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Asante sana!
As 2013 draws to a close, we wanted to take this opportunity
to thank our generous donors for their time, money, and gifts.
Thanks to you, we have received literally
tons of:
hand-knitted baby clothes;
top quality second-hand children’s
and brand new underwear, schoolwear,
and shoes for our children in Kenya.
We have also received:
books and equipment for our schools;
sewing machines for ‘Kelvin Kraft’;
wedding dresses for ‘Westminster’;
and much, much more!
Thank you to everyone
who has dropped off
donations to our office or
shop. We store all your
donations in a secure
warehouse in Perth.
Our team of volunteers
then load the goods into
a shipping container.
Everything is stacked
and packed tightly in, making use of all
the available space.
And then the container begins its journey
from Perth to Nairobi - some 4500 miles
(7300 km).
When the container finally arrives at KCH
in Nairobi, a team of
volunteers unload all
the bags and boxes and
distribute the contents
between our projects...
We would also like to thank those of you
who have given TIME to volunteer in
‘Afri-Can’, to volunteer in Kenya, or to
help us with our fundraising events.
And those of you who have given
ENERGY by organising an event, by
completing a sponsored challenge, or by
raising awareness of our work.
And those of you who have given
MONEY by sponsoring a child, ‘buying’
loaves of bread for distribution to those in
need, or making a donation. Thank you!
2014 together...
We would be delighted if you were able
to continue to support us.
Here are a few ideas:
Knit for our Babies;
Knit Blanket Squares;
Provide brand new underwear for our
Donate good quality second-hand
children’s clothing for our children;
Donate high quality second-hand clothing
to ‘Afri-Can’ ;
Volunteer some of your time to work in
‘Afri-Can’ ;
Participate in a sponsored event to raise
funds for Balcraig Foundation;
Apply to volunteer at KCH;
Or Sponsor a Child...
‘Afri-Can’ - our ‘charity shop with a difference’ - sells a
range of good quality designer clothing and accessories
and genuine Kenyan jewellery and crafts.
We would love to receive your donations of good quality second-hand
clothing and accessories. Please pop in to drop off your donation.
‘Afri-Can’ is a real treasure trove of designer labels, luxury items, and
some beautiful & unusual gifts. We are at 225 High Street, Perth.
Pop in for a browse.
Special Mentions:
☺ Aitken & Niven for
☺ Smalls for All for
☺ Sarah Aikman at
‘Snip Tack & Sew’ for
sewing machines
☺ Our army of knitters
up and down the UK
for baby clothes
☺ All those who have
supported ‘Afri-Can’
☺ ‘Open Door’ lunch
club for ‘buying’ over
4500 Kelvin Loaves
☺ Tessa Littlefield for
books and clothes
☺ Strathallan School for
volunteers and
Knitting Tips!
If you would like to knit
Babies Unit, please knit
hats, cardigans,
and bootees, for
sizes ‘newborn’
up to 18 months.
Or knit bigger jumpers
for our ‘toddlers to
Or knit blanket squares
(15cm/6” for baby-sized
blankets and 20cm/8”
for larger bedsized blankets).
Thank you!
Balcraig Foundation
Robertson House
1 Whitefriars Crescent
[email protected]
01738 633264