Sambal bloody mary Sambal SmaSh Sambal

Sambal is a spicy Southeast Asian condiment
made, in its simplest form, from chile peppers
and salt. A more elaborate Sambal may contain
onion, lime juice, lemongrass, sugar, garlic, oil and/
or vinegar. You will find Sambal in a jar or bottle at
an Asian food market or in the international aisle
at the grocery store.
There are many varieties of Sambal. Sambal
Oelek is the kind you're most likely to find in the
U.S. We have been experimenting with this sauce
this spring and we offer the following food and
beverage options for those who like it a little spicy.
Sambal Bloody Mary
ABSOLUT Peppar, Zing Zang, and a splash of
Sambal. Garnished with a Piquante pepper
and a horseradish pickle.
Sambal Smash
Cucumber Vodka, Red Bull Yellow Edition,
Dash of Sambal. Surprisingly refreshing with
a bit of a KICK!
A Sambal Michelada with a serious kick.
Lager Beer and Sambal with a salted rim
and lime
Sambal Oyster shooter
Raw oyster with your choice of Vodka
(we suggest ABSOLUT Citron), a splash of
Zing Zang topped with Sambal
Hot Rita
Tijuana Sweet Heat Margarita with Sambal.
Mule Kicker
Hendricks Gin with Ginger Beer and Sambal,
then garnished with a lime.
remember to enjoy responsibly 113803
Spicey Spring
El Cerdo Volcan
Our house sausage blend patty seared to keep
the juices in, then we top this with, grilled onions,
piquante peppers, ghost pepper cheese, and
drizzled with Sambal sauce on a kaiser bun.
Served with your choice of side.
Smoked Thai
Sambal Wings
Our in house smoked jumbo wings flame grilled
and tossed in Sambal sauce served with bleu
cheese dressing or buttermilk ranch.
5 wings 5.99 10 wings 10.99
Sambal Bacon Balls
Our house specialty bacon wrapped meatballs
tossed in a spicy Sambal red sauce with melted
provolone cheese and garlic bread.
Sambal Shrimp
Half a pound of jumbo shrimp, sauteed with
onions, red peppers, garlic, ginger, Sambal and
Beer. Served with roasted red pepper rice and
garlic bread
remember to enjoy responsibly 113803