Oklahoma Used Tire Recycling Program List May 2013

May 2013
Oklahoma Used Tire Recycling Program List
The Oklahoma tire recycling fee is applicable to most
retail tire purchases. The following list is intended to
be illustrative only and is not all-inclusive.
Fee Applicable:
Cars and light trucks
Motorcycles and mopeds
School buses and automobiles owned by schools
Tires sold to governmental agencies
Tires sold for farm tagged motor vehicles
Tires sold for commercial trucks, truck-tractor
(semi-trucks) and trailers
The first registration in Oklahoma of automobiles,
motorcycles, mopeds or trucks, including farm
tagged motor vehicles and commercial motor
vehicles which are not registered under the International Registration Plan (prorated vehicles)
Used tires if no documentation that a fee has
previously been paid (includes retreaded/recapped
tires for resale)
** Beginning July 1, 2010, tires used on implements of husbandry and
agricultural equipment that are not more than 14 inches wide and 44 inches
in diameter will be included in the program and appropriate fees apply.
Fee Not Applicable:
All-terrain vehicles
Off-road motorcycles
Riding mowers
Push mowers
First registration in Oklahoma of vehicles
registered under the International Registration Plan
(prorated vehicles)
Tires sold by a tire wholesaler to a retail dealer for resale
Sales by vendors who do not have business or inventory inside Oklahoma, where the tires are delivered by common carriers.
** Tires that have an overall width greater than 14 inches and overall diameter
greater than 44 inches and used on devices designed and adapted to be
used exclusively for agricultural, horticultural or livestock-raising purposes,
including farm tank-type wagons of less than 1,200 gallons capacity, trailers
and semi trailers used exclusively to and from the farm to market, utility,
all-terrain vehicles of less than 1,500 pounds which are equipped and used
for farm or ranch operations, tires sold for backhoe, grader and other
construction machinery.
Contact Information
Land Protection Division- (405) 702-5100
Used Tire Recycling Program Customer Assistance(405) 702-5175
Used Tire Recycling Program Web site:
Oklahoma Statutes, Title 27A, Section 2-11-401, et seq.
Oklahoma Administrative Code Title 710, Chapter 95,
Rule 5-3,
**Applies to new law Effective July 1, 2010
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