Save the dates 19-21 May 2015
Sustainable Living
architecture, construction, urban planning, renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmentally related technologies
Sustainability is gaining ground in many spheres of Germany providing interesting opportunities for Danish solutions. Denmark has a strong brand as
a country where green and sustainable solutions have been developed AND tested across a number of economic sectors and spheres of life. This
track of the export promotion will have a broad scope, allowing companies from a number of sub areas to benefit from the story of Sustainable Living.
The construction sector is seeing solid growth rates with new construction as well as many renovation projects dominating many of the major cities in
Germany. There is a strong focus on energy efficient buildings and sustainable construction that matches the strongholds of Danish architects, construction companies, urban planners, building material and technology providers.
With the Energiewende Germany has set very ambitious targets for the introduction of more renewable energy sources and energy savings measures.
At the same time Germany has a strong need for upgrading their electricity grid. Denmark is widely recognised as a frontrunner in the energy area and
especially within district heating, wind energy and energy efficiency in buildings and industry. Other technologies that match the needs in Germany are
biomass, water and environment technologies.
Save the dates 19-21 May 2015
Healthy Living
pharmaceuticals, rehab, medical devices & technology
Germany is among the top spenders in the world when it comes to the health sector, using more than 10 % of GDP on health. Not least due to an
ageing population, the health expenses are expected to grow further in the coming years. At the same time, budgets will become tighter in German
Health care. Thus, the focus will be on saving costs, making processes more efficient and increase quality.
This transformation provides multiple opportunities for Danish companies, especially for providers of products and services that support efficient and
evidence based solutions in German health care. Danish companies are frontrunners in this field. The export promotion will provide an excellent
platform for knowledge sharing on future health care between Germany and Denmark.
Save the dates 19-21 May 2015
Tasty Living
food, beverage, cooking, gastronomy, dining and tourism
Germany is the biggest market for Danish food exports. The overall market for food in Germany has seen significant growth in recent years. German
consumers are focusing on healthy life-style, bio/organic products, high quality and food safety. Danish cuisine, food and beverage have a strong brand
in Germany – among tourists who have visited Denmark and among consumers who appreciate high quality products.
Cooking shows and programmes on fine dining are popular programmes on German TV channels and consumers are highly interested in food exhibitions, not least in the bio/organic area.
The aim of the export promotion for food is to establish or strengthen contacts to the retail sector, wholesalers (organic and non-organic) and foodservice
Germany is by far the biggest market for Danish tourism. Our long coastline is our biggest attraction, but also Copenhagen and other bigger and smaller
cities with good food is getting more and more popular. Visit Denmark and the tourism industry will join the export promotion activities under the track
Tasty Living to ensure that the track is utilised to brand Danish cuisine as well as Denmark as a tourism destination. Alongside the export promotion
activities it is forseen that Visit Denmark will run a parallel tourism B2B workshop in Hamburg as well as Munich. .
Save the dates 19-21 May 2015
Stylish Living
design, fashion and interior decoration
Danish design is popular among Germans. When it comes to fashion, interior design and furniture. But also when it comes to service and product
design, the Danish focus on creativity and functionality is highly respected.
Germans are spending more on clothing and there is strong interest in home decoration, which provides a growing market for interior design and
furniture. Due to a trending interest in old values and craftsmanship of high quality as well as a focus on luxury and high profile, the German consumers
have grown fond of Danish design. This is evident in the media where Danish design is often being showcased. The trend of “cocooning” is expected
to continue and create further opportunities for Danish design. Also within design and fashion, sustainability is of high importance, which is positive for
the image of Danish design.
The demand for design products is higher in the eastern federal states and the larger cities, e.g. Hamburg and Munich, where disposable incomes are
The German market for design and fashion is hard to enter, but very stable if the companies are able to adjust to the competitive landscape. This, in
combination with the positive prospects for consumption, makes Germany a very interesting market for Danish producers of fashion, design and interior