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tips from a pro
home staging 101:
Whether homeowners are thinking of staging
their home for the
real estate market—or
renovating a cherished space for their own
enjoyment—designer and home stager Beth
Odence of Design No. #5 offers a trio of tips:
1. wall color
Odence often integrates a home’s interior by painting it the same
neutral color throughout—perhaps a shade of white or pale gray.
“Particularly if you’re selling your house, it makes it more spacious,”
she says. You may consider painting the trim the same color as the
walls, especially if it’s not architecturally beautiful, Odence says. A
prime example is her interior renovation of the 1800s Andrew Lovell
House, which she treated with white walls throughout. “That really
upped the ante,” Odence says.
2. furniture:
“When people are struggling with a room, they often keep buying
pieces to fill in,” Odence says. Instead, consider emptying the space,
then bringing in pieces one at a time. “Space is good,” she says. “Let
the room breathe.” In the master bedroom in the Andrew Lovell
House (RIGHT), she chose pieces in nautical colors, such as an offwhite and blue-triped sofa and chairs, and an eye-catching coffee
3. finishing touches:
Interior touches such as art, lampshades, and tabletop décor have a
huge impact, Odence says. “Streamline your basics, and think about
your finishing touches,” she advises. “Think about what’s already in
the room for color and what you want.”
-Mary Grauerholz
| Cape Co d H OME
| SPRING 2015
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