjoyed at the end of the afternoon. The two teams the club now has, A and B, are in
different leagues this coming season so it will be much easier to manage the coming fixtures
with games played on different days. However, the club is always open and eager to welcome
new members and on Saturday next, 25th April, the annual Open Day will be held (next to
Juliot's Well Holiday Park) from 2.00 pm. There is a special concessionary fee of £32 for the first
year's outside membership. Come along and get help and advice from members present and
qualified coaches in the club. All essential equipment will be provided and, moreover,
there will be tea and biscuits to enjoy!!
Age Concern
Camelford & District
Reg Charity No 274217
Hope to see you then.
Bus Mobile
07980 485 238
Cherry Whitehead [Admin], Kerenza, Helstone, PL32 9RL
Tel : 01840 213391, Email : [email protected]
Programme Sheet for May 2015
For all residents and visitors over 50
Endsleigh Garden Centre
Monkey Sanctuary Looe
Cherry Whitehead
9 am
Barbara Clutton
9 am
Rita Wright
10 am
Liz King
9 am
Lifton Farm Shop
Margaret Rush
1 pm
Barbara Clutton
9 am
Pat Egan
Lillian Marshall
9 am
Liz King
9 am
Barbara Clutton
9 am
Cheesewring Minions
PL14 5LE
Barbara Hamley
9 am
XX - NS - no shopping
ST - visit to supermarket and time allowed for refreshments as required
****** to contact Barbara please dial ALL these numbers and wait for instructions : 18002 01840 211011
Page No. 11
Page No. 12
Tuesday - Sunday, 5 - 11 pm
Close d on Mondays
8 Market Place Camelford PL32 9PB
large 53 seater coach
2nd, 4th and 5th Tuesday each month
usually a few seats available
Ring Edwin and Margaret (01840) 261282
Edwards Inspections
Building surveys
Based in Camelford serving West Devon and all of Cornwall
0800 612 4977 / [email protected]
Selling your home or business? You need an Energy Performance Certificate – from £55
Buying a new home? Best to have a Home Condition Survey – from £275
Page No. 13
J J Arks
Arks, small animal
dog kennels
and aviaries
Tanalised timber
and wired mesh
Customised to
suit your needs
Please call
07746 980 453 (mob)
or 01840 213960
for details or to
your requirements
Page No. 14
Magpie's Nest is not closing for the time
being at the request of the landlord, to
allow it to evolve and secure a more
effective future for the shop. I must
admit the last few weeks have been a bit
stressful. Finding homes for a shop full of
goods and furniture proved more
difficult than I had imagined and as the
dreaded deadline for clearing the shop
approached at the speed of an express
train I tried hard not to panic, helped by
a late cousin's saying, "Trust in the Lord
....and change trains at Clapham
Junction!" So doing just that, and with
the help of Jim from Centrepiece who
supplied the old newspapers, I ploughed
on with the packing, whilst trying not to
trip anyone up with the boxes and
general chaos.
The day before I was due to close I got a
call to ask if I could stay on, keeping the
shop occupied, either until a new tenant
can be found or until a new way of
spreading the cost and sharing the
everyday running of the shop is worked
So all is well, apart from the un-packing
which I managed to completely avoid to
begin with by going round to tell
everyone the good news. I must say that
over the last month I have been touched
by how many people were upset by the
shop closing down and how happy
everyone has been that it is to go on,
hopefully, in a more permanent and
sustainable way.
In the end this whole event has refocused my attention on what the shop is
about, what sells and how to improve it
in the future, it has given me an
opportunity to dust!
If anyone has any bright ideas or
suggestions as to how to make the
Magpie a success please come and share
them, as they key to the future is
probably "the more the merrier".
As I said in last month's Camelfordian,
Camelford and its High Street has a lot
going for it from the point of view of
people visiting ( or those moving in from
other areas) who enjoy the town, the
park and the independent High Street so
By improving and supporting the shops
and businesses we already have,
Camelford can have a bright future.
I had only just finished writing this when I
got very exciting news. Another
vintage/collectables shop is opening
soon at number 7 Fore Street called
"Deja Vu". It will be a great asset for the
town and if we all work together we can
make Camelford somewhere to stop in
and not just drive through. Catherine Little
01840 213823
Page No. 15
The Camelford Committee of Cancer Research UK held their 37th Annual
General Meeting at the Methodist Church at Camelford.
