GA-MTH replacement card order form

Georgia Master Timber Harvester Program
GA-MTH Card Replacement
and Contact Information
Street Address:____________________________________________________
City, ST Zip:____________________________________________________County:_________________
Phone: (______)_________________________ E-mail: ___________________________________
Please check category that most applies to you:
___Logging Business Owner
___Logging Business Employee
___Timber Buyer
Please return ___Forester
completed form
with (please
for $10 card fee. Make check payable to
Please return completed form with $10 card fee. Make check payable to UGA-Master Timber
Harvester and mail to:
UGA-Master Timber Harvester Program
Center for Forest Business
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-2152
Questions? Additional GA-MTH program guidance and other forms are available on our
website or by contacting the GA-MTH office at 706-542-7691.