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Basic Golf Club
Head Cover
A Pattern by SheilaToy
Yarn: Any worsted weight yarn, 2 oz (about 100 yards). You can use all one color, two, or more! Add stripes for variation. This pattern is a great way to use up yarn scraps. Needles: 3 or 4 US size 8 (5.0 mm) DPNS or circular needle Stitch Guide:
CO-­‐ Cast on (long tail method preferred)
DPNS-­‐ Double pointed needles K-­‐ Knit P-­‐ Purl KFB-­‐ Knit in front and back loop (or your preferred increase method) Sts-­‐ Stitches Stst-­‐ Stockinette stitch Ssk-­‐ Slip slip knit
CO 24 sts. Distribute evenly over DPNS (6-­‐6-­‐6-­‐6 over 4 needles or 8-­‐8-­‐8 over 3 needles) and join for working in the round. Work in K1 P2 ribbing til work measures 7” from CO edge. (The next row is optional. If you are working a putter, you can skip this row. A driver or larger head club will need the increase.) Increase Row: (KFB. K2) Repeat around (32 sts). Work in Stst til work measures 11” from CO edge. (The next row is optional. Only work this row if you worked the increase row. If you did not work the increase, skip past Decrease Row 1.) Decrease Row 1: (Ssk. K2) Repeat around (24 sts). Work 2 rows in Stst. Decrease Row 2: (Ssk. K1) Repeat around (16 sts). Work 1 row in Stst. Decrease Row 3: Ssk all sts (8 sts). Cut a long yarn tail and thread tail through remaining stitches. Pull yarn tight and weave in all ends. Can top with a pompom or tassel if desired.