Before the meeting commenced members were invited to observe a moment of
silence in memory of Mr Ray Boundy, husband of the Chairman, who died recently.
In opening the meeting Mrs Pam Boundy, Chairman, welcomed Miss Sophie
O'Connor, the local Fundraising Manager. She also commented on the very
successful year, both financially and socially, that the committee had enjoyed and
thanked them for all their hard work and commitment during the year. Miss Madge
Walkey, Honorary Secretary, reported on the years activities, thanked the local press
for publicising the Charity's activities and especially thanked the people of Camelford
and the surrounding area for their valued support and generosity. Mrs Sally Moore,
Honorary Treasurer, gave a very detailed and satisfactory report and then presented
Miss O'Connor, with a cheque for £15,200, which she accepted by saying what a
marvellous amount of money had been raised by the committee during the past
year. She also thanked all committee members for their efforts and the people of
Camelford for their continuing support.
Mrs Boundy, Mrs Moore and Miss Walkey were re-elected as officers. Mrs Hilary
Butler, Mrs Ang Goodman, Mrs Joan Goodman, Ms Nicky Hill, Mrs Lynn Oliver and
Mrs Jan Stratfield, were re-elected to serve on the committee.
Miss O'Connor gave a very comprehensive and interesting resume of the Research
being funded by Cancer Research UK and stressed the importance of the Fundraising
being done throughout the country in order to finance this research. She concluded
her remarks by congratulating the committee on their very successful year
£15,200 Cheque Camelford Cancer Research UK Committee. Photo taken in the Camelford
Methodist Room on Thursday April 2nd 2015 .Back Row: Joan Goodman, Nikki Hill, Lynn Oliver,
Hilary Butler and Ang Goodman.
Front Row: Jan Stratfield, Madge Walkey (Secretary), Pam Boundy (Chairman), Sophie
O'Connor (Local Fundraising Manager) and Sally Moore (Treasurer). Photo David Flower
Page No. 16
tintagel orpheus male
voice choir presents
Saturday 23 May
6.30 for 7
at Otterham Village Hall
Enjoy Songs from the Shows
and a three course supper
Tickets £12.50 from
Joyce Heard ~ 01840 230302
Page No. 17
John Rush Camelford AFC Life Member
Ollie Rowe, Camelford Football Club
Chairman and Rob Cook (Treasurer),
visited John Rush at his home in Tintagel
to present a Life Membership badge to
him for his services to Camelford
Football Club. John played for the club
for many years and of recent times has
attended as many home games of
Camelford football team as he could.
Sadly his health has deteriorated and is
now unable to attend as frequently as he
would like. The Club committee decided
to honour him with a Life Membership
and this was presented to John on February 2nd 2015
Report From Rob Cook (Treasurer), on behalf of Camelford Football Club. Contact 01840
It gave Camelford Football Club great pleasure in presenting John Rush with the Life
Membership Award in recognition of his long playing record. John joined the Club as a
young teenager in the 1950s from local village Club Otterham and played for Camelford
throughout his career notching up around a 1000 appearances. With Club Treasurer Rob
Cook he played in the South Western League and subsequently the East Cornwall Premier
League where Camelford became League Champions and League Cup Winners in
1963/1964. John's forte was his powerful kicking ability from free kicks giving him an
exemplary record for penalty kicks. John later played for the second team where he was a
prolific scorer at centre forward before playing at centre half.
Ollie Rowe said that John was an excellent footballer and also very faithful to Camelford
Football Club over many seasons. He was delighted that the committee had rightly decided
to make him a Life Member
Photo taken at John's home in Tintagel on March 3rd 2015. John is pictured with the
Camelford AFC Chairman Ollie Rowe and Club Treasurer Rob Cook. Ollie is holding John's Life
Membership badge. Photo David Flower
Remaining fixtures for Camelford AFC
Wednesday 29�� April
1�� Team away to St. Austell 7.30pm ko
2ⁿ� Team away to Bude 6.30pm ko
Saturday 2ⁿ� May
1�� Team away to Witheridge 3.00pm ko
2ⁿ� Team away to St. Austell 2.30pm ko
Monday 4�� May
1st Team home to Falmouth 3.00pm ko
Wednesday 6�� May
2ⁿ� Team home to Roche 7.30pm ko
Sunday 10�� May
East Cornwall Youth Football League
Saturday 16�� May
2ⁿ� Team home to Wadebridge
2.30pm ko
Page No. 18
On Saturday 18th April Val
Bluett invited friends and
family to St Juliot Hall to
celebrate her 80th birthday
but insisted that no gifts were
given. Instead, she asked for
a contribution towards the
cost of a handrail for St.
