Dr. Muhammad Asif Associate Professor, Architectural Engineering

Dr. Muhammad Asif
Associate Professor,
Architectural Engineering
Department, KFUPM
Saudi Arabia is facing enormous energy and environmental challenges. With the
annual demand for electricity growing at a rate of 6%, the country is ranked
amongst the highest in the world in terms of per capita energy consumption and
carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The buildings sector account for almost 80% of
the electricity used in the country while the residential sector alone consumes over
50% of the national electricity. Official forecasts suggest that to meet the demand
of growing population, the country needs to build 230 thousands new homes
annually through to 2020. The situation is potentially going to have huge
ramifications for the energy sector. It is therefore critical for Saudi Arabia to
promote sustainability in the building sector in general and in the residential sector
in particular. Zero Energy Homes (ZEHs) can be an appropriate solution in this
respect. The presentation investigates the technical viability of ZEHs in Saudi
Arabia taking into account the five inhabited climatic zones represented by major
cities: Dhahran, Guriat, Riyadh, Jeddah and Khamis Mushait. Employing
appropriate sustainable design features, energy efficiency measures and renewable
energy technologies, it also presents model of a typical ZEH for Saudi nationals
developed with the help of the Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) software.
It also discusses the acceptability of ZEHs within various construction industry
stakeholders and consumers.
Dr Muhammad Asif is an Associate Professor in the Architectural Engineering
Department at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM)
since 2013. He is Charted Engineer, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
(UK) and Member of the Energy Institute (UK). He sits on several international
forums including the accreditation panel of the Energy Institute. He completed PhD
in Applied Energy Engineering from Edinburgh (UK) in 2002 and has held fulltime
faculty positions for over 10 years in British Universities. He is regularly invited
for teaching renewable and sustainable energy courses by various universities in
Germany, Spain, Austria and Turkey. His areas of research interest include
renewable energy, sustainable buildings, energy conservation and management and
life cycle assessment. He has authored over 50 research publications including a
research monograph. His publications are highly cited with one of his articles
having received over 325 citations. His work has been referred in various European
policy documents and directives.
Dr Asif has supervised 8 PhD and 2 MPhil projects to successful completion. He is
actively involved in academic and industrial collaborations. He has provided
consultancy services to a number of prominent international organisations
including European Commission, Nor-Dan (Norway) and BAE Systems (UK). He
has also contributed to the Annual Strategic Studies for the Industry Collaboration
Program of KAUST. Currently he is leading a large international consortium as the
Principal Investigator on a large Building Energy research project for the King
Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KACARE).”
have following two topics I can present about and these fit with your 'Sustainability
in the Built Environment' and 'Green Building' themes. I can select one of these.
Design for Zero Energy Homes to Address Energy and Environmental
Problems in KSA
Potential for Rain Water Harvesting in KSA to Mitigate Water Scarcity and
Flooding Problems