`Pope Francis` fits into the `To Know Worship and

Links to Know, Worship and Love.
Suitable for
Resource Description
Scriptural Links
Primary and lower secondary schools.
Covers the life of Pope Francis along with
how he lives out the faith and what it means
to be a Catholic in modern times.
Luke 10:25-37 The Good Samaritan
Matthew 25:35-40 For I was hungry and
you fed me
Matthew 16:18-19 On this rock I will build
my Church
Matthew 22:36-39 Love the Lord your God
Luke 15:21-22 The Prodigal Son
Ann Rennie
KWL Units
KWL Units
KWL Units
The World Around Us
Prep/Kinder Chapter 9: Our Wonderful
Experiencing God
Book 2 Chapter 17: Time With God
Life is Good
Book 5 Chapter 1: God the Creator
Book 5 Chapter 17: Respect Life
God’s Great Family
Prep/Kinder Chapter 16: Jesus’ Family
Prayer – Building
Book 3 Chapter 1: Sharing in the Loving
The Gifts and Fruits of
the Spirit
Book 5 Chapter 8: The Spirit Alive in Us
Called to Trust
Book 1 Chapter 12: Mary Our Mother
Friendship with God
Life of God
Book 3 Chapter 16: Listening and
Responding to God
Mission Possible
Book 5 Chapter 10: A Heart to Love
Book 5 Chapter 11: Our Church
Creator God
Book 1 Chapter 17: In the Beginning…
Making Choices
Book 3 Chapter 2: Created by God,
Called to Love
Book 3 Chapter 3: God Calls Us to
Respect Ourselves and Others
Waiting for the Messiah
Book 5 Chapter 18: Mary Our Mother
Love One Another
Book 1 Chapter 18: Forgiveness
Creation: Living in
Book 4 Chapter 2: God is at Work in All
of Creation
My Mission in the Faith
Book 6 Chapter 1: One in Jesus Christ
Alive in the Spirit – Spirited
Book 2 Chapter 5: St Patrick
Book 2 Chapter 12: Pentecost People
The Parish Community –
God’s Spirit
Book 4 Chapter 6: Our Parish
Book 4 Chapter 8: God’s Spirit Alive in
the Church
A Community of Faith –
Called to Serve!
Book 6 Chapter 2: Blessed Are You!
Book 6 Chapter 7: One, Holy, Catholic
and Apostolic
Book 6 Chapter 14: Mary the Faithful
God Loves Us – No Matter
Book 2 Chapter 10: Welcome Home
Mary, Faithful Disciple
Book 4 Chapter 9: Mary Helps Us to
Know and Follow Jesus
Teach Us to Pray!
Book 6 Chapter 9: Teach Us to Pray
Created for Life
Book 2 Chapter 13: The Wonder of
Book 2 Chapter 16: My Neighbour
Meeting God through
Book 4 Chapter 16: Growing in
Friendship with God
Sacred Stories – Scared
Book 6 Chapter 13: The God We
Be Compassionate,
Choose Justice!
Book 6 Chapter 17: Our Christian
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