Thomas’ Church.
The collection amounted to
£500 which will not only
cover the full cost of the
handrail but will also go towards the cost of new glass doors.
We all wish Val a very Happy Birthday and thank her and her
guests for their generosity.
Page No. 19
Camelford Women’s
and Camelford Scouts
are holding a JUMBLE SALE
on Saturday, 9 May
10 am - 1 pm at Camelford Hall
Refreshments will be available
GOOD NEWS! Camelford
has just become a fully
accredited Walkers are
Welcome Town.
Walkers are Welcome is a
national organisation that
promotes towns that
welcome walkers. The
idea is to bring visitors to
the town and the local
area to promote
businesses and the area
more generally.
Camelford is only the
second accredited town in
Cornwall. This has been
achieved as part of the Town Team initiative to promote
Camelford as a great place to visit and stay.
To achieve accredited status included:
●collecting signatures of support
●clearing footpaths
●re-developing footpath guides and improving signage
However, this is the start of a process to develop and improve a
network of footpaths in the area. There is a small steering group
and if anyone is interested in getting involved please contact John
Pearce on 07740421393 or [email protected]
Page No. 20
Page No. 21
28 April 2015
16 May 2015
26 May 2015
23 June 2015
5 July 2015
14 July 2015
28 July 2015
25 August 2015
18 September 2015
22 September 2015
27 October 2015
24 November 2015
15 January 2016
26 January 2016
The Juliotter Garden Club AGM
was held on 24 March 2015 the programme below was agreed
for the 2015 / 2016 season
Lanhydrock woodland walk and plant sales - directions
Plant sale at Otterham Hall
“Members’ Passions”- short talks
Visit to Sally Searle’s garden
Rosemoor visit - self drive
Pat Ward - One garden, Four seasons
28 April 2015
Quiz Night
Mark Wash - Bulbs throughout the year
Charlie Pridham - Clematis
Evening meal - venue tbc
Jenny Edrich - Stinkbombs, samphire and squills
23 February 2016
Tim Ellis - Pruning
22 March 2016
Monthly meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month,
7.30 pm in the new Otterham Hall - more details from Pat Thorne 01840 261237
Between 16/03/2015 and 18/03/2015 a heavy duty trailer has been taken
from the Delabole area. This is not to cause any unnecessary concern. Police
are appealing to anyone with any information no matter how trivial to contact
them on 101 (general enquiries), 999 in an emergency or email
[email protected] quoting crime number
CR/018470/15. This is also a reminder to all general public to continue to
report any suspicious activities and to keep their properties securely locked.
Page No. 22
Our local Mosaic Artist, Jill Williamson, will be opening her
doors again for Open Studios from 23-31 May 2015
12 noon - 6 pm every day.
Exciting gallery and studio with demonstrations.
See sparkly penguins, bees, butterflies, fish, dragonflies and hearts!
Free cream teas
Families welcome
A fun afternoon out
Easy parking
Waterfront, Trefrew Road, Camelford PL32 9TR.
Tel: 01840 213680
Prices from £3
Page No. 23
The Camelfordian has previously published updates on the
the progress of the Town Team set up following a grant of
£10,000 from the Mary Portas Fund to increase footfall in
Camelford. The project is now nearing the end so it seemed a
good idea to summarise what has been done with the
money. One of the first things was to agree how to ‘brand’
Camelford. This led to the development of the shield logo
At the same time and in consultation with the Town Council it was decided that
Gateway to Bodmin Moor was a memorable strapline that would attract visitors
to Camelford. Not only is the moor conveniently close to Camelford but it is one
of the very few beautiful open landscapes in our cluttered world. It is also packed
full of archaeological features that date back as far as 5,000 years.
