Making Sure Your Branding is Cohesive

Making Sure Your Branding is Cohesive
Branding is a subtle art but it is crucial to the success of a business in today’s market. With so
many businesses competing for a share in the market, having a strong brand identity can help tip
the scales in your favour. This is why branding is important and you really need to look into it if
you want your business to succeed. Branding requires coming up with a recognizable logo for
your business. It should be something that the customers can easily memorize and associate with
your products. However, any branding you do needs to be cohesive too. The following are some
tips that can help you in this regard.
Use a Compatible Colour Palette
Colours play an important role in making a brand recognizable. If you have selected a particular
colour scheme for your logo then you should use a compatible colour palette for your other
promotional materials. This is important because it can help the customers in identifying your
brand simply by having a look at the colours used even if your logo isn’t printed. You should
consult a graphic designer for choosing a colour palette which complements the colour scheme
used in your logo.
Come Up with Multiple Variations of Your Logo
It isn’t always possible to have the same amount of space available for printing your logo on
promotional material. In such cases, it is a good idea to have a different variant of your logo
available that can fit into the available space. However, make sure that the new version isn’t
markedly different from your original logo or people won’t be able to associate it with your
business right away.
Utilize Custom Design Elements
Having a graphic designer create custom design elements to match your logo style can also help
in making your branding more cohesive. The customized design elements you need include icons,
images and buttons.