Vendata Solutions

Vendata Solutions, based in Van Nuys, CA, is a tapeless solution provider for multicam broadcast productions offering Cinedeck RX recorders. These have been used on
a variety of live shows including Whitney Houston 2013 Grammy Awards Tribute and
advanced deck control and ingest solution
The Teachers Rock special, both on CBS. Vendata’s Cinedecks are also currently being
used on several episodic Nickelodeon shows, such as the forthcoming comedy series
Sam & Cat and Haunted Hathaways, and were used previously used on the slapstick
sci-fi series Marvin Marvin, and the initial 20 episodes of sitcom See Dad Run. For live
shows, the Cinedeck RX recorders are taking the place of traditional tape decks in
Compared to tape, Cinedeck RX delivers mobile production trucks, capturing camera ISOs and the line cut to the internal SSDs.
dramatic savings in time, as ingest is just For the Nickelodeon productions, the Cinedeck RXs support a variety of production-to
a matter of drag-and-drop – so editors post workflows, from capturing DNxHD36 proxies for offline editing, or high-resolution
and producers are thrilled.”
DNxHD 175X for online editorial.
“File-based workflows are taking off in live and episodic production, and the Cinedeck
RX fits right into the existing rack infrastructure that tape decks have traditionally
occupied,” says Vendata’s CEO Scott Heames. “The ability to record master and/or proxy
copies on separate channels in a wide variety of codecs, plus the SSD internal record and
connectivity options for multiple write destinations add up to a lot of flexibility in how
they can be deployed. Compared to tape, Cinedeck RX delivers dramatic savings in time,
as ingest is just a matter of drag-and-drop – so editors and producers are thrilled.”
Vendata Solutions