Another focus of the Town Team has been to improve the signage in and around
Camelford. Soon there will be new official town signs on the main roads as you
drive in to Camelford. Also the riverside walk now has new signs as part of the
Walkers are Welcome project. The closure of Camelford Tourist Information
Centre has been responded to by many of the shops in town agreeing to have a
tourist information sign in the window and information leaflets available as well
as giving advice.
Finally, the Town Team has been keen to improve publicity. This has included
printed banners for the annual Camelford events and a pulley system that makes
it easy to put banners up over the main road. Carry bags will be available with the
Camelford Logo and a new notice board has been put up on the Mason’s Arms
wall. All this has taken time and effort on the part of the Town Team, but in the
end it will be up to all of us living in Camelford to ensure that Camelford is a lively,
interesting and fun place to be and to make visitors welcome.
Page No. 24
Page No. 25
A Methodist Minister’s View
When this contribution to your
community magazine is actually in
circulation we shall be only 7 – 10
days away from the General
Election on May 7th. By that time
you may well be suffering from
‘election fatigue’ as you will have
watched TV news bulletins as well
as other political broadcasts, and
dealt with a number of election
leaflets which have been delivered
to your door. All of our political
leaders and candidates will be using
all the channels of communication
open to them in an attempt to
persuade you to use your ‘valuable
vote’ for them.
As we were reading the story of the
events which led to the Crucifixion
of Jesus during Lent and through
Holy Week we were confronted with
the story of a crowd being asked to
make a decision. In all four of the
Gospels in the New Testament the
story of the choice given to a group
of people by the Roman Governor,
Pilate, is told. The crowd had the
opportunity of having a prisoner
released at the Passover Season,
and were given the choice of
Barabbas or Jesus, and were
persuaded by some influential
people to shout for the release of
Barabbas. Barabbas had taken part
in a political rebellion and was
known as a rebel and a murderer.
The story serves as a lesson to us
about the powers of persuasion and
the politics of expediency as we are
confronted with having to make
choices over the coming days. One
wonders how many of the crowd
regretted the choice which they
made when they thought about the
event in retrospect.
Our choice over the coming days
will have wide ranging
consequences for a number of
people locally, nationally and
internationally, hence it is important
for us all not to be ‘swept along’ by
the ‘persuaders’ but to make our
own reasoned choice. A
phrase which often appears in
prayers of intercession, but
which I have not seen in any
election communication is
‘serving the common good’.
Perhaps it is the phrase which
could guide us in our decision
Every blessing in your
contemplating about your
Bryan Ede
Page No. 26
Registered Charity number 300524
Children’s Parties ~ special rate £30
in main hall + £50 returnable deposit
Short Meetings in conference room - one hour or less - £10
Phone Jenny on 01840 211114
or email [email protected]
cornish cabs
Page No. 27
A friendly,
family run service
for all your taxi
Please ring
Mobile 0759 9319 764
Landline 01840
Page No. 28
Concerts at St Endellion and St Kew
Following a feast of concerts in April with the St Endellion Easter Festival
followed shortly after by a visit from the Bournemouth Symphony
Orchestra’s string section, May has a variety of music events to follow:
CIMF Regional Gala Concert,
Friday 1 May, 7.30pm, St Endellion Church
On Mayday St Endellion is a venue for one of the regional concerts of the
Cornwall International Male Voice Choral Festival. Four of the choirs
participating in the festival: Imery’s Mid Cornwall MVC, Sussex
Gruffs,Worcester MVC and Chor Musica from Canada will perform at St
Tickets are available from The Hall for Cornwall Box Office.
The Zoltan Ensemble
Sunday 10 May, 3pm, St Kew Church
For the first Endelienta concert of the summer season
we welcome back the Zoltan Ensemble for an
afternoon concert at St Kew. The highly talented
professional musicians, Lowri Porter(violin), Laura
Kernohan(violin), Nancy Johnson(viola) and Roz
Gladstone (‘cello) will perform a programme of string
quartets featuring Schubert’s Rosamunde Quartet.
Baritone Rob O’Connell joins them to perform works
including Barber’s Dover Beach.
Tickets, £10 (free to accompanied under-16s)
available by telephone 07787 944935, email
[email protected] or call in at the Wadebridge Bookshop.
