Monday March 25 - East Taieri School

25 March 2015
Est 1853
Principal: Jennifer Horgan
(M.Ed., B.A., Dip. Ed. Leadership)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 489 6737
Dear Parents/Caregivers
What a great day we had at Tirohanga yesterday. The cricket win last night topped off a
perfect day! Thanks to all of the parents who joined us at Tirohanga, helping to make
yesterday’s outdoor education day such a success. Special thanks to Peter Thorn for his
The Student Council have planned a coin trail for Friday to raise funds for the victims of
the cyclone in Vanuatu. Last week Janna Begley, one of our new parents, talked to the school
about the devastation in Vanuatu and how it has affected the school where she was recently
teaching. We have decided to send the proceeds of the coin trail directly to her school. Some
children have been doing jobs at home to make a real effort to raise money – well done!
We have had children arriving at school too early – one at 7.30am last week. Supervision in
the library does not start until 8am – and that is through prior arrangement between parents
and school. Children are not permitted into classrooms until 8.30am.
On the last morning of Term 1 (Thursday 2 nd April) the whole school
will join together in a shared breakfast as a culmination of our Inquiry
into ‘Healthy Living’. As part of this event we will be having a pyjama
day and everyone is welcome to come to school in their pyjamas.
We have been lucky enough to secure donations of bread and weetbix (we also have gluten
free weetbix and bread available). The children will need to supply their own (named) bowl,
plate and spoon and they are welcome to bring their own cereal if they would like.
The breakfast will take place between 8:00am – 9:00am and the children are welcome to
come and share breakfast during that hour. Sorry, breakfast will be available only for school
Headlice is about once again. Please check your child’s hair regularly and treat accordingly.
We would like to start up our highly successful Parent/Grandparent Reading
Tutor programme again this term. If any parents or grandparents have an
hour to spare during the week, listening to children reading in a one-to-one
situation please contact Annette in the office. The programme aims to give
children extra reading mileage and has proved highly successful in
accelerating children’s reading progress in the past. Thanks to those tutors from last year who
have already indicated that they are keen to be involved again this year.
The Term 1 accounts will be going out today. They include School donations, bus to Tirohanga
Day, Touch fees (this is
considerable less than last year
because of the short season), TSSA MARCH
subs (Taieri Schools Sports Assoc),
Friday 27
PALs Training Day
Year 5 Camp and Swimming. We
have been able to reduce the cost
Thursday 2
Shared Breakfast
of swimming by using the Kiwi
Home & School BBQ LUNCH
Sports Grant and a DCC swimming
Term One ends
grant. Also a big thank you to the
Monday 20
Term Two starts
Home & School for their donation
to subsidize the buses.
 Piper Smart & Logan Hay – for showing responsibility
 The Year 4 students who are so good in their role as buddies
 Ruby Day, Caroline Quirey, Sophie Thorburn and Kayley Wenlock – for being excellent
PE Shed monitors
On the 19th of March the Taieri Schools had an E-Learning Day. This was a chance for children
to teach other children about e-learning tools they have used at school or at home. Jack
Hayes, Layton Ford, Charlie Brough, Renee Pitchers, Blake Carter, Eli Bowen, Dragon Winikoff,
Josh Thom, Charlie Kelly, Kyla Standring, Daniel Joint and Alexis Watt represented East Taieri
School. They attended workshops on Story bird, Strip Design, Google Slides, Create your own
Superhero, Tellagami, Explain Everything, Toontasitc, The Pulp-o-mizer, Garfield Comic Strip
and a photography course.
In Term 2 these children will take Discovery Time sessions on a Friday so they can teach the
rest of the school how to use these amazing programmes. The following children presented
workshops: Blake and Eli took a Movie Maker/Stop Pro Animation creating workshop, Charlie
Brough and Charlie Kelly took a Pic Collage creation workshop, Dragon presented a workshop
on Createria and Josh Thom taught children all about the app Puppet Pals.
Thank you to our parents who helped out with transport; Shelley Carter, Robyn Kelly and Amy
Brough. We had a great day learning new things and being able to share our knowledge with
others too. We look forward to using these ideas back at school.
On Tuesday last week the Year 5’s went to Tirohanga Camp for a two day camp.
