TIPP Logo Design Brief

Design Opportunity – Logo Design
The project partners of Understanding Territoriality: Identity, Place and Possession
(TIPP) will commission a logo that will be used to identify the project and all related activity.
The designer of the selected logo will receive a fee of £600, equivalent to 3 days work, plus a
£500 licence fee for use of the logo by the partners across all media for 2 years*. Please note
fees are VAT inclusive.
About the Project
TIPP is a new 2-year project led by Fabrica in Brighton, UK and co-funded by the Creative
Europe Programme of the European Union. The project partners are the contemporary visual
arts organisations Netwerk in Aalst, Belgium and Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella,
Italy and contemporary design organisation Otvorena Soba in Skopje, Macedonia.
Through exhibitions, international residencies, audience engagement programmes and
discursive events TIPP will create an artistic programme for diverse audiences in each of the
four countries that will further our understanding of ‘territoriality’ and its relationship to cultural
identity, and provide a platform to debate its importance to Europe.
Logo Brief
The logo must incorporate a graphic/ illustration, which should be strong, simple, identifiable,
capable of standing out when surrounded by other logos. It will need to work at different sizes
and if in colour it will need to work equally strongly in black and white/ greyscale.
The logo could incorporate the truncated title of ‘Understanding Territoriality’, however
designers are discouraged from including the full project title or the project acronym.
When considering the design the following words/phrases should be kept in mind, which refer
to and reflect the project:
Designers are invited to submit a concise logo portfolio, with examples of previous logos and
typography projects that they feel would suit this commission. Portfolios should be submitted in
the form of a PDF of up to 3 pages. The final logo file will be delivered as an EPS file.
The chosen designer will be expected to liaise with the TIPP project partners during the
completion of the commission to negotiate changes to the proposed designs. The final design
will be due no later than Friday 22 May 2015.
For further information or to submit your portfolio please email: [email protected]
Deadline for submissions: Monday 11 May 2015
* Use of the logo after this period will be subject to negotiation