set lunch menu - cloverlimerick

Thai food
1..Chicken Wings
2. Pandan Chicken (garlic and coriander root, wrapped in pandan leaves
3..Fish Cake
4..Mou Bing ( grilled pork Skewers with spicy tamarind)
5.Thai Calamari ( chilli, crushed peppercorns, lime leaves and ginger dressing)
6..Satay Gai ( chicken skewers with peanut sauce (c)
All starter cost 5euro
Wok noodles
Thai (keoteow ,prawns, tofu, egg,peanuts, beansprouts, lime (c)
8.Pad Se-Iew( pork strips, Thai green vegetables,egg, keoteow, thai soya sauce)
9..Pad Kei Mao Talay (prawns, squid, mussels, Thai green peppercorn, basil,a lot of chilli,bay)
corn and keoteow)(s)
Rice dish
10.Khao Pad ( tomatoes, broccoli,Thai pepper, onion,egg, and chicken or beef)
11.Pad Kar Prow ( chicken strips, long beans, chilli, holy basil )(s)
12..Nuea Pad Khing ( beef strips, scallion,ginger, chilli, dry mushrooms)
13.Red beef Curry ( baby corn, long beans, lime leaves,cherry tomatoes (c)
14..Green Chicken Curry ( green chilli, bamboo shoots, baby corn)(s) (c)
15.masaman Vegetable Curry ( ,baby corn, tofu,long beans,bamboo shoots, strew
mushrooms,potatoes (v) (s) (c)
All main dish cost 10euro
From 12am to 4pm
Japanese food
starter so spring roll (chicken roll with peanut sauce)
2.Gyoza ( finely chopped chicken ,ginger&chiver dumpling ,steamed&pan fired
served with conditional gyoza sauce)
3.Yasai gyoza (finely chopped seasoned vegetable dumpling ,steamed&pan
fried,served with conditional gyoza sauce)
4.Agedash tofu ( deep fired tofu served sweet ginger &dalkon sauce)
5.Avocado salad (seared tuna &mixed greens served with ponzu sauce)
6.Pumkin (roquette)(2 pieces)
All starter cost 5 euro
Bento box
7.Kodomo bento (sausages chicken nuggets,chips tamago maki kyuri maki)
8.Sushi bento (assorted mixed sushi specially selected by our chef)
9.Yasai bento (assorted mixed vegetables& tempura avocado norimaki golden
salad, miso soup teamed rice tentsuyu&grated radish)
Chef special
10.Golden dragon roll (crab crunnchy inside ,mango on top with mango sauce)
11.Pink lady (tuna salmon avocado lettuce inside wropped with soy bean paper
with spice mayo sauce
12.Small sushi set (6 pieces chef`s selection )
13.Clover cha ham (egg fired rice with king prawn chicken finely pepper spring onion
mangetout served with bowl of miso soup )
Ramen&don dish
14 .Chilli ramen (stewed chicken breast or stir fired beef)
15. Yaki udon (mixed season vegetable served on a bed of rice &miso soup)
All main dish cost 10euro
From 12am to 4pm