Corporate Identity Workshop

Corporate Identity Workshop
North East Sales and Marketing Academy
10:00am – 4:00pm, Friday 5 June
A truly great logo, like the ones above, is not an isolated piece of marketing collateral. It
carries with it a much bigger story of the organisation’s vision and values – its corporate
And just like these great multinational brands, the way in which your company is perceived –
its image and identity – is one of the most powerful determinants to its success in the
The Workshop has been designed for anyone with an interest in understanding the theory
behind corporate branding and how it can be used on a practical basis to improve your
company’s identity and reputation amongst its existing and potential new customers.
It is equally suitable for marketing executives, marketing students and small business
owners, and counts towards 6 hours of CPD for the Chartered Institute of Marketing
Benefits to You
The benefits to you of attending the Workshop are:
ü Gain a clear understanding of the role of corporate identity and branding within an
organisation’s overall marketing mix – especially its role in customer engagement
ü Learn and share best practice through networking with other professionals in this
ü Review your organisation’s own marketing materials in terms of the corporate identity
they are projecting, and create an action plan going forward
ü Be awarded a certificate of attendance accrediting your 6 hours Continuing
Professional Development
Morning Session: What Is Corporate Identity?
This session looks at what makes a great corporate identity and how it is comprised of 6
main elements: The company’s vision, values, long-term goals, key messages, tone of voice,
and branding. Presentations and working group discussions will be complemented by case
studies from world-renown companies, looking at everything from the role of celebrity
endorsements to the choice of corporate colours.
A company has an effective and inspiring corporate identity when all of these elements are
working to support one another. It is about so much more than just having a memorable
Afternoon Session: Practical Application
Delegates to the Workshop are asked to bring a representative sample of their company’s
marketing materials with them. This might include: Brochures, leaflets, newsletters, business
cards, letterheads and a print out of sample pages from the company’s website.
In the afternoon session delegates will break into groups to review each other’s materials,
based on their understanding of the theory set out in the morning session. The aim is not to
criticise and pull each other’s materials apart but to recognise and celebrate good practice
whilst at the same time identifying possible areas for improvement and development.
The cost of attending the Workshop is:
£140, including refreshments and a buffet lunch
A reduced rate of £125 for CIM members and for companies who are members of the
Course Leaders
Joanne Dolezal runs her own marketing consultancy business, Dolezal Consulting. She
holds a BA in Modern Languages from Bristol University and an MA in Marketing from
Northumbria University; and has extensive marketing experience gained in Travel and
Tourism, Emerging Technology, Retail, Hospitality and the Public Sector. She works with a
number of handpicked specialists in web design, graphic design, search engine optimisation,
copywriting, print and PR depending on the brief.
Paul Hemphill of Horizons Life Coaching is a professional leadership and wellbeing coach
with over 25 years management experience in both the public and private sector. He is an
experienced course organiser and workshop leader on a wide variety of management and
coaching topics. He has an honours degree in economics and a professional coaching
diploma, endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), of which he is a full