Sport BTEC Level 3 90 Credit Diploma/Extended Diploma Starting September 2015

BTEC Level 3 90 Credit
Diploma/Extended Diploma
Starting September 2015
Opportunity Achievement
When do I start studying for
this qualification?
The remaining 100 credits are achieved
by completing a further ten optional
units available.
For how long will I study?
How will my work be
September 2015.
For two years.
One year to complete the Advanced
Subsidiary (equivalent to one A Level).
Two years to complete the Diploma
(equivalent to two A Levels).
What is this course about?
This 2 year course is equivalent to
three A Levels and gives learners
the opportunity to develop a range of
skills and techniques, personal skills
and attitudes essential for successful
progression into the sports industry
or to sports related higher education
In year one all students will study a
core programme and in year two will
be able to take on the challenge of
level 4 units if these are appropriate.
Students can and are encouraged to
study this course alongside other areas
of Academy of Sport provision.
What topics will I study?
Students must achieve a total of 180
credits to achieve the Level 3 Sport
Extended Diploma.
A total of 80 credits are achieved by
completing the nine mandatory units
that are; principles of anatomy and
physiology in sport, the physiology
of fitness, assessing risk in sport,
fitness training and programming,
fitness testing for sport and exercise,
sports nutrition, psychology for sports
performance, technical and tactical
skills in sport, and the athlete’s lifestyle.
These units have an emphasis
on delivering effective Physical
Education in schools, analysing sports
performance against current issues
in sport and developing knowledge in
sport as a business.
Each unit is assessed as coursework;
there are no exams. You receive
feedback about your progress
throughout the course.
Evidence for assessment may be
generated through a range of activities,
including written assignment, role-play,
oral assessment, presentations and
assessment of practical performances.
Are there any specific entry
You will need a minimum of five GCSEs
at A*- C grade or Sport BTEC Level 2
Diploma at merit or above.
What are the lessons like?
A range of teaching and learning
styles is used during the course.
Formal lessons are combined with
discussion, case studies, task-based
learning, practical activities, student-led
activities, video and ILT.
There will be an emphasis on practical
activities to support learning throughout
the duration of the course. Teaching
resources and course material are
available on the student intranet.
This material is very important as the
course has no exams; the workload
is demanding and coursework
requirements are intense at times
because the course is contiuously
assessed. Individual support is
available to all students.
1:1 support is available to all students.
What skills and interests do
I need beforehand to be a
successful applicant for this
Students need to have a good
understanding of how sport affects
the body and mind, and the effects
on performance of health, fitness and
nutrition. A good knowledge of the rules
and regulations of a variety of sports
and an interest in current sporting
affairs is very important.
What skills will I need to
develop during the course to
• You must quickly develop good
independent study skills to be able
to meet the deadline demands of
the course.
• You must learn to self assess your
own work and with your teachers’
help maximise your grades.
• Teamwork is an essential part of the
course and you need to be able to
work well with others in a range of
• You need to have a keen interest in
a variety of sports and understand
sports performance.
• You must have good all-round
practical skills and be able to use
your knowledge and expertise to
apply them to related units.
• You will be placed in unfamiliar
situations so you will only get the
most from the course if you are able
to fully commit to it.
• Show good time management so
assignments are completed on
time and in line with your guideline
grade. This includes being able to
balance college, sport, social and
paid working commitments.
What do students say about
this course?
In a recent survey 96% of students
rated the effectiveness of teaching on
this course as excellent or good.
“During my time studying Level 3
Sport at Worthing College I have not
only grown academically but also as a
person. The teachers allow you space
to learn and do work in your own style.
The people you meet while you are
here are friends for life.”
“This course is great because it
provides you with lots of opportunities
as well as allowing you to learn
practically and theoretically.”
“BTEC Level 3 Sport is really
interesting with lots of different aspects
like anatomy, teaching and coaching,
fitness testing etc. The teachers are
good at giving you help and advice
when you need it. You get lots of
opportunities for coaching experience
and additional qualifications.”
“Studying BTEC Level 3 Sport opens
so many doors for your future and
is a great opportunity to further your
sporting knowledge.”
“BTEC Level 3 Sport gives you the
chance to take responsibility for your
own learning and challenges you to be
the best you can be.”
What do people do with
Sport BTEC Level 3 Extended
This course provides an excellent
foundation for students intending
to pursue careers in: teaching and
coaching, sports development,
the leisure industry, recreational
management, health, leisure and
fitness, sports studies, sports therapy
and public services. This can be
either by direct entry into employment
or through further study in higher
education at local, national or
international institutions.
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