The Atlantic String Orchestra and the young musicians of the
Triggshire Strings, under the excellent direction of Barbara Degener, will
give a concert in St Endellion Church on Saturday 16th May at 7.30
pm. From Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 from the orchestra to songs
of Celtic and Caribbean background from the younger musicians; do come
and give these aspiring young musicians your support. Entrance is free,
donations welcome.
Singing Workshop with Helen Porter
Saturday, 23rd May from 10..00 am to 3.00pm, St Endellion Church
Helen’s popular workshops help people discover
and develop their singing voices beyond
expectation. Working with exercises and miniature
songs composed by Helen, the day is enjoyable for
singers at any level. If you are a complete
beginner, sing in a choir or want to brush up on
your knowledge of vocal technique, this workshop
is one for you!
The cost for the day is £15 and numbers will be
limited, email [email protected] to reserve a place.
Page No. 29
The Distinguished Conduct Medal
This medal was instigated on the 4th December 1854 to
recognise an act of outstanding gallantry by Other Ranks (not
It is recognised as second only to the Victoria Cross.
There were two men from Camelford who were recipients of this
prestigious award.
George Bartlett, 45722 Private of the
Devonshire Regiment was awarded this medal
“For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.
In defence of a bridge-head, when an enemy
armoured car advanced, killing two men
alongside him, he kept his Lewis gun in action,
and forced it to retire, saving a critical
situation.”. He was later also awarded the
Military Medal.
Thomas Hambly, 200742 Private of the Duke
of Cornwall’s Light Infantry was awarded his
DCM “For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to
duty. Though wounded he kept his Lewis gun in
action with great courage and determination
under heavy fire.”
Camelford and Advent 1914 – 1918 are researching all men from
the Camelford area who went to “fight the enemy”. We have been
lucky to find many details of the 250 men, but we cannot find any
details of these men. We are asking for anyone who has any
information on these men to urgently contact us.
Please email details to [email protected] or
telephone 01840 212524.
Page No. 30
Page No. 31
Tel: 01208 851072 OPEN TUES TO SAT 10 am - 4 PM
20 Victoria Road Camelford
Cornwall PL32 9XA
[email protected]
Over 7,000 secondhand
books for sale - and most
catered for
PRICES . . .
Phone 01840 213433
Page No. 32
Garden Stories from Cedarcroft - May
May is a month that sees the seasons
changing again, with spring rolling into
early summer.
It is a glorious month, greener than any
other with potential still in the air and
the Chelsea flower Show to look forward
too. At Cedarcroft our beautiful white
show garden is now open and free to
see. This garden is going to develop as
we move into summer and I hope that by
the end of June it will be at the height of
its glory with all the white plants in the
garden flowering there socks off! Do
come and have a look ............
The Jobs
Watch out for late frosts. Protect tender
plants. Earth up potatoes, and promptly
plant any still remaining. Plant out
summer bedding. Regularly hoe off
weeds. Lift and divide overcrowded
clumps of daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs. Prune out overcrowded
and dead stems of early - flowering
clematis (C.alpina, C.cirrhosa,
C.macropetala, C. Armandii and their
cultivars) after flowering. Give your
container plants a balanced liquid feed
every two to four weeks to promote
healthy growth. You can still divide
herbaceous perennials now to improve
their vigour and create new plants. Take
cuttings of tender perennials such as
Fuchsia, Argyranthemum, and
Pelargoniums (geraniums). The new
shoots of hardy perennials can also be
used for cuttings.
Creative Activity
Unusual hanging baskets
Create a virtually no-care container with
succulents. We've found the biggest
challenge of growing beautiful hanging
baskets is keeping them from drying out.
You can have an easy maintenance
basket with a planting of drought
tolerant echeveria, sedum or other
succulents. They're an unusual choice,
but require next to no watering, even in
hot, sunny situations. Prostrate
Rosemary is an unusual idea with pretty
blue flowers and drought tolerant. Or
how about 3 tumbling tomato plants in a
basket, pick them as you pass! Another
idea bright and colourful are
nasturtiums, and the flowers can be
picked and put in your salad. Why not
experiment with other herbs that creep
and hang, lawn chamomile, thyme
prostratus, oregano has a low spreading
habit too. Pop a thyme silver posie in the
middle and you have hanging herbs! Or
strawberries work well but you will need
to keep them well watered. Yummy ........