We found out who we were sleeping with in our cabins. Then we went off to
do our first activity. Our group activity was “Search and Rescue” with Constable
Greer. He showed us how to search for the parents who were hiding in the
bush. They left clues to let us find them. Next we did the confidence course
and the climbing wall. After lunch we swapped over with the other group and
went to Waihola to do yachting and kayaking. Back at camp we had lots of free
time to explore. Later that night we built a bonfire and roasted marshmallows.
Day Two at Tirohanga was all about River Safety. Emma Brown came and taught
us about river features, such as eddies, strainers and buffer waves. She also
taught us how to cross rivers safely and what to do if we were swept away.
After lunch we headed to the Taieri river where we practised what we had
learnt. It was fun but super cold.
By: Harry Lungley and Philippa King
As I got off the bus, excitement was in the air. Everyone was talking,
running around and getting off another bus. After a while Mr Thorn
started the day off by talking to us about what will happen. Then we went
to the first activity. Our first one was land mines and group activities.
After that it was morning tea. Next was wall climbing and bivy building,
then lunch. Finally the moment I had been waiting for – Yabbie fishing! I
got my rod and started. I didn’t get any in the first half. But all of a
sudden my fishing rod vibrated. I pulled it up and a yabbie was on it but it
fell off and that happened again. In the end I caught three.
Dunedin Primary and Intermediate Schools Triathlon Championships
A very enthusiastic bunch of triathletes had been training hard over the past couple of
months, and this showed in some of their results last Friday. Unfortunately the salt water
pool at St Clair had been flooded by big waves, so the triathlon became a duathlon with just a
run and a bike. This was disappointing for our swimmers. Results and photos will follow next
Next term we are starting “Discovery Time” again on a Friday between playtime and lunchtime
for the Year 3-6 children (11.20 – 12.30). “Discovery Time” is a fantastic opportunity to
develop the wonderful child leaders we have at East Taieri School and help students to
develop the competencies to become lifelong learners and competent citizens. If you are
available to come along, even once, and take a small group for an activity it would be hugely
appreciated. Examples of activities you might like to take care cooking, art, craft, woodwork,
sports skills, board game sessions, photography … anything you like! There can be
remuneration of costs of materials if necessary. Grandparents are also very welcome to come
along as well.
Please fill out the form below and return it to your child’s teacher. Any questions please
contact Garth Powell – [email protected] or Janine Clague – [email protected]
Fun Ferns (Year 1& 2) Netball
This year Taieri Plains netball are running a Fun Ferns programme on Saturday mornings, beginning in
term 2. This is a great opportunity for our future young netballers to get an early start to netball through
fast-paced coaching sessions, incorporating lots of fun netball orientated games. Students (aged 5-7) are
warmly invited to register by completing the form below.
Player’s Name:
Room Number
Parent’s signature:
Email address
Cell phone number
Congratulations to Jamin Miller and Georgia McHutchon
who competed in the Otago/Southland Athletic
Championships in the weekend.
Jamin Miller – 1st Shotput Grade 10 boys
3rd Discs Grade 10 boys
Georgia McHutchon – competed in long jump, shotput, long
jump and track.
2nd 60m Grade 8 girls
3rd 200m Grade 8 girls
5th Long Jump Grade 8 girls
Taieri Under 7 Rugby Team ran on
with the Highlanders vs
Warratahs match.
East Taieri kids:
Harper Conley
Hunter Compton
Max Cross
Mace Hodge
Zac Cunningham
10 Week Art Class
For year 4, 5 6 students
@ East Taieri School
MONDAY 20th April 3.15 – 4.15 PM Or
Tuesday 21st April 3.15 – 4.15 pm
(limited spaces available)
PHONE: 489 0377 OR 027 424 7760
E-MAIL: [email protected]
10 week course $120
(Includes materials)
Polar Fleece Size 4 - $20.00
Skort size 4 – $20.00
Boys shorts - $10
Sunhat - $6.00 x 2 size S
See Annette in the office
Boys shorts – size 8 - $10
Phone Janine 489 6569
Skort size 10 - $5.00
Culottes size 6 – free
Boys black sketchers size UK11(US12)
Girls black clarks size UK1G shoes
Plus more good condition shoes
Upright Piano – needs to go. OFFERS
Phone Justine 489 3930
Or 027 2600269
Skort size 8
Polo top size 10
Merino size 7/8
Phone Rebecca 484 7686 or 0211324283