2006 TL-ULTRALIGHT STING SPORT Light Sport Aircraft For Sale At...

2006 TL-ULTRALIGHT STING SPORT Light Sport Aircraft For Sale At...
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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011
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3/22/2011 10:58 AM
2006 TL-ULTRALIGHT STING SPORT Light Sport Aircraft For Sale At...
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UPLAND, California
Serial Number
Registration Number N838N
Total Time
290 Hours
Flight Rules
General Information
LOADED Sting Sport LSA - NDH, 115 knots, Autopilot, Garmin 496, Mode S w/
Traffic! Price Reduced!
Detailed Description
This is a 2006 TL StingSport, made in the Czech Republic and supported in the USA by
Sportair. This is one of the fastest LSAs you can get. You'll see 115 knots on the ASI
(cruise power setting) at low altitude, and about 100-105 @ 10,000 MSL. Climbs
600-1100FPM depending on load; it leaps off the runway in well under 1,000 feet, and
you'll be at TPA by the time you turn crosswind at some airports! You're going to love
the car-like instrument panel. With one of the most panoramic views you can get in
ANY closed-cockpit plane, you will be enjoying nearly 360 DEGREES of visibility! Two
side vents and a forward vent help keep you cool on a warm day. The carbon fiber
fuselage is sleek and helps isolate you and your passengers from engine noise. The
split flaps are ENORMOUS and will allow the airplane to descend almost like an
elevator, if you need to. Handles pretty good in a crosswind, too! The control sticks are
close-coupled and use pushrods, making the airplane very fun and responsive. The
TruTrak 2-axis autopilot will hold any course and/or altitude you request, and it also
takes navigation input from the Garmin 496, so it will even intercept a course line and
fly from waypoint to waypoint. Speaking of the 496, it's also coupled to the Garmin
GTX 330 Mode-S transponder, so you get traffic (in areas with radar coverage)
RIGHT ON THE SCREEN! Forget about carb heat and mixture controls - the Rotax
912ULS engine needs neither! All you have is a power lever. It also has a GRS wholeairframe parachute! I'm throwing in the chocks, the travel canopy cover, and the ASA
Rotax 912 DVD (worth about $450 altogether) with your purchase.
290 SNEW - Complete logs since new.
Useful load 485lbs, 21.5 gallon fuel tank (20 usable.)
Engine Specs:
Rotax 912ULS
- 290 SNEW
- 100HP
- Will run on 91 octane auto gas or 100LL
- Full time carb heat (doesn't cost power) and auto-leaning carbs
3-blade, ground adjustable composite prop. 290 SNEW.
Pitched for best climb/cruise tradeoff.
TruTrak 2-Axis Autopilot
Garmin GTX330 Mode-S Transponder
Standard six pack (ALL ELECTRIC, heading displayed on AI)
TruTrak 2-Axis Autopilot w/ disconnect switch
- Tracks any altitude or heading you supply
- Can also track courses/waypoints from the GPS unit!
Garmin GPSMAP 496 w/ AirGizmos dock
- Wired into intercom for audible terrain/traffic warnings
- Can be wired up to receive XM Radio/weather (not included)
3/22/2011 10:58 AM
2006 TL-ULTRALIGHT STING SPORT Light Sport Aircraft For Sale At...
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Grand Rapids Engine Monitor
- RPM, CHT, EGT, Volts, Fuel Pressure, Manifold Pressure, etc.
- Wired to an "idiot light" that flashes if anything's out of spec!
Day+Night VFR lights (taxi/landing, strobe, nav, position, cabin)
Additional Equipment:
Tow Bar
Aluminum Chocks
Travel Canopy Cover (by Bruce's Custom Covers - weighs about 2 pounds and fits
easily in cargo port.)
9/10. Two-tone blue stripes on white. The airplane has great ramp appeal. You will find
that other pilots will walk up to you and ask where you got such a good-looking
airplane! The airplane has been hangared since new.
9/10. Very attractive! You'll know what I mean when you walk up to it. The panel is
done in clear-coated carbon fiber and has a very carlike appearance. There's even a
little indentation on top of the panel, sized perfectly to hold the simplified procedures
booklet and the airplane/Hobbs log. The seats are not adjustable, but the rudder
pedals move back and forth. Behind each seat is a cargo port, and there is a shelf
(with cargo netting) aft of the seats. Toe brakes pilot side only; copilot brakes can be
added as well. Schroth restraints. Cabin fire extinguisher mounted between seats.
Inspection Status:
Last annual 5/2010.
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