Old garden titbits
A society grows great when old men
plant trees who shade they know they
shall never sit in. Greek proverb
Ol' man Simon, planted a diamond. Grew
himself a garden the likes of none.
Sprouts all growin' comin' up glowin'.
Fruit of jewels all shining in the sun.
Colours of the rainbow. See the sun and
the rain grow sapphires and rubies on
Ivory vines, grapes of jade just ripenin' in
the shade, just ready for the squeezin'
into green jade wine. By Shel Silverstein
Gardening simply does not allow one to
be mentally old, because too many hopes
and dreams are yet to be realised. By
Alan Armitage
Happy gardening. It has been so lovely to
see everybody back at Cedarcroft, thank
you all so very much for your support.
Page No. 33
There is now a Camelford
Events Calendar which
will show all that is
happening in Camelford
throughout the year
Linked to the web page
you can ensure that your event is listed by
informing us - [email protected]
Page No. 34
Need help getting your
books in order?
Worried about the
dreaded selfassessment?
Book-keeping and accounting
Local, friendly and accurate
I work from home, so low overheads means clients benefit from reduced fees
Call Eve Reeks 07403 772464 / 01840 211039 or email [email protected]
10 years experience in all aspects of grooming
All breeds, cross breeds and sizes welcome
Page No. 35
All aspects of Roofing ~ uPVC Windows
Fascias and Guttering ~ Bathrooms ~ Tiling
Painting and Decorating
or mobile
James Boundy ~ Ivy Cottage, Trebarwith, Delabole, PL33 9DF
Man and Mini Digger
No job
● Narrow Access - Digger fits through
doorways / gateways
● Landscaping / Ground Works and Garden
● Supply of materials and removal
● Professional and reliable service
John Roe
Constructive Developments
Tel : 01840 211233
07747 606271
Page No. 36
They went across from one pot to the other
following the line of the pussy willow. More
foliage was added, Elaine using eucalyptus
Workshop time! We arrived with armfuls and pieris, but other foliage could be used. In
of foliage, pussy willow, tulips, roses, gerbera, the middle of each pot she put a gerbera and
then added the roses, some going across from
midellino sticks and two identical pots about
one pot to the other. And, finally, again
6 inches high.
linking the pots, midellino sticks were arched
After the welcome from our chairman, Valerie from one to the other.
Bluett, we gathered around to watch the
It was a design with a difference and very
demonstration by Elaine Reynolds.
pretty and adaptable as it could be assembled
The two pots, filled with floral foam, were
to be viewed from one side, making it suitable
held together by a piece of stick. Pussy willow for window ledge or a console table, or an all
stems, horizontally, went out at each side of
round arrangement for a dinner table. Then
the pots and then large ivy leaves on the
we all set to work with our materials, some of
edges of the pots to disguise the foam and
us all fingers and thumbs, gently stroking our
then camellia sprigs filled in behind. Elaine
tulips’ stems and adding our foliage and
stripped the leaves from the tulips and then
flowers. Camellias featured well in some of
gently stroked the stems so that they arched. the arrangements and our different foliages
made the evening into a “Theme and
Variations” with a whole range of colours.
Camelford Floral Society
1�� April
And a lovely thing was, as well as the
satisfaction of creating the arrangement, we
all went home with it.
Our next meeting is on May 6 with Jenny
Dellow, entitled “Glass on Glass”.
Usual time and place, 7.30 at Camelford Hall.
Come and join us.
Page No. 37
Foodbank Charity Dinner Dance Annual Fundraiser. Thank you so much to everyone
who supported this event, it was a fantastic night with lots of great dancing and
fabulous prizes with a generous amount of money donated. We’d also like to say a
BIG Thank You to the local businesses and individuals who donated prizes, to The
Pavillion Centre, Tinker’s Catering and the Bridge on Wool for looking after us during
the evening. Also to ARRC Print Ltd for their assistance in producing our Event
Programme and to SKDA Design Ltd for designing and printing the posters.
Donation of Easter Eggs. Thank you to Natwest Bank for their kind donation of Easter
Eggs. They were a welcome addition to our foodboxes during Easter.
