Theron & Naomi Goynes E.S. Newsletter Principal’s Message Special upcoming events at

Theron & Naomi Goynes E.S. Newsletter
March 2014 Edition - Mr. Jeff Hybarger - Principal & Mrs. Rosemary Mercera - Assistant Principal
Principal’s Message
Special upcoming events at
Goynes Elementary School
Dear Parents and Guardians,
On behalf of the entire staff at Goynes E.S., I want to acknowledge the enormous effort that parents have
made to support student activities and instruction this year. We are so grateful for the community support 
and all you have done this school year. I also want to recognize the hardworking staff at Goynes and all
they have done to support instruction at our school. This year is quickly coming to a close. We have
about a month left.
As we complete the remaining weeks of this school year, I want to congratulate the students for all the
work they have done. I want to especially recognize the students that have completed the state
assessments in third through fifth grade. These assessments are not for the faint of heart and the
children worked very hard.
I realize that some of our students may be moving during the summer and may not be coming back to
Goynes in the fall. I want to wish those families and students well and hope that all of our students will
have a safe and fun summer.
For those returning, we look forward to seeing you again in the fall. The 2014-2015 school year
classroom placement information will be sent to parents two weeks before school begins in August 2014.
Please be looking for a document that will identify your child/children’s classroom number and teacher.
For students that are leaving us and moving to middle school, as a school team we have great faith in
you and wish you a wonderful middle school experience. We ask you to let us know how you are doing
every once in a while. It is always great to hear from our prior students. I feel privileged to have worked
with the parents, teachers and students this year.
Best wishes,
Jeff Hybarger (Mr. Hi)
Greetings from the Assistant Principal:
Teacher Appreciation week is
May 5-9. Below are five very valid reasons of why we show appreciation to teachers.
They aren’t afraid to make complete fools of themselves in order to motivate
students. How many other professionals do you know who go to work dressed as
Pippi Longstocking or the hard-to-find Waldo, just because it’s reading week?
They work late and on weekends grading, planning, and worrying about each and
every of their students.
They are way underpaid for their education and job expectations. The average
starting salary for teachers in the US is $30,000 a year.
They pay for supplies, incentives, and their own professional development out of
their own pockets.
They are under attack for all the ills of society; yet with honesty, we all know there
are multiple factors involved in why “Johnny can’t read.” But the best and
brightest teachers stick with it for every child, every day, ever year.
We have very talented teachers at Goynes . Please continue to show your appreciation.
Sincerely, Mrs. Mercera
May 19– Staff Development Day-No School
May 26-Memorial Day-No
 June 4-Last Day of School
Good teaching is
preparation and
three-fourths pure
From the Library :
Our AR After School Club has now ended for the year. April 25th was the last day for April AR
level finishers. April awards will be given out on May 9th. May 23rd will be
the last day for any quizzes to be taken this year for AR and May awards will
be given out on May 30th, which is the last Friday of our school year.
Checkout will end for most students on May 16th. The only exceptions will
be those students who are trying to finish an AR level and are close to doing
so. Please help our students get their books returned or paid for, so we can
start out the new school year fresh.
Sincerely, Mrs. Gustafson
Best of Luck to Our
Congratulations to the 2014 Art Quest Finalists who will be
competing Tuesday, May 13 here in the Goynes MP room
promptly at 8:15 a.m. The finalists have been given the
opportunity to participate in an all day field trip to the J. Paul
Getty (Center) Museum in Los Angeles, Friday, May 16.
Good luck in the competition to all!
I hope through The Art Quest Quiz-A-Thon our children become more
aware everyday of the ART around them. Sometimes it is difficult to
create art ourselves but—everyone can surely learn to appreciate what
they may not feel comfortable doing themselves. The greatest reward for
me is when students come to tell me what art or artists they have seen or
heard at home, while traveling, and just “out and about.” The children
become more “Art Aware” and “Art Smart.” Please continue to kindle
their opportunities to observe, explore and discover.
I would like to thank all students, parents, families, faculty, and Staff at
Goynes Elementary School for great support, hard work ,and fun. We are
approaching our Tenth Anniversary of the opening of Goynes Elementary
and I have to say, we have enjoyed many great events, excitement,
opportunities, friendships and more. It is always a pleasure to work and
be associated with our Goynes Elementary Family.
Have a Super Duper Summer.
Mrs. Weight
Mission Statement
The community of Goynes Elementary
School is committed to academic
excellence for all students in a
collaborative environment that promotes
individual achievement, positive
relationships, and responsible
“BE Kind” Shirts
School Parking and Safety
We have noticed that there are many parents that are
parking in the drop-off zone located at the front of the
school. This zone is reserved for dropping off children
only and is not a parking zone. Parking in the drop-off
zone adds to the congestion to that area and ultimately
slows down the drop-off and pick-up process. Also,
please be sure not to drop your students off in the far
lane in between moving traffic. This creates an
unnecessary danger for students. Thank you for your
cooperation in this matter, and thank you for making
Theron & Naomi Goynes E.S. Elementary
School a safe and enjoyable place for our
children to attend school.
Every Wednesday
We have not received 150 re-registration forms for the 2014-2015
school year. Please return the registrations form with proper documentation before June 4, 2014. If the clerk does not receive a registration form by June 4, 2014, your student will not be placed in a
class for the following school year. Thanks.
Last Day of School News! (Wednesday, June 4, 2014)
Please do not send your child/children to school with backpacks.
School dress code is still in effect.
School dismisses at 11:20 for grades 1 – 5 and 9:20 for all Kindergarten
classes. Please be sure to be on time to pick up your children.
May 2014
Theron & Naomi Goynes E.S.
(702) 799-1770
3409 Deer Springs Way, N. Las Vegas, NV. 89084
Including notes and drawing tips
will go on sale in the Art Room for $5.00 each!
What a bargain!
Only 50 sketchbooks made, so it is first come
first serve.
There is a sketchbook on view in the office.
Have an awesome summer!
Are you going to be in the Los Angeles area this summer? Drop by the J. Paul Getty (Center) Museum which
is free admission. Parking is $15 per car. The Getty Villa which houses antiquities is located just off the Pacific Coast Highway. The Villa is also free admission but you must have prereserved tickets. You must have reserved parking. The Villa is located off
Highway 101 close to Malibu.
Want to know what’s there? Please visit the J. Paul Getty website or Google—J. Paul Getty Museum for great
information and GAMES. Please watch “Preparing for your visit” video on the
home page . . which will give you an idea of what the museum offers.
The J. Paul Getty title on the home page, but above the picture there is a black bar. Click on
“education.” On the drop down bar or over to the left side click on “Kids & Families,” at
bottom of that list click “To do at home.” You will find games, puzzles, and more that will
familiarize yourself with artworks at the Getty. There is also a “Collection,” “Video Gallery,”
and much more to explore. . Explore more under “education” such as, ”Teachers and
Students” to learn specific information about the art and the artists.