CSCS Time Attack Bulletin 2015.02 April 2, 2015

CSCS Time Attack
Bulletin 2015.02
April 2, 2015
For Immediate Release
CSCS Time Attack is proud to announce the first of many great changes for 2015.
We would like to welcome Pirelli Tire Canada to the CSCS family, a globally recognized brand in high
performance tire technology.
Pirelli chose CSCS Time Attack to showcase their P Zero™ Trofeo, P Zero™ Slick and Summer UHP tires
and their capabilities on the track.
The P Zero™ Trofeo will be eligible for competition in the Super Street Class, and the P Zero™ Slick for
The program consists of two major elements, a contingency reward program and a discount purchase
program for qualified racers.
Program Summary
Contingency Program
Pirelli Tire Canada is offering two tires, free of charge to any Super Street or Unlimited
Class winner who competes using Pirelli tires.
To be eligible for this program, tires used in competition must be purchased through
approved channels and in conjunction with CSCS/Pirelli Tire discount program.
Reward tires will be picked up from Steelcase Tires ‘n’ Mags (Details to follow)
Full details and regulations of the program will follow.
Discount Program
A discounted tire purchase program will be available to all CSCS Time Attack
competitors, regardless of class or finishing position.
Tires will be available exclusively for purchase through Steelcase Tires ‘n’ Mags
A catalog of available tires, sizes and prices will be released in the next week.
Questions can be directed to [email protected]