Case Study

Case Study
Case Study
Hard Edge Media
Project —
Optal Website
Client —
What we did —
Digital Communication Strategy
Digital Design and Build
Photography Styling and Shoot
Client Background
Optal is a Melbourne-based company specialising in
business-to-business payment processing.
Project Objective
To launch Optal’s new online positioning and brand
look and feel to existing and potential customers
via a new website, ultimately growing awareness of
the Optal brand and driving enquiries from potential
partners and customers.
The Brief
Design and build a new website that visually and
functionally represents the new Optal branding
and positioning.
The Process
Hard Edge Media (HEM) received an introduction to
Optal, its brand values, positioning and visual identity,
along with a content brief for the website. The HEM
team brainstormed how a brand like Optal should look
and function as a website.
Once a style and approach had been decided, we
designed each of the pages and wrote copy that
reflected the brand tone of voice. Several photos were
required for the website including staff portraits,
culture photos showing staff interacting at work, and
photos of the working environment inside and outside
the office.
Case Study
Hard Edge Media
Once all creative content was developed and
the site built, HEM conducted a rigorous testing
process to ensure the site looked and functioned
as intended on all operating systems and devices
in time for site launch.
Creative Challenges
HEM was required to take visual brand guidelines
that had only been developed for print and adapt
them for a dynamic digital environment.
We used a contemporary web template that
needed to function on old operating systems
such as Internet Explorer 7 as well as the latest
operating systems and devices.
The Result
The Optal website was launched on time and on
budget to widespread client satisfaction.
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