Diary Dates:
St Kew Highway Playing Fields Association Jumble Sale at Wadebridge Town Hall on
Saturday 16 May from 10am‐12pm
Mayplay 2015, Egloshayle Playing Fields, Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 May – pop
along for cuppa and a slice of cake in our Vintage Tea Tent.
Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park – Family Camping Weekend Everyone is invited to
join us from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 June. £20 per pitch per family. For further
details please give us a call.
Wadebridge Foodbank & Storehouse, Bridgend, Wadebridge PL27 6DA Tel. 01208 815374
Registered Charity No. 1146404
Email: [email protected]
New & Pre-Loved Clothes Sale to help raise funds for Romanian
House Building Project
Cherry Pile and a team of volunteers from the Wadebridge Christian Centre will be
travelling to Romania this Autumn to assist with a building project in Romania in
association with the SMILES Foundation Charity. They hope to transform the lives of
people living in a Romanian village by re-placing their temporary mudbrick and
plastic sheeting dwellings with sturdy block-build permanent homes with tiled roofs.
To raise funds for this much-needed project, they will be holding a New & Pre-Loved
Clothes Sale (Sizes 8‐22) on Saturday 9 May from 10am‐1pm. It will be taking place
in The Basement at The Exchange (Wadebridge Christian Centre at the top of
Molesworth Street). There will be a Raffle and Tea, Coffee and Homemade Cake
available. Come along with your friends and grab yourself a bargain.
For further information please contact Cherry Pile on 01208 264707.
Page No. 38
Terry Baber
Decorating Services
Domestic and Commercial Work
Carpet Cleaning Service
Free Estimates
54 Fore Street
Cornwall PL32 9PG
Phone : 01840 213325
Mobile : 07890 652220
Email : [email protected]
General Building and Property Maintenance Services available
Dan Bray
Tree surgery and hedge maintenance
Tree surveys and inspections
Mayford, Coombe Road
St Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4DQ
01208 851662
07850 437872
[email protected]
Page No. 39
Hilltop is open 7 days a week serving All Day Breakfasts and Home
Cooked Food all day every day! Bookings taken.
Proper Home Cooked Sunday Lunch £9.50 Choice of locally sourced
Meat and Vegetarian Option.
Bookings advisable.
Summer opening hours Mon-Sat 9-6 and Sundays 10-4
For enquiries or bookings please call us on 01840 211518
Camelford Floral Art Club presents a “Bling Event”.
On 4th July from 10-1 at St. Thomas’ Church. Details to
follow in June edition.
Refreshments available.
Page No. 40
EB Window Cleaning
Our services:
Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning
Exterior and/ or Interior
Solar Panel Cleaning
Based in Camelford and covering all surrounding areas.
Call Ed for a free quote on 07535 938140
LPG AUTOS, Tregath Business Units, Camelford Station
Camelford PL32 9TX
Give us a call for friendly advice on 01840 211443 / 07989 988060
Email : [email protected]
Page No. 41
Each night at 7.30pm except Sunday (10.45am)
Other events at the Tent ...... Free Texas Barbecue
Free Cream Tea with Concert Pianist ...
Everyone welcome! Watch your letterbox for your personal
Page No. 42
Diane Taylor
Daws House, Victoria Road, Camelford PL32 9XA
Tel : 01840 213433 Email : [email protected]
-----------------The easiest way to get copy to us is by email to
[email protected]
Please be aware that all copy may be subject to editing and the
decision about what is printed will be made by the Editor.
Clare Ireland, Timberlines, Dark Lane, Camelford, PL32 9UQ
Tel : 01840 213527 Email : [email protected]
To place ads please contact Clare. Ideally adverts should be a third
of a page, in landscape format. The charge for a year in this format
is £40 for the ten annual issues of The Camelfordian. Other sizes will
be charged pro rata, as will single entry adverts.
If you would like to place a Small Ad it will be charged at £1 per entry,
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All copy should be with The Camelfordian by 20th
of the month before publication.
Aaron Scawn
Email : [email protected]
Please visit our website
Webmaster Bob Ireland
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Page No. 43
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Mayor of Camelford
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Town Clerk
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Camelford Hall Chairman
John Pearce
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Camelford Hall Bookings
Jenny Metters
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Cornwall Councillor
Rob Rotchell
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Dan Rogerson MP
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Cornwall Council
One Stop Shops
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