How to maintain your new Cherrypine timber ™

How to maintain your new
Cherrypine™ timber
Congratulations on your purchase of
Cherrypine™. To keep your timber looking
good well into the future we recommend
the following installation and maintenance
Protecting your Cherrypine timber
Use of a weather resistant finish or decking
oil will reduce the effects of weathering. We
recommend an initial application at time
of installation and then on an annual or
semi-annual basis depending on weathering
Always follow the manufacturer’s directions.
Fastening your Cherrypine timber
Use only high quality hot dipped galvanised
or stainless steel nails, screws or bolts.
Resealing end cuts
We recommend that any cut ends be resealed
with Protim® Reseal or similar.
Commercially available timber stain in a
similar colour can also be added to the cut
ends or machined surfaces if required. Both of
these products are available at